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Wake Up
NF - Wake Up
: NF
: Wake Up
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: 393 Toplam İndirme
04-02-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 393 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (NF - Wake Up )
  1. dapet 225

    I had a dream last night that I was at a concert and NF was singing and he was bragging about how for his birthday his aunt would get him a 50,000 dollar jeep. lol

  2. Mikeibew 100

    These lyrics are pretty bad. But the song is very good

  3. The Funny Guy

    Wow ..I felt as if NF was directly speaking to me

  4. Tannya Davis

    I got a new dream and so do you. Ride or die. Let's make the world ill and loved at the same time. In this together ❤

  5. DeAnna G Ward


  6. LisaMarie Velez

    God Bless You I think your lyrics are deep

  7. Hannah Watks

    Anyone else listening to this as they are trying to sleep? Just me? Okay

  8. Gilly Grill

    Five more minutes mom...

  9. Cara Lee


  10. dapet 225

    Mom: I hate rap!Me: It isn't rapMom: Than what is it?Me. Real music

  11. Gilly Grill

    Who is here because they are feeling down?

  12. Jennifer Harrison

    I'm awake

  13. A Wild Wolf That Has Killed

    It sounds like"WAKE UP!!!""great job..""WAKE UP!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!!""great job....""WAKE UP!!!""great job...."WAKE UP!!!""great job..""WAKE UP!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!!""great job....""WAKE UP!!!""great job...."WAKE UP!!!""great job..""WAKE UP!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!!""great job....""WAKE UP!!!""great job...."WAKE UP!!!""great job..""WAKE UP!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!!""great job....""WAKE UP!!!""great job...."WAKE UP!!!""great job..""WAKE UP!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!!""great job....""WAKE UP!!!""great job...."WAKE UP!!!""great job..""WAKE UP!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!!""great job....""WAKE UP!!!""great job...."WAKE UP!!!""great job..""WAKE UP!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!!""great job....""WAKE UP!!!""great job...."WAKE UP!!!""great job..""WAKE UP!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!""great job...""WAKE UP!!!!""great job....""WAKE UP!!!""great job...."Anyone else?

  14. Ava Swaney

    But what if I don't want to wake up :P

  15. Jennifer Harrison

    I'm awake

  16. JayYoungx 300

    Let me wake up

  17. JayYoungx 300

    Speaking true shit I feel this Because it's literally me rn

  18. Derrek Pedroza

    This opened my mind to many things I was doin wrong in life, I really don’t understand why I was doing these things, I’d cry every time I’d hear this song, it’s very very inspirational and deep.

  19. Emma Kemp

    This song reminds me of my dad. He literally acts like nothing is his fault. He blames me and my siblings for our parents divorce when really he was mentally abusive to all of us and would come home late every night to talk bad about my grandparents and my oldest siblings and sometimes our mom then he wonders why when he comes over to visit we don't want to see him. I literally have abandonment issues because of him. It's sad to say because I realized that when I was 12. The fact that my 7 year old sister (Which was the oldest then) and I was only 4 and youngest was 3 had to bathe and feed us while our mother was at work and our dad was passed out on the couch drunk is pathetic. To this day I still have to feel the pain because my dad is mentally abusive and I have to pretty much ignore him. I've learned from him that our family will never be happy and it's because of him. Oops. Just ranted about my life when all I wanted to say it was bad :)

  20. Zandelise Wiese

    Nf is my motivation for real.

  21. up up Wiggs

    Great Song..

  22. Shelby ferguson

    This guy makes people who have this in there mind feel better because he has the same thing. these words are deep

  23. Delilah DayWalk

    This song touches my soul. 😍Stay Woke✌🏼✊🏽🙏🏼💖

  24. lynx the great

    Sometimes I wish I could wake up but every time I do I end up going down a path that only hurts.

  25. Jason Brown SR.

    I've been a fan of rhythm and poetry since I was in my early teens and MY is one of the most predominate up and coming lyrical artist since Eminem debut. The rhymes and flow are extremely well articulated moral, princable & TRUTH! To me I simply perceive his brand as something to enlighten the younger generations with a crisp insight of life as the everyday individual. We need less of the gang banging dope slinging slap a hitch shoot a rivial type (inside) perspective. No offense to any who are about that life and or have been to prison. Yet our youth is our future. Bring the truth to light and show them how there choices affect there fait.

  26. Agronox DT

    Poor lyric timing. I mean he's almost finished with the bar before you show it on the screen.

  27. Jonah

    You’re *

  28. MJ

    Instead of hearing "wake up" anyone else hear "great job"

  29. Colby Ingram

    amazing to see how someone can transform so fast! AMEN!

  30. page list


  31. richxr93

    NF best rapper alive so good got eminem dissing him saying he's a clone but NF has never once put out trash swore spoke bad on another person been a drug addict or anything as pathetic as em has his whole career Em just wants to be an NF clone

  32. Anonymous User

    It's easy for someone to tell you to wake up but they don't tell you how

  33. roxanacruz✌

    I looooooooove this song

  34. Lilly TheAlmighty

    1:22 ❤

  35. Flower Smiley

    I told my friend Alexis that I wish I could go to sleep and never wake up again then this song came on :/ good or bad?

  36. Darth Scil

    *You live your life in a coma you're never awake.*

  37. rayamat01


  38. Face for Radio

    Was this song used in a movie? For some reason, it sounds like it was.

  39. KAiSKAjO

    *_coming from syria, living in germany, heading to america!_*

  40. va gee gee

    Wow, those lyrics moving so fastly are annoying as fuck.

  41. Melissa Meaney

    I love NF so much because I relate to his words. In his song outcast he says “Sing along to the pain they love it.” And I do love it because sometimes I relate to his pain. This song is amazing and so are his other songs but this one really talks to me.

  42. Rachel Grace

    I just played this song on the outside of my brother’s room and he woke up laughing 😂

  43. Tiffany Larson

    I have searched for songs that I can relate to about my everyday thoughts or feelings this guy is an amazing artist every song I relate too so much and all of his songs are all sooo good 🙏

  44. Danielle Upton


  45. M V

    One of the best songs written ever

  46. Katie Pelletier


  47. Vic M

    Well 💯⚜

  48. JennyThe NotFunny

    lyrics r a lil slow but u got da words right good job! and i also liked da song

  49. sabrina espinoza

    NF is touring where i live but i have a school play to preform in on the exact same day and time his concert is going!!AND HE'S PLAYING THIS ALBUM!!!:( I'm actually sobbing!

  50. Keith Edward


  51. Rebecca Cummings

    you are amazing truly thank you

  52. Jay Santiago

    NF's music is absolutely refreshing. For me it addictive for the fact that alot of his music is extremely powerful and relatable. This is my new favorite artist. 💯


    i want to meet him i need to tell him how i feel

  54. Vortexta

    Some of these lyrics are wrong. Cya

  55. Olivia Jane

    I love nf so much so real

  56. Linda Ballantyne

    I spend my in a dream


    You spend your life in a dream, that you cant escape!!! >_> -_- ._.

  58. Forever Alone

    Im never awake i dont want to wake up i like to sleep bc my dreams are better than this reality of life that i cant face for one more second.this life this world is cruel its a living hell crying myself to sleep sometimes i cant sleep sometimes i wish i could just go to sleep and never wake up but sometimes my nightmares claw at me like demons dragging at my soul and happiness taking every single drop i spend my life in a dream that i cant escape im in a comma im never awake im sleeping so leave me be let me rest let me dream a wonderful dream for once let me sleep peacefully thats all i ask...donk wake me up

  59. Dustin Jackson

    My life but I ain't no millionair

  60. Puppyand friendsTV

    I'm so thankfull I'm growing up surrounded by a church and soooooooooo many people who love me and God. I accepted my forgiveness at a young age of 6 but I asked again at 10. I may still be a kid but still. GOD BLESS

  61. Mr. cow

    i have a soul but it's sleeping i don't usually have the feelings i should everytime i hear this song i feel ot's directed to me

  62. Slug Bait

    I'm not even a follower of his God but I do believe in that higher power. All of his songs make me cry because they're raw like that - they're so real.

  63. Life after Death

    I feel like im in a coma , i feel so worthless all i see is all my faults an mistakes anymore what i should an shouldnt of done . i see everyone there lives look so perfect even thou i know no ones life is perfect to me their is . when will i ever wake up out of this dream ?

  64. Jeon Yoondae

    Life been so hard recently.. Really want to end it :\

  65. Kaziah Rolon

    Well damn

  66. ZazzleV

    I get goosebumps every time! that is the holy spirit talking! i can compare to this, with the situation happening in my life right now. all i can do is pray and stay strong! Please pray for my situation.

  67. Jonathan Toledano

    love this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  68. Hailee kinzz

    his music helps me through the bad times


    I'm in a dream that I can't wake up from it!! Help!

  70. Elias leyba

    Why are people breaking stuff.Jesus loves you

  71. Oisín Lynch

    guy raps like and sounds sorta lime eminem

  72. Shannon Ayuyu


  73. Nebulous Gaming! Waddup Yall


  74. Jesus Christ Is Lord

    this gives me chills every single time. a lil teary eyed too, if you ask me. check out my playlist of "chills" on my channel for similar powerful music. :)

  75. Evan Logan

    Awsome job

  76. Veronica Lane

    I swear it's like they wrote this song about me and my life.

  77. TheFUButton Shamp

    i was facing life in prison.... i helped the dea take out some people now everyone wants me dead ... i woke up why wont everyone else

  78. Srjaye19

    love this song! what he says is so true!

  79. Chanella

    Wow...this song is so deep. I love it :)

  80. Shadow Dancing

    U 💸your life in a 😴 you never 👀👀

  81. Shadow Dancing


  82. Zoie Coleman

    This Is One Of The Most Inspiring Songs Ive Ever Heard!!

  83. MLP / LPS Rockstar girl

    One of my favorite songs because it tells you the truth.😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  84. MLP / LPS Rockstar girl

    One of my favorite songs because it tells you the truth.

  85. DoubleJsizzle

    I'm not a grammar nazi but I swear to god this video frustrated me so much! Is it really that hard to go over it and make sure it's correct before you put it on RU-clip?? 😭

  86. GoldenFlower

    I love this but why is he yelling lol

  87. Lee Tallman

    I have to admit when I first heard NF I was like another Eminem clone but this guy is good. And this song is amazing. Thanks NF I apologize for quickly putting you in a box. I listened to both albums all the way threw yesterday after hearing this song and look forward to more work from this guy for sure.

  88. tony brecheen

    Good song, shitty ass video

  89. Fcb Villa

    is this Christian rap ?

  90. Robby Herrington

    You know, a ton of people, famous or not who are loaded with money tend to talk about how empty they feel. Its because money cant love. People can. Until you know the ever present love that only comes through Jesus Christ you will never feel completely whole and no matter how much you want to tell me I am wrong, you know it is true. Dont let the things of this world consume how you live because tomorrow you just might not wake up and none of it will matter. Put your hope in something eternal that never fails.Lord, let the persecution begin.

  91. blykhim

    Dang, this is me, I m waking up,

  92. Alphys Hedge

    I can't get this out of my head..." spend your life in a dream that you can't escape...""...""...wake up..."

  93. blake conner

    Can anybody post an instrumental version of this or find one please?

  94. Jess Pashkovskiy

    This song brought me to tears. I can relate to the song

  95. Caleb Warren

    Such a great song. Even though he should not be getting compared to Eminem. The only reason Eminem is famous is because he talks about drugs, sex, and violence. NF talks about Christ and people living life asleep and he doesn't get any recognition. It's ridiculous. He isn't Eminem stop comparing him to Eminem.

  96. Tastylici0us


  97. Haley Sulla

    I can't relate to this song so much. This song means a lot to me.

  98. ghostgory

    Its funny how this song is famous but he aint -_-

  99. Reynaldo Velazquez

    Songs hits me to the heart!

  100. KJ Jackson

    Monday Night Football RGIII v.s Johnny Football promo got me here :)

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