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Muddy Waters
LP - Muddy Waters
: LP
: Muddy Waters
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20-03-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 472 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (LP - Muddy Waters )
  1. Dominik Alejandro Larrondo Delgado

    Mis faboritas son other people y lost on you (UwU)♡

  2. BeautyFlower

    Неземная lp 💞

  3. yen2508

    Aún no puedo creer que la veré en octubre!!!!! 💞💞💞 #LPenChile

  4. Cinthia Kristel Cobos Garduza

    Alguien de aqui vino asta acá por orange?🤣

  5. Carolina masias muñoz

    Oh, oh, ohOh, oh, ohWe are kneeling at the river's edge and temptingAll the steps to follow closer right behindIs it only when you feel a part is emptyThat it's gnawing at the corners of your mindI will ask you for mercyI will come to you blindWhat you'll see is the worst meNot the last of my kindOohIn the muddy water we're fallingOohIn the muddy water we're crawlingHolds me downHold me nowSold me outIn the muddy waters we're fallingIt is not clear why we choose the fire pathwayWhere we end is not the way that we had plannedAll the spirits gather 'round like it's our last dayTo get across you know we'll have to raise the sandOoh, I will ask you for mercyI will come to you blindWhat you'll see is the worst meI'm not the last of my kindOohIn the muddy water we're fallingOohIn the muddy water we're crawlingHolds me downHold me nowSold me outIn the muddy waters we're fallingOohDon't fail me nowPut your arms around me and pull me outOohI know I'm foundWith your arms around me, oh save me nowOohOh, ohOoh, in the muddy water we're fallingOohIn the muddy water we're crawlingHolds me downHold me nowSold me outIn the muddy water we're falling

  6. Nashely Salinas Ordoñez

    Es perfecta!! 🤗 🤗 🤗

  7. Samantha M

    This song is perfection.. So moving, so beautiful ❤ Thank you!!

  8. Solange Matsimura

    Demais amando ouvi-la

  9. Jadison Silva

    Brasil alguém 🇧🇷2019????

  10. Maxi fri

    a perro es en español

  11. Ирода Курбонова

    I love your songs! Thank your for your best voice!

  12. Ana Lorena Jimenez Aquino

    <3 <3 la amo <3 <3


    This song is so perfect omg

  14. Anita. Mireles.


  15. Javier Luna arguello

    es el mismisimo angel😇😉😉😊

  16. Lucas Mateus

    Amo de mais essa diva.

  17. Ahmad Nasery

    Fantastic 👏 we love you L .P💜

  18. chavantre marie-antoinette

    Jamais je me lasserais de cette voix unique et sa musique qui me bouleverse à chaque fois. Love you lp respectueusement à toi tendresse 🙏💖🤗💋💖🌹👏

  19. Isabella Mostacedo

    Maravillosa LP 😍🤗 amo tus canciones!!♥️

  20. Horizont Horizont


  21. Horizont Horizont

    Muddy Waters

  22. Ivon Jimenez

    Qué se vea que en México si escuchamos música de calidad

  23. Nessma Galal

    يلا كله بيكتب بلغته، اشمعنا أنا 🙄

  24. Galaxia Wong

    One of my favorite songs ⭐😎😍🍀

  25. Galaxia Wong

    ⭐😎😍🍀LP te amooo

  26. Różne różności

    Oh my God, I love her So fuckin much😍❤️

  27. Camila Justiniano

    I am happy❤

  28. Татьяна Молукало

    Потрясающе!!! Уникальная личность!!! БРАВО!!!

  29. Poetic Syrian

    Turkey and Rusia, wow

  30. airam ortsac

    Asi quisiera q fuera tu concierto en mexico!!!!!😍😍

  31. erik gonzalez

    México te escucha!!!

  32. Pearl

    Es perfecta, talento puro 🌹🙌🏻

  33. Samara Messa

    ¡hermosa ,su voz,las letras de sus canciones,toda ella ,hermosa!

  34. Daniela Abarca


  35. Kisten Dill

    You are such a beautiful Instrument!!!! I agree a total treasure!!! I hope to see you live one day!!!! I cant get enough of your music!And your band is badass!!!!!

  36. Ирина Зубаха

    Благодарю тебя LP!!!! Твои песни помогают пережить боль..

  37. FoxfireNativeNamed


  38. alma arias

    Hace poco te descubrí por Lost on you. Y ahora no puedo dejar de escucharte, transmites tanto con tu hermosa voz y presencia que eres como una dulce adicción.🎶🎧😍... Saludos desde México 🇲🇽😘

  39. Paola Varillas

    Es tan hermosa y su voz es impresionante 😍

  40. kemylet Rp.

    Wuuauuu. Una canción. Uff.

  41. Tu papá me chupa un huevo

    Que onda jaja esta canción me eriza la piel enserio esta super chida, no me cansare de escucharla!

  42. Елена Vita

    ...from mouth to millions of hearts...👄➡️💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  43. Luciano Basenghi

    LP voce prodigiosa, potente,vibrante,graffiante,ma anche gentile,delicata,sussurrata ,dolce,,dolcissima LP nostra amatissima,carismatica LP❤️❤️❤️

  44. Toma Strexa

    Гениальная Лаура!!!впрочем как всегда,выше всяких похвал,лучшая!!!!!!!

  45. Iris FromWater

    This version has the best sound effect, extremely raw emotion. What was LP going through at that time?

  46. Kylie Perry

    I wish I'd found her earlier, but I'm glad I finally did. I have to show LP to so many people. Gotta listen to everything- each song sounds so distinct.

  47. yeni valentin

    I love your music <3

  48. Mishel Fernandez

    Actitud...Es lo que ella refleja para mi💪

  49. Puspita Rini

    it,s meybe just me from asia(indonesia) is love her because she is lesbian...but,any way...i don,t care i,m really have proud to hear his magic voice...lp i hope you can come to my country(muslim absolutly)...i hope you can come and we can joy togeter🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  50. Cristy Form


  51. Cristy Form


  52. Cristy Form


  53. Cristy Form


  54. John Ячменное Зерно

    Люблю LP, но эта композиция не тронула , сорри

  55. Турчанка 20

    Она уникальна!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Анастасия Мисниченко

    Лучшая в мире!

  57. noArFo

    Парень. Ты крут, нашёл себя, не так и не там, но на месте, УАУ...

  58. Victoria Cruz

    Eres arte total... ♥️💛♥️💛♥️

  59. GNEvans180

    There are few people that can make a Live performance sound like a Studio Version. She's incredible!!

  60. japtrader

    Hacía tiempo que no me emocionaba tanto viendo una actuación musical, bravo por LP, me transmite autenticidad y pasión.

  61. Ariel Undine

    Holy Hell!!!!!... this Lady Legend is a Genius.. Such depth of soul emotion moves my soul...

  62. Анна Занкова

    Love song

  63. melissa piza

    Te amooo

  64. Aitor Oses

    Una voz brutal😁😁

  65. Gökçe Hilal YAVUZ

    2:40 ❤️

  66. Алексей Карелин

    Сумасшедшая энергетика! Браво!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Shadey Mejia

    Algún mexicano? ♥

  68. Mishu Barzallo

    No entiendo los comentarios jajaj

  69. Lana Braun


  70. Mariel Suárez

    Encantadora!! <3

  71. Die Pain

    До слёз... Восхитительно!

  72. Alicia A

    Canta precioso, no me canso de escucharla ♥ y toda su musica realmente transmite

  73. l Alex

    Не знаю о чем эта песня...слов не понимаю....но настолько эти невероятные звуки пронизывают всё тело: с головы до кончиков пальцев, что слёзы рекой полились😏...с чего бы ....спасибо, Лора, за твой голос, за твоё умение передавать чувства и эмоции другим людям! Обожаю тебя своеобразную, неповторимую и свободную❤

  74. Adria nna

    Come to Poland!

  75. declan Marie

    ILU so that I can’t hear anything else 😭♥️

  76. Ибесса

    Пластика тела, голос.....шедевр в этой обработке)

  77. Estefani Estrada Estrada

    LP is really wonderful! X)Thanks Lp you're the best 😍I love you.

  78. Ariana 7u7

    I love you You Instagram @iamlpofficial is real no fake

  79. Donovan James


  80. Snape&Granger fanvid

    I discovered this song in orange is the new black and i fall in love ❤


    La amo... Neta, la amo.

  82. Doilio Abel

    Power S05E04 ending... Brought me Here

  83. Monika P.

    Great Singer ♥️great song ♥️ everything os great ♥️

  84. Владимир Сутягин

    вот она, не повторимая индивидуальность!!!

  85. Jéssica a.

    Eu amo essa mulher

  86. Rebeca Jacobo

    Tu voz me dejó helada, ¡que hermosa vos tienes! Yisuuuuus, me acabo de enamorar.

  87. Ксения Маеш

    Это лучшее что я слышала

  88. Emine Tulga

    Amazing !!! LP LOVE U

  89. Seher KAR

    Şarkı ve sanatçı bana çok fazla duygu yaşattı yalnız taşkınlık, dinginlik, affetmeden önce oluşan o sessizlik de. Ne kadar muhteşem bir ses bu böyle!

  90. Didem'in Dünyası

    Lütfen bu yaz Türkiye ye gel

  91. Ксения Маеш

    Просто очень круто

  92. Serife Unnu

    I Like so much u 😍😍😍one Day ı want Come your concert 😘 ı hope 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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