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09 Nikotin
Miacra - 09 Nikotin
: 09 Nikotin
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  1. Sean Brice

    This video changed my life. 32 years old just changed my first ever flat. Thank you so much!

  2. SilentServiceCode

    Watching in 2019

  3. Lexus Mortimer

    This is not a fat test. *I REPEAT THIS IT NOT A FAT TEST!*

  4. Elizabeth Halcombe

    Thank you! I woke up to a flat and was able to confidently change to the spare. Your clear direction was amazing.


    The one time I wish I was fat lol I jumped on that thing for over an hour, tried wd40, NOT AT ALL, NOT ONE OF THEM MOVED AT ALL 😭😭😭

  6. Brian Myers

    Using the jack to loosen the nut was gold.

  7. KarLa Rivera

    I know this is a really old video and you may not see this, but BROOO YOU SAVED MY LIFE THIS MORNING!!! I had a tire blow out on me on my way to work. I'm in a different town for my job and had no one to call and wasn't about to spend the money to have a service come out and find me on a dark highway to help me out. I found this video and changed a tire using nothing but the knowledge from this and the light of my phone for the first time in my life 😂 Thank you so much!

  8. cgrscott

    I drove around on one of those space saver spares for several days while I was waiting for my used replacement tire to ship from an eBay seller. Yes, those space saver spares where out fast.

  9. Keshan Reddy

    thanks for this! :D

  10. Sam Banfield

    Loosen tire lug nuts. Use foot or jack if too tight. (I don't get driving with a loose tire; I didn't understand that part fully). Use jack. Take off lug nuts. Then rim. And finally tire. Put new tire on. Lightly tighten lug nuts. Drop the jack. Tighten the lugs one last time. Put old tire into trunk. Ready to go. Is this correct?

  11. Red Legs

    what if you don't have the tools that came with your car? will any lug wrench work or no?

  12. soulsurvivor52784

    remember to take out your AR15 before dropping off your car

  13. NED

    Thank you. Never had to change one before and u made it look so easy. I guess it's time for me to learn.

  14. I_Dont_Eat_My_Friends

    Rev up your spare tires... oops wrong channel

  15. jehansedat

    Thank you for this.

  16. No_skin_killer 88

    It helped thank you 🙌💯

  17. Chelsey Ann

    You just helped two girls change their first tire without making us feel dumb! Thank you.!

  18. binkyxboy 242

    Are you pretending the tire is flat?

  19. Anna Wells

    Thank you for making this video! Such a great tutorial that helped me get thru my first flat tire ever! 💪

  20. Rachel

    I'm about to change my first flat now I feel confident thank you

  21. White Bread

    Helpful video, thanks. I’m Broken lol

  22. maddog _sniper

    Reason y the torque wrench. I would like to keep all 4 tires on!!

  23. maddog _sniper

    That’s y I have a cheater bar, socket set, and a torque wrench to make things a lot easier.

  24. Zones

    Mine was so tight that it didn’t even loosen the nut, it just lifted the car

  25. AMTT ViLe


  26. davon booker


  27. Leandro Alfonso

    Thank you for the tutorial. It was very helpful

  28. kdmq

    You can drive in reverse and dig the wrench into the ground. It's the jack method without a jack.

  29. Sharif Sircar

    Fat test, couldn't stop rolling

  30. VexedGamerHD

    WHY DO PEOPLE NEVER PAY ATTENTION TO THE VIDEO!!!! i swear i have done seen 3 of the same questions that eric answered in the damn video!!! just watch and pay attention people cmon! most people nowdays have the attention span of a squirrel i swear!

  31. Adam Roth

    Huh, I had always thought you had to "break" the lug nuts before jacking up the car and that if you were to try to start loosening them up after you jacked up the car, it would topple. I guess you could stop that by using the parking break, but why mess up a brake more than you have to.

  32. Brem

    The hook end of that rod goes into the hole in the jack and the tire iron has a hole in it that slides onto the other end giving a much easier winder than how you demonstrated.

  33. David Williams

    I used to keep a small wood board (maybe 4” wide x 6” long”) in the trunk of my car to put under the jack. Of course my friends made fun of me for it. Driving down the road one day, had been raining a lot, got a flat, pulled over, and having that wood board on the soaking wet and very muddy ground as a base for the jack made all the difference.

  34. Ahloveyafuhso

    Hey Eric what is the tool that u improvised called ? The one we really needed before u used the lug wrench to combine with the jack?

  35. Chad Elliott

    Eric you are god!!! Thanks man!!

  36. keith farmer

    great advice with the lug wrench and jack to help loosen lug nuts..

  37. Terrance Williams

    You forgot to mention to put on the emergency brake!

    Will Felipa

    Terrance Williams he did mention it the parking brake, most ppl call it emergency brake but it's really called parking brake

  38. SterrShow

    4 lug nut wheels? TRASHneed at least about 5 or 6 of them bitches

  39. Liz Linville

    Thank you so much! I was able to change my spare because of your loose nut method! That was awesome.

  40. Kc Parcen

    Hi EricTheCarGuy, My lug nuts in 2012 Nissan altima has a rust after cleaning them with water and let it dry. I used apple cider vinegar to remove rust. Should I APPLY ANTI SEIZE or is there specific lubricant to protect them from rust? We really appreciate your expertise. A lot of confusing comments in the you tube. A big fun from Vancouver, Canada.

  41. Kelly Kane

    Eric you are awsame I watched different videos but couldn't get it. I better understand your technique and changed my tire which was really hard specially for a woman

  42. Brandon Scott

    I always carry a pipe in my trunk to put over the wrench handle to give me more leverage.

  43. W0Y4K

    Yeah I probably don't weigh enough to loosen lugnuts. I'm dead serious when I say this, but I only weigh 130 lbs and I'm an 18 year old male.

  44. Ralphie Clemens

    My car broke down once on a busy higway. It sucked, I am glad I found a company that offers unlimited roadside assistance. Just google ricks vehicle protection

  45. Dj Cass

    "Fat enough" haha!

  46. Jorah Mormont

    Question: Why and how aren't spare tires designed to function as a normal tire indefinitely?

    Simen Ringstad

    My guess it's because they will be more expensive, bigger and heavier. I have a full size spare on my car and rotate it with my other tires.

  47. Brian Myers

    If you in da hood, keep riding the rim until out of said hood.

  48. movie1006

    I had a situation earlier in the day heading to work but ended up getting a flat tire off the freeway, so me and my dad were trying to replace the tire with the spare tire that was included in the car but ended up realizing it did not fit -_-, so we had to get it towed back to my house, and now gotta find the right tire size cuz I believe the wheels are different than the stock ones

  49. Jonathan Morales

    Thank You!!

  50. Gurtington

    3:57 LOL. Also thanks for this video, im watching cause i got a 5 hour drive ahead of me and if i dont learn this now im fucked.

  51. soka luso

    Tnx for uploading this video sir...

  52. Ryan Atkinson

    I took my tire off and replaced it to check my brakes a few days ago (same tire as before), and now I get shaking at around 65-70 mph. Needless to say it freaks me out, anyone know what I've done wrong?


    Ryan Atkinson ur not supposed to drive on a spare tire that fast the fastest u can go is 50mph that shaking of the tire is from it not balanced believe it or not spare tires arent balanced with weights and the spare tire or some people call them "donut tires" arent designed for highway speeds,it even says it on the sidewall of the tire

  53. biggans33

    Thanks for the trick of using the jack to loosen the lug nuts!

  54. Judah Christian Church, Inc.

    Thank you ...

  55. Joshua Hodgeson


  56. Adolph Zuckerjew

    How to change a tire? I simply call up Rick Grimes and tell him to change the damn thing for me.

  57. JaeDean Wooldridge

    i cant get my tire off my 95 civic its the back driver side idk y it wont come off enyone no?


    put the lug nuts back on but not all the way tightened and drive on it slowly on the side of the road until the rim breaks loose from the drum (DO NOT EXCEED 15MPH WHILE DOING THIS) and then jack the car back up and remove the lug nuts and change the tire

  58. Ei Baby56

    Thanks, Eric. I especially enjoyed the whole "fat" thing. Made me laugh. And it was very convenient to have your help when I have no one else around. And to those in this thread who are being smug asking who has a flat tire in the garage, it happens! You come out in the morning and it's flat.

  59. ben me

    Really,  this is not now a real tire change goes, who get a flat in a garage?

  60. harmvdh

    Thanks, this video really helped me out tonight.

  61. SaskatchewanBadAss

    Ok so heres my question, if you actually have a flat tire, in this case the car you did it on did not. The car obviously sits a few inches lower on the one spot, how do you get the scissor jack under it then? As example I had to change the flat tire on my buddies dodge spirt an with the tire being flat it was impossible to get the jack under the car close enough to the wheel to lift it properly. So I had to go home and get a regular jack, come back, use that to lift the car high enough to get the scissor jack under it an then use the scissor jack to lift it to change the tire. So how would you get around the car being to low to get the damn thing under it hahahaha

  62. dennnis2781

    thx, bro. your vid really helped me today...fuck mt useless dad, never taught me shit!

    Aleksei Ham

    dennnis2781 foreal

  63. ExtrumComics

    what about a tire that is flat and stuck?

  64. knowINDIAbetter

    Very cool Explanation & useful .. Thanks for it

  65. Ben S

    Thanks eric

  66. Frank 9

    maybe should've mentioned that when screwing the nuts back on, do it so you screw on nuts on opposite ends rather then in a circular fashion? 07:36

  67. Veri Tas

    Hey bro, just wanted to be the 237,778 person 7 years later to let you know you're using the scissor jack turning arm completely wrong. The hook goes in the two holes.

  68. Rayyan Talha

    Nice Integra

  69. John Groves


  70. Dsean860

    I learned how to change a tire watching this .. good video!!!

  71. Virginia Gacek

    Is it safe to put a donut spare in the front steer axle??

  72. Adrian Garcia

    Thank you. Because of this I was able to change my tire while watching this on the spot. You're a lifesaver!

  73. Sprint316

    That action packed unscrewing! 1:59

  74. lo lo

    thank you so much!

  75. Saske Husky

    thank you it helps me a lot

  76. michael adams

    what comes with most cars is more than enough to change a flat tire. that is, unless you have one of those newer cars that do not come with a spare.

  77. Shczebel

    C'mon, everyone should know how to do it! I did that in my 20yrs old Skoda Felicia without any video. What's so difficult about it, except when the the bolts won't let go easily?

  78. earthsteward9

    Another tip is make sure you can get the spare tire out before you need it. I have 2004 Honda civic and the wing nut that holds the spare tire in is rusted or seized so I can't get it out.


    Spray the wing nut down with some PB Blaster or similar penetrating oil.

  79. Merly Costa

    It is a pleasure to watch you :-)

  80. MasteredTheUniverse

    Thank you! I will attempt this in the morning. I just discovered I have a very bad flat

  81. MrJimmy3459

    What I usually do with tough lug nuts is Bruce Lee that thing and kick it, works well

  82. AoyD

    and in which moment do you change Tires???do you know what Tire is????

    Jesse Lerma

    I'm vegan.

  83. Wayne S.

    I change tires myself with tire irons and if you lube it right it is easy as pie.

  84. Wayne S.

    I thought this was going to show us how to change an actual tire. nNot just put on a spare.

  85. Mark Vann

    I used to teach people how to rotate their tires. First, get in the car. Then, put the key in the car, crank it, and drive it a few feet. VIOLA! Your tires have been rotated! And I never got credit for being a Mensa student.

    Don Challenger

    Umm, with your "interesting" method I guess you can never backup.

  86. j.pellemans

    Explained very well!

  87. Amun Rajput

    come to the point u asso

  88. Million Bpm

    *Oh!* So hazards are meant for emergencies and not for parking in a fire lane?

    Travis Shatsky

    Ohh Darrell...

    Million Bpm

    @Travis Shatsky A reference so cryptic even I, a master interneter, am agasp in confusion

  89. Tim_GRIFTER_Tool


  90. charles woods

    Just one thing I think should be added to your excellent video,Eric.Some cars that have aftermarket wheels or aluminum wheels have two sets of lug nuts,that is,one set of special nuts for the regular road wheels,one set for the spacesaver spare like the one in your video.It is unsafe to run the little spacesaver with the spacial nuts sometimes.

  91. michael carrillo

    is there one that gets to the fucken point?

  92. Kidy Kassa

    I just got $50 award from my dad that 😂yesterday night we bet that I could change tire or not,because he was saying "you are always on your phone,you don't even know how to change a flat tire" and I told him that I know how to do it and at night time I watched this video. In the morning I was super tire expert😂 thanks Eric

    Kidy Kassa

    And my dad was like "that's my girl!!!!"


    So he was right. You only knew once you watched the video afterwards.

    Don Challenger

    No sweat Ms. Kid Kassa it's perfectly fine to cram the night before your exam - if - if that is - the mark you get for it is an A+.

  93. BillyzTube

    I never thought, at age 48 and changed out wheels countless times, that I would need to "youtube" how to get a wheel off of my car AFTER removing the lugs. For you to suggest threading the lug nuts partially back on and dropping the car, driving it back and forth a little would break loose the wheel from the drum was GENIUS!!! I never experienced this problem until today and I need to thank you for this remedy.

  94. nothing

    first, get yourself a REAL spare tire not those bicycle tires the manufacturer includes. second get yourself a Kawasaki 841337 1/2-Inch Impact 12-Volt Wrench Kit, this will remove all those lug nuts that are too tight thanks to mechanics that use air impact wrenches. you can get any other brand of impact wrench that has enough torque to remove the lug nuts. one more thing, cross your fingers that the lug nuts are not damaged due to excessive torque

  95. slangoftheregions

    Thank you! This was very helpful!

  96. Rc Bellamy

    best video i found on this topic especially for the explanation on the jacking points.

  97. speedo

    Beat video for changing a tire. Thanks buddy

  98. Nathaniel Barnes

    Hello Eric! Hey your video is so helpful to me!! you really have consistent explanation that really helps me understand on how to change a tire of your car. My dad never taught me how to change a tire so now I'm watching a video on how to change a tire that way I can do it on my own. Thank you so much and I am understanding how to change a tire but, I have to try doing it with my hands you know like working it with your hands.

  99. ZombiedustXXX

    I always place a wheel chock set at the good tire, on the opposite corner of the vehicle. This will help safely stabilize the vehicle for the entire tire changing operation. Plastic wheel chocks are cheap/effective/lightweight, and do not take up much space. Also a small but thick piece of scrap plywood can help stabilize the scissor jack, when placed between the jack and soft/loose ground.

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