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1942 Flows
Meek Mill - 1942 Flows
: 1942 Flows
: 5.09 MB
: 715 Toplam İndirme
12-01-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 715 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Meek Mill - 1942 Flows )
  1. DrakeRaa

    Came up from the trenches My niggas was on a mission Multiply the digits and split it like it's division Tryin' to get an image that never was in the vision Your ass better be up cause we apply pressure consistent We've been warned for like 10 straight Feds trynna build a case Got me thinking what it'd feel like to be a different race You and me are not the same I'm trynna be a different great My brother got took up out this shit I feel a different hate Told them niggas so I'm sending bullets for them niggas All my feelings live up on this mic when I'm recording nigga I ain't warning niggas fuck the rain I've been through storms lil nigga I was for them niggas Can't believe they tried informin' on us They oppose us but don't even know the half of my story Did my math spent it fast Made it back as a shorty I was taught what you make Bring it back to the store Keep it going till you whippin' up some crack on the stove Moving packs in the snow Cause nigga this the lifestyle That perky flow I bite that With the torch on me right now Bad bitches getting piped down They in a room I got the lights down Never ever put the pipes down Till the rest of them niggas wiped out Fuck a home run you get striked out Chest caved in, breathe slow Blood gushing out you I bet you wishin' you would bleed slow How your killers booked But they ain't never even seen [?] Said he flippin' ounces But ain't never even seen flow Have you ever seen "Blow" Better watch your circle Cause they might be out to hurt you Fuck around and try to murk em Try to dirt you I remember 12 was giving out disposals No rehearsals when we slide Bullets flyin', no commercial If you ridin' we'll surf you Better keep your head up Either dead or jail so you better get your bread up Brother got smoked but he ain't stay to pick his mans up Just me in this coupe I can't even pick my friends up Tryna keep my grams up it's either left or right Flippin' blocks all through the night Speeding tryna catch the light Cause I'll be damned if a nigga try to leave me there tonight Not to mention that I got this pipe I bought instead of mics nigga

  2. Bowels

    Yea me and my niggas be makeing money and all these fake ass niggas axting funny i cant never trust a bitch cuz she gone stabe ur back and throw u in a sitch and u cant fuck wit no snich my momma told me to not ride around withh a gun but i told her ill just get a lawyer cuz u cant get another sun. But im just you d tryna have fun i was selling white just to buy some sneaks cuz i wanted to be the flyest guy and all these bitches used to diss me now that im getting money now they want to hit me up and say they miss me man fuck it i cant fuck wit these opps they be all over ur cock but were i stay at be on my block. My teacher said u will faile and i tookbthat shit and said alright u gone see and when im rich ima laught in ur face and if i got to catch a case i will thats just how i fell cuz theses pussy nigga tryna kill me so now do u fell me

  3. Roadman Blood

    Started off poor with plans to earn more Now we own stores and fuck the baddest whores I was on tour with niggas that's so raw Started selling white, we won't sell it no more I'm like, Trump ain't feeling us, cops still killing us Niggas taking shots, can't stop me, they ain't real enough Cut her off, act like she's dead and it's killing her New dawn, Hermes seats, I left the ceiling up Just to get to kill 'em softly Ooh, get them off me, try to crucify me Like I'm Jesus, the way she cross me I'm too bossy and too thorough to move like a weirdo On point like an arrow, we started off with zero Now I'm seeing M's, diamonds like water and they jumping out the gym Shooting like Harden if your head was the rim 'Cause niggas wanna line me like a shape up in the trim, damn Back when I was broke, they was cool with it Now every move I make, I'm in the news with it Even if I ain't do it, they be like, you did it My teacher always used to tell me you gon' lose nigga That's why I never went to school nigga And why I'm rapping like I got something to prove nigga Went and bought the mansion with the pool in it Billy with the stamp, I geting two with it' Move with it 'cause these niggas wanna take my life No weapon formed against me, every time I pray at night Scoopin' thotties in the Phantom, that's the way of life And make them fuck their best friends like they was dykes Reaching for the Glock, every time I play the light I'm on 12 o'clock, every time I play them bikes I'm with the pack, huh Getting pack, yeah Spend dope, nigga Selling smack, gang I'm gettin' chips off music like Rap Snacks Yeah, ten mil in cash off Africa, that's a fact Money, power, respect Eating breakfast on a jet I know these niggas upset They ain't see me fall yet Wins and losses They wanna see me fall And I will never sell my soul I'm on some shit that they ain't seen before Dream chasing, catching all my goals I don't need these hoes I'm getting money, me and all my woes Play with me, you know is all I want The young niggas going all out for us Bloggers in the frenzy, truck to the Bently Ain't doing no interviews, I'm busy, nigga we litty So when you see me out don't ask me about no Nicki Fuck I look like telling my business on Wendy Niggas gossip like queens, we was serving fiends .40 bust your windows out, Jazmine Sullivan They told 'em pop Mollys, I told 'em to be kings Sipping 19, 42 like it's lean I done seen all these niggas try to down play my dreams So I'ma give it to 'em everytime I'm on the scene Pull up, Ghost, Ghost, Wraith, Wraith when you see me Some suckers wanna be me and some suckers wanna leave me, I know it I go through it, don't' show it I told niggas who wrote it, ain't taking back what I quoted Started off with a quarter, flipped that to a half, turned that to an ounce Got some shit in the stash, nigga say that he gon' rob me, put a brick on his ass Now every killer in my city tryna look for his ass And one thing 'bout Meek Milly, I'ma get to a bag Had to starve all day just to get to it fast Like Ramadan, toting K's like it's Palestine Real niggas in my ambiance, bottom line Ever since I met Ross and signed a dotted line I gave my mama ten thousand at least a thousand times Do the math on it They wanna see me fall And I will never sell my soul I'm on some shit that they ain't seen before Dream chasing, catching all my goals I don't need these hoes I'm getting money, me and all my woes Play with me, you know is all I want The young niggas going all out for us Talking, this my cocky flow Damn Daniel, why you selling Mr. Miyagi though This that rose gold Patek, call me like '94 Mean nothing to me, I tell how I gotta go rain sleek On that corner when the block was slow Everybody was tryna trap, we started poppin' though Heard that bitch say she cut me, I was like adiós In the field, knock 'em down, it look like dominos, young nigga I turn my Impala to a Wraith, when you get a dollar they gon' hate Bought my mom the crib with that gate Private school for all them babies Now they straight, nigga They wanna see me fall And I will never sell my soul I'm on some shit that they ain't seen before Dream chasing, catching all my goals I don't need these hoes I'm getting money, me and all my woes Play with me, you know is all I want The young niggas going all out for us Songwriters: Robert Rihmeek Williams / Douglas

  4. Robert Vega

    Went harder than anyone on this 💯

  5. Nolimit4k Tv

    Started this shit on my own, I wasn’t on that block, I was writing lyrics, so no nigga can say they influenced me

  6. Kanita Luxury

    Nice 👍

  7. Ambition Strive

    Yeah yeah yeah Back than cribs had sheets for curtains Get blunted at high school dances bitches twerking Not knowing the bullshit in front me My right hand man tried to murder me Shit real cruising the legacy With hoodie figuring out I’m go eat One way two clips for for my heat Now I’m rich feel like the government I beat No worry about Roman noddles to eat I get caters done That’s how I come son You can see diamonds praying to the sun Foreign trucks what I run Like a bat outta hell but I never forget where come from I’ll still load it on scale Bank accounts now grandma don’t have to wait for the mail I bond all my niggas outta jail

  8. Corona King

    1942 was my grandmother was born , try walking in my shoes and you'll be through ah storm / drinking vodka every single winter just to stay warm / it's so much violence in my hood it's really hard to stay calm / I'm bout to break in the industry so don't be alarmed / i know some people don't like me but i don't give ah fuck though , watch out for the snake niggas don't ever let them get close , financially most of these rap niggas is dead broke , / cop's pulled us over the whip was cloudy from weed smoke / my past life embraced me , I'm smart and little crazy my mom left me as a newborn like Brenda did her baby / they told me I'm not normal , i value people that's loyal I'm buying gifts for myself , Damm i got myself spoiled I told my grandma I'm ma make it , I'm determined and I'm patient do I have the temptations or it's just my imagination /

  9. Corona King

    I'm sitting in the courtroom praying the judge gone me grants freedom


    Don’t need these hoooooes All I need is them concords Some shit wear befooooorrr dream chasing tryna get dem concords Step on my shoes you know it’s all out waaaaaaaar I’ll beat yo ass and steal you whor December 8th

  11. iamcornelius henris

    First rap ever Listen told her i cant love a hoe heart on 0 niggas talking shit but aint seen shit been in the street since 13 ive seen shit blood pouring eyes roll back nigga died i couldt believe it fake love fuck love i stay real with it out here doubling trapping this shit real provide for yourself dont depend on nobody i thought i was smart 5 times nigga im in jail this my 5th time have ever rolled with the mac knowing it aint safe

  12. Officialremiworld

    Hey man, is it kool to drop a recorded (Non profit) Freestyle over this beat? Is it your own remake??

  13. Marcús

    Put It On 1.25x🤯🔥

  14. Ty and Roj

    Back in 2013 my life was a mess Living in Hartford nobody had no respect But I was to proper so I had to act like the rest I ain't wanna get beat up I was trying my best To act all hard and be so tuff Try not to get to carried away enough I tried to make friends as fast I can So I can fit in and get more respect again Life is no joke Especially living in Hartford If u run the streets u might end up like the others All rushed to the hospital cuz u got shot People wake up to the news worrying a lot Hoping if you ok and who did it to u But u cant snitch or u'll be next on the news Bro lifes not easy when u in a bad part U gotta watch out for the guns before they take ur heart Men kids cant even go outside riding their bikes Without their mother looking for em then end up crying Wishing they kept em in the house instead of being out But it's not they fault they ain't had no doubt They was just enjoying being a child Trying to experience nature and just be about All they little friends , and going to they house Or let's play with the toys or can u come out now I am now 14 Thank God I get to see The age that I'm living cuz I could've been layed out in those streets And see people running up to me All worried saying call the police But I'm living a better life A life with smiles Bout to be a freshman Got a house full of models I got 5 sisters and 4 brothers


    From Hartford too. Ain't no joke out there Good work 👍🏽🔥

    Meanie S.

    Ty and Roj dope

    Nathan Larson

    I’m from Hartford too this is lit

    Mikey Jae 4X

    I read a few lines homie & 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 some real shit

  15. Justin Stevens

    I den seen my uncle take his last breath Den seen my parents marriage take the last step I den seen my momma and dad setting up court dates, they more then beyond stressed Hectic seem like they don't rest

  16. Dathin19

    I’m back fresh i grinded out the streets Felony on me but still carry my heat Them ops always on the creep you already know They love to hate on me but why man That’s now how it’s suppose to be We suppose to get paper together And not hate on each other as we eat Wake up drugs in my system ain’t got time to sleep Specially when that devil is right underneath Trying to catch you slipppin I done witnessed it Cup full of lean I use to stay sippin it Work from my connect I use to stay flipping it Money was my life I loved getting it

  17. AngieeA1

  18. Sean Garcia

    Mo Money Mo Problems right but the trick to every side is not trying to die and rely on the ones that you cry on smoking on these trees Reminiscing on the people that you lost on I wish I had a crystal ball to figure out what's really going on the night's been getting long an I've been all alone got this tunnel vision pumping through my eyes and I'm stuck in the zone cradling in my soul like a Pentecostal trying to figure out which path that I'm on got to leave my name on the map. Five kids who always have my back

  19. ATM Jæy Blancø

  20. Yusuf Hussain

    Can I use this in a video I'm making?

  21. Charlie L

    I’ve been used to hittin all the malls, buying all the maisons on the walls, In two months when she call I’m declin all the calls, My niggas was with me to ball, stack tall, we had to make it our own way we wanted it all, All these whips and chains like django, Tints on my Porsche cause they lookin for me like Rambo, it ain’t about the weight on you it’s how you handle, $100 steaks while sipping wine still get you lit like candle, I got all the angles on how to make some bankrolls, like a young kid I can’t fold, I follow what my heart told that’s why I’m standing bold, Miami heat but all this ice makes me so cold, if you have a dream too promise I’ll get it sold, I’m bringing the heat with me like a sauna, bitch I buy you all that Prada,

  22. Marie Constant

    Willy Friends and K..probably Yes.. But Under that Willy Friends GEORGE Bush and Clinton In the False RELIGION HIL-

  23. Taquele canales

    flipping on the script and make them trip that shit slippery they can't rap as good as me so motherfuckers dissing me they can't see the good in me cause they don't know transparency the hood me inside me show the clarity but these haters barely hearing me scaring me rarely fairly clearly fearing me

  24. Numb

    This beat sounds so familiar... idk tho

    IG. Mizzyfit_

    It’s a sample

  25. klasik ripia

    I've felt pain on a scale of 100%, I know I'm not thinking right when I see visions of death, I'm being judged by god himself and its the ultimate test, constantly searching for light, a dark holes in my chest, I stay in check, everyday I live by a code, watch as they all plot and fail, sending em home, foez aint shit compared to homies that ain't true to the bone. sell you off rq for you weight worth in gold

  26. Gedeon Nkanga

    Sample froms wiz khalifa?

  27. Mickey P

    About to kill This Shit!!!! Itsmickeypbaby!!!!!!!!💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Mido Stromen

    Tribute to nas; Let me take you through memory lane. I am like, nas is like. If I ruled the world, the world would be yours. Thats my state of mind. Hate me now, hate my kind. At least listen to me, when I spit through one mic. It ain't hard to tell, it aint hard to sell. I can. I made these street dreams reality, with my patience. Got down, survived it through the ether. It made you look for a moment. I gave you power. One love.

  29. Lil yerT

    Tell em I was made for this

  30. Israel Bustos

    1942 flows Yuh I been struggling came out the junglin We was rubblin , my last name is russlin was in the leaves I was rustling I got the iPhone 6 bitch give me a kiss - [ ]

  31. Luke Bridges

    Check out big watch - 1942 flows Donny from the uk kills it

  32. Terrell Page

    Anyone got any free beats they be making? I'm 19 years old and directing a movie and a tv show. i need instrumentals!!! You'll be in the credits under "beats by _____" hit me back

    Garcia Axel

    Terrell Page i got u hmu

  33. Yuma Beats

    [Free] Meek Mill- "Problems" (INSTRUMENTAL) Type Beat 2018 :

    Looney Luckz

    @yumabeats can you email me: [email protected]

  34. Shirley Lawrence

    I'm killing you done ass

  35. roszell elkins

    Verse1:Love controled by jusus and satin really cant beleave it i cant complane just like metro boomin we dont relate i can say love is really fate everything is a sin like kill and rape no one you love can never be saved when the time comes my sin will washed away


    u do gospel hip hop

    Queen Kaylah

    roszell elkins aye

    that one guy

    Jesus dont exist and if he did why tf did he ignore 400+ years of slavery and oppression .

  36. акiита эdiтs

    I. Don’t. Know. What I’ve been waiting for, but I’ve been waiting for.. A. Long. Damn. Time.

  37. Dre Spazz

    I kinda respect this song too much to remix it lol.

    Roberto García

    Yeah dude, I was kind of trying to addapt ''Dear Mama'' on my pov from 2pac, but I think it would be disrespectful af same shit with this

    Alexander Gonzalez

    real shit. songs too real for that.

    king Santy215

    I came from the bottom I’m working my self up to the top ,y’all be doubting me now when I’m in the top y’all gonna be cheering everywhere I go I see niggas killing each other they be hating each other that’s a fact 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  38. Shakeal Baggett

    I'm writing to this shit

  39. Amir Waltower

    Yuma Beats can you make the instrumental to "never lose" on Meeks new album?

    Jay Alizay Beats

    never lose beat was stolen from youtube jus search "Wiz Khalifa Type Beat - Wonderful"

  40. Wizard King

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😤 this beat crazy

  41. Cloutgod Vlogs

    Do fall thru pleaseeee

  42. Taiy Official

    Check out my freestyle to this beat

  43. Quentin Luciano

    im using this

    Quentin Luciano

    fasho thank you bro

  44. lemanuell sanders

    Gonna cover this check out the ones I did on channel new work soon

  45. TCKM.2635

    can you do "Meek Mill - Fall Thru" please

  46. Wavy 11

    I'm finna kill di shut right here, gon be rapping about MA manz dat died


    U recorded it?

  47. Fremdesi Records

    DOPE AF Mate :) Big Like!

  48. HumblemanTip

    Finally . This shit is GODLY ! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Wavy 11

    TipGot40Rounds riiii dow

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