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Leh Jani 2
Omar Souleyman - Leh Jani 2
: Leh Jani 2
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17-09-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 305 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Omar Souleyman - Leh Jani 2 )
  1. Prot07ype


  2. ULTD8

    i love this fucking thing

  3. Raffaele Casaroli


  4. Tampaterry54

    this goes hard as fuck

  5. Šumnik


  6. Sholomo Shekelstein


  7. bigrube77

    0:11 the god mc knocks with one finger

  8. mick maus

    Porest, come back and play in oakland again, we need you

  9. sgnebmak

    'Dabke' dance

  10. Adam Srd

    dabkah.. kordish dabkah

  11. ViezeNeef 010

    hhahaaha yes thats for sure

  12. R3TR0

    Haha beest, greets from Germany

  13. RK4000

    Dabke, Dabkeh, Dabka, Dabkah different spellings same word, common traditional dance of the levant, varies from region to region and has different styles in same regions at times. this dance is present in iraq, syria, palestine, lebanon, and jordan.

  14. John Byrnes

    Can I please get a translation? This dude is the ME equivalent of JZ, but as that goes with any gang rap-shit there must be a challenge and shakedown. I think this bro can take JZ and shit.

  15. Guilherme1498

    he is kurd?

  16. Maz Dak

    We call this Kurdish dance in Iran.. don't know the real name. this is how kurds dance... according to Iranians...

  17. Mr.Modular

    HOLY FUCK, this is some catchy stuff!!! Sublime Frequencies knows how to pick 'em!

  18. eric berner

    I've been in love with this song for ages. i'm old enough now to know what Souleyman is sayin'...whats' he sayin'?

  19. JayFramer

    This dude is so rugged. Make it fucking rain.

  20. libanonlady995

    aywaaaaa! best song ever hahaaa! :)

  21. L anderson

    This guy was amazing at Glastonbury ^-^

  22. thepocarisweat

    hows that for BPM motherfuckerrrrrrssss

  23. Maś Lana

    whats the name of the dance ?

  24. taraj123

    Can someone PLEASE teach me to dance dabke? It looks so fun!

  25. ollsmells


  26. Projectile

    wish i knew what he was singing ?

  27. wormhands

    Saw him at Bonnaroo and it was dope.

  28. John Bertrand

    I'm stoked I get to go see him on tuesday in San Francisco!

  29. mineralturbo

    @maxvdub96 sta otac, Omar je i bog i otac i chlan centralnog komiteta bre! ahahahah

  30. 1 1

    Can't wait to see him at Bonnaroo

  31. PRCskatz

    @TianhuaVideos tu e eu!! :)

  32. David Bernardino


  33. Gerald Emerald

    In the west we have geniuses like Lou Reed, Mark E Smith, Scott Walker, John Lydon... Omar is the Arab equivalent and the dude is right up there!!! Fucking genius (I only wish I understood what he's saying!!!)

  34. TheCalculusGeek

    He might be Arab or Kurd, but their is no doubt that this is Kurdish beat and Kurdish style music.

  35. 0xDEADBEEF

    @mongoliandude He is a prolific singer in the Syrian region. He has produced thousands of songs.

  36. mongoliandude

    Can someone please explain the significance of this man? I need to know.

  37. maxvdub96

    :DDDD otac jedini :DD

  38. a3mak

    اخذها الجبل نيته زفت ههههههههههههههههههههههصراحه اللي سوي الكليب والمغني والممثلين والمشاهدين كمان يستاهلوا الضرب بالنار ههههههههههههههههههههههه

  39. jacktherabbitmusic

    @AfrodnbtugaOP vai ser do rock

  40. Life is a breath of death


  41. Halocandle

    0:32 chix

  42. Matthew D.

    idk what the fuck that was but that dewd wit the stash ballin redic off dat arab money!

  43. Vindrag

    Björk is doing a collaboration with this artist!Excited to see what they'll release! =)

  44. krishen86


  45. 2249061

    Wat een held!

  46. MrPeterMarchant


  47. Julian Rood

    dit word gewoon nu al het vetste optreden op LL2011

  48. Dusko Djukic

    ik ook man!

  49. bobewreckem

    @McShakesy Yeah someone let me know about a month ago that he speaks poems into his ear and he improvises stuff!

  50. McShakesy

    @bobewreckem Probably the lyrics.

  51. KungFuChess

    @bobewreckem "your hooker is waiting for you at the hotel"

  52. michael may

    Lol hij komt naar lowlandsDat wordt leuk

  53. buymebluepills

    Deze gast is te vet!

  54. Benny Boi

    I WILL have sex to this song one day.

  55. Thomas Veen

    @chaabimaroc Ga eerst eens een inburgeringscurses doen, met nadruk op de beheersing van de Nederlandse taal.

  56. lucapila

    @Venendile haha ja, laten we dit dansje ook even oefenen dan, ik sta vooraan!!

  57. Reinierh1

    haha lowlands KAN NIET MEER STUK xD dit wordt geniaal

  58. Willem van Oort

    alvast de tekst uit mn hoofd leren voor ll11

  59. TheMultifruity

    Dit wordt de act van de eeuw, heb er zin in ;D

  60. Tom Kooi


  61. Emilius van puffellen

    muahaha, ik ben is gruwelijk benieuwd hoe dat uitziet op lowlands

  62. Mike Vonk

    100% vooraan

  63. uddichschmuddich

    He only needs to knock on the door once at 0:12 - pure style.

  64. twistswitch

    That guy on the keyboards is the next musical genius:)

  65. bobewreckem

    @alashabibti No way!THEY IMPROVISE THIS???

  66. MrRyt

    @CashKidRecords it's actually pretty understandable.. just eastern Syrian accent.

  67. Charlotte V. Ezzo

    @bobewreckem I was told that that guy makes up the lyrics and the guy with the microphone puts them to music.

  68. Joey Levenson

    very psychedelic i dig.

  69. fabedavid

    @bobewreckem Thats the guy who speaks poems to him real-time.

  70. ELCNUmorFnaMehT

    Omar Souleyman >>> your favourite hipster band

  71. Elestar60


  72. Why Patterns?

    the lipsnyching is a bit off here. PSYCH

  73. Bon B

    A new style of music opened a gate for me. You got to fucking love this!!OMAR SOULEYMAN YOUR THE MAN!!!

  74. Rangda Rangda

    Sublime FrequenciesAlan Bishop's label brought this to my attention, im glad it did

  75. Tarikatlar

    @bobewreckem lol, great music!

  76. Keijo Teräs

    Rokkaa nii maan perkeleesti! t: sikapena

  77. bobewreckem

    @Tarikatlar it couldnt be that , OMAR is all about the pussy.

  78. Tarikatlar

    @bobewreckem U GAY?

  79. Herbert Jablonski

    why does bjork love this guy?

  80. Vilis

    Borat behind singers back at 0:47 ;D

  81. darkhusker

    If I were a hipster omar souleyman would be my favorite artist

  82. primaltwist

    Omar Souley man is playing Chaos and Tejas this year! SAY WHAT!?????

  83. Tarikatlar

    @mariasensimilla your mother is from iran, as far as I know, he is kurd, he should claim your country, and east,west,north and south, too get a bit off all yoy bastards, but let's enjoy music, u atashirk follower :)

  84. Tarikatlar

    he should come to bulgaria as well!

  85. ben carlisle

    i want to learn the lyrics

  86. Extrodniarrre

    الله لايوفقه الحقير هذا ،مسوي شيوخ شيخ العاهرات والله .. الله لايوفقـك بس

  87. TML

    I love omar souleyman, Respect from a dutch girl in Holland !!

  88. mariasensimilla

    @denniturk he's from Iran

  89. mariasensimilla

    this is the shit....

  90. aiwanile

    saddam is back bitches !

  91. Hassan Alnagem

    Nice music

  92. cannedkitty

    omar please come to the US!

  93. denniturk

    is this in kurdish? leh jani doesnt sound arabic

  94. Juan Trip

    J'aime ces lunettes... de Soleil.

  95. dexodo182

    @bobewreckem - "The CIA is here, i will hide the bombs"

  96. Mary Dolores

    Great music have to move to this rythymn is great !

  97. yaronimus maximus

    omar suleyman sholetttt!!!israeli hipsters love omar suleyman. much love and respect..

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