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Nessa Barrett - Pain
: Pain
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01-08-2020 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 13 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları ( Nessa Barrett - Pain )
  1. jesse oreilly

    She is a beautiful singer💕

  2. logan craighead

    This song is so catchy! She has such a beautiful soft voice. You can hear the pain through her voice and it’s so sad to think about what she’s going through rn 🥺 we love you Nessa!

  3. Pornesian Parapio

    3:38 damn my mood change fast

  4. Julie Carreon

    I understand your in pain but the song eh

  5. Maryam Al Hilfi

    She even posted this on Eid-

    sxmedha sharma

    Chill sis. It came out yesterday.

  6. Rylan Metallic

    For all the people saying this sound like Maddison beers song and that she’s copying the rain we’ll rain has been done before and her song sounds NOTHING like maddisons song I kinda like nessas song more

    Alison Arias

    ya and every day l put this song l love nessa song and is nothing like maddisons song

  7. KayBae Plays

    Who Thinks Nessa Is A Great Singer And Does Not Deserve All This Hate⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

  8. Abigayl Weldtnsea

    I love her song

  9. Pizzaz

    for those who are saying forget what nessa did im sorry but it is NOT your place in that culture to accept or deny the apology if you are then you can talk if you arent part of that culture or race that was offended by HER actions that SHE chose to do, it is NOT your place to judge whether people should be offended. nessa has done many things to offend NOT ONE but SO MANY cultures, and i think all actions are her fault. for those who are saying its not her fault it absolutely IS, she, by herself, CHOSE to make those actions and be the type of person she is today. not only that but now shes literally copying madison beer. she is a terrible person idc drag me :)

  10. Kenli Bryant

    someone made a video throwing it back to nessa’s song lmfao the internet is ruthless.

  11. Addysen DOTSON

    Her new song is literally bomb. I never knew she felt like this but every girl can lowkey relate and it’s so good 😖

  12. alexa dezarraga

    gen z when tik tok gets banned: im in PAINNNNNNNNN

  13. Mary Phillips

    if this song was heartfelt you’d think she would actually think of something herself rather than using madison beer👍🏻 i mean she can sing and she’s going through a lot but meh

  14. R! - YAH


  15. Evelyn Vas

    Yeah, the song is pretty nice but still not worth putting others' health at risk by throwing a party while there's still a pandemic going on.

  16. Nycolas Kauã

    That hits different

  17. Isabel hovi

    Is this for Josh?

  18. Cereal B4 Milk

    When this sounds like selfish by madison beer

  19. My Death

    Its just so sad that nessa is innocent and she keeps getting! She deserves way more than what she has right now !!😢😢😤

  20. Liv Anderson

    Her voice gets to my heart and rips it apart because that pain in her voice hurts me so much she really doesn't deserve hate :/

  21. Kawther Jumah

    I actually feel really bad for nessa nobody should be treated this way I wanna give nessa I big tight hug right now🥺💔

  22. Peyton Burks

    Who else loves this song

  23. Haley McKay

    Okay I appreciate this very much....

  24. Albinota Ballazhi

    she's such a good singer I feel so bad for her

  25. Nessas Nugget

    I love nessa. She doesn’t deserve hate at all. She is my idol. I will never not be a nugget. Love u nessa!!

  26. Samantha Gonzalez

    This is the best song ever

  27. Julia sjoholm


  28. 20_Kylie Tow

    I don't get why some people are no negative about Nessa's song and they were so nice about Dixie's one.Don't get me wrong, I like Dixie too but I just don't understand why some are smacking Nessa's song down. You can't deny it's bad, it's just simply not your type then.

  29. Gani sara Ghatane

    Looking forward for new songs from nessa <3

  30. taitym

    reminds me of too young by sabrina carpenter. 🙂


    first thing on my mind is , this song meant for josh lowkey lol

  32. Sofia Benites

    This song is how i feel that tik tok is getting banned:(

  33. Маргарита Олейникова

    It's such amazing song! I love Nessa and her voice!

  34. Alexandra Loftus

    Oh wow this is really good

  35. Manuela Ortiz

    This one hits hard it so good though.👍🏽🥺

  36. Caribbean princess

    Love this song

  37. Millie Goodwin

    This is what girls feel like when we have mood swings😂. 3:36

    Jhonté Sumter

    Millie Goodwin bye💀

  38. Anything Xd

    i love her voice

  39. victo

    ok buy this is actually really good

  40. Aisyah Shaharuddin


  41. Victoria

    Is this Madison-

    Olivia Kirby

    lol ive been a fan of madison beers music for years, this sounds nothing like her

  42. just being me

    u can feel the pain from her voiceedit: i've never had 12 likes so thank y'alll💘

  43. Little_ suuun

    3:37 wow this time really ruined my feelings AHAHAHAHAHAH

  44. Selfish Lover

    God gave her a gift and she's using it poor nessa went through past friend making fake posts,losing a boyfriend,the chase situation, and people wanting her dead 😖


    U right,she is a human being,its to much hurt,I feel bad for what she is going through😔

    My Death

    Everyone is really mean to her and every tiktokers😢😢😢😢. It's so sad 😢😢😢😢

  45. karishma ramirez

    Nessa is a jerk

    اا لاا

    Stop she is going through hate from everyone a break up and everything everyone makes mistakes we should forgive them stop please

    Najaad Jana

    She was chancel for 6 month give her break

    Margert Akhigbe


    Najaad Jana

    Margert Akhigbe yeah

  46. Emma Wiesemann

    See what I don’t get is y ppl dislike people songs if you don’t like it just don’t listen to it🤦‍♀️

  47. eve San Marcos

    Umm am i hearing nessa or madison?


    Stop comparing the songs

    Selfish Lover

    Will you stop shes her own person and the lyrics are very different from Madison Beers

    Najaad Jana

    Selfish Lover it was a joke chilll gosh

    Najaad Jana

    Eliząbeth it was a joke chill gosh

    Selfish Lover

    @Najaad Jana Okay but aren't jokes made to be funny?

  48. Mia Mia

    My cousin literally played this for me while i was having period cramps


    Your in pain

    Mia Mia

    @Hoodemoew wow thank you i didnt know


    UR IN paaaAAAiAin

  49. Bookloverss12 I mean

    Put me in my feels


    If ur nessa haters pls no hate bc she didnt even do anything

    Nya Puk

    ikr well besides her being racist

    Jana Farouk

    Yeah right throwing it back to the Quran is literally nothing 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Najaad Jana

    Jana Farouk that was old /: and it was something

  51. Unique Vibes

    Amazing Song🔥🤩

  52. •pastel_milky UwU•


    Olivia Kirby

    If youve listened to all of madison beer's songs like I have, you would understand that this sounds nothing like her.

    Margert Akhigbe

    Really she not

    •pastel_milky UwU•

    Margert Akhigbe BISH

    Karen Kerry

    So you are saying she is copying Madison because she used rain in her music video well that's bullshit as so has lady gaga, ariana grande and more

  53. Aya Chebabi

    She's amazingggg


    No ❤️

    Sofia Benites

    Victoria Yes❤️

  54. That Robo kid

    I think I’m sorry for putting you in pain nessa 🤔

    Rxiny Skiez


    Jaime Rickard

    that's not funny

    Akira Daly

    Jaime Rickard yea it’s totally not😭😹(it is)

    Kawther Jumah

    So your gonna be happy when she dies? Oh wow just wait for god’s punishment:)

  55. tresa maria

    I wish the hate would stop. This song is amazing.

  56. Aya Chebabi

    She's sooo good

  57. Trinity Winters

    Shes such a good singer is so sad what shes going through


    My Death a painting or peeing pants isnt hurting or harming a huge group of people or their tradition. and all that stuff isnt the same as the mistakes she did. i would suck it up because i would have deserved the hate cuz of how many ppl i hurt and damaged.


    Pizzaz your living in the past she apologized get over it your just sensitive

    My Death

    Sorry pizzas I was wrong


    My Death no need to apologize :)


    Hope sensitive? first of all, its not ur apology to accept its the ppl/culture she offended. and why would i be the sensitive one when ur “queen” nessa is crying over the hate shes getting from her dumb mistakes. i agree, its wrong that some ppl r sending her death threats, but when u have the audacity to talk abt how someone doesnt deserve the hate and that we should all forgive that person is not okay, because it is NOT ur place to accept of not accept her “apology”

  58. Sophia Zani

    who is she refering to? who is she saying 'You're to blame' to?

    Sophia Zani

    why would she blame him? she is the one that messed up by kissing lil huddy lol

    Ipek Lea

    Sophia Zani they were both single back then tho

    Sophia Zani

    @Ipek Lea ok i got it but josh literally have no fault to be blame.

  59. Mia Herrera

    Sounds like Billie ilish

    Meghan Gibson

    Its like a brighter version of her lol

    Abigail Ang

    No ❤️

  60. Tiffany Palmer

    Nessa is an amazing singer. I'm praying for her

  61. TsUmI gUM

    1 hour ago

  62. Iamsue

    Here before it blows up

  63. Danelly Amador

    Who’s here from TikTok videos that it might get banned so your listening to this 😔.


    Not me my mum a banned me from tiktok anyways :D

    Nessas Nugget

    It not I promise

  64. Kynleigh Jae

    She’s so good ahhh

  65. Marijean Guevarra

    Before listening to this I thought this is to the hate she got but now I'm starting to think this is to Josh


    Marijean Guevarra it’s about hate

    Lovely Bosse

    It’s about hate guys not Josh

  66. karefa pitterson

    This sounds like its meant for josh lowkey


    karefa pitterson it’s about hate comments not everything is and josh :)

    Africa Pego

    it's for josh

    Sarica - -

    @Iamsue yeah thats why she is saying its hard waking up without him?

  67. Kyndall Keller

    Who else thinks this is really good but depressing? just me??.....

    Jomycka G

    Because it is...the lyrics

    Melody Nauli


    Amara Rose

    It’s depressing because she’s depressed :( she gets so much hate and I’m afraid one day it’s going to be too much and she won’t be able to pair the pain anymore :(

    sara saad

    coz she is depressed lol


    1 minute:(

Pain Şarkı Sözü

[Verse 1]
You took away my heart and
Told me we were different
Beautiful, with room to grow
You left me in the morning
Softly without warning
How was I supposed to know?

Oh, I'm trying
Give me a reason
To let you go 'cause
Right now, I can't
I'm in pain
I'm in pain


[Verse 2]
And I feel lost without you
Never thought to doubt you
Oh, who else is there to blame?
So save your best excuses
They can't get me through this
Maybe time can, maybe space

Oh, I'm trying
Give me a reason
To let you go 'cause
Right now, I can't
I'm in pain
I'm in pain

Should I say I'm sorry?
Did I mess it up?
All that you got from me
Was it not enough?

I'm in pain
I'm in pain
You're to blame
I'm in pain
Pain Anahtar Kelimeler
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