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Kaval - Nadishana
: Nadishana
: 4.63 MB
: 29 Toplam İndirme
21-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 29 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Kaval - Nadishana )
  1. oleg kurennoy

    Талантище Владисвар.Спасибо за мастеркласс.

  2. Shan S

    Gratitude. I didn’t realize I do miss hearing the Kaval till I hear it. Beautiful instrument as always. Is this a bamboo or wood version?

  3. siyotanka4you

    incredible good playing - Great Videos.

  4. Javier Urteaga Olaechea

    eres un capoo!!! manejas mas de 15 instrumentos musicales pocos lo hacen!! y el Hang Drum ni que decir.... EXITOS!!

  5. Chuck Atchley

    Interesting instrument,the way it can change tone is cool

  6. Psyched101

    Approaches the heart, then goes deeper into the soul and refuses to go without leaving your state of mind in a purer, more enlightened place. That's pure love. Bravo. Have a great time touring with Dead Can Dance!

  7. nanouka nick

    oh my god!!!i love it!!!

  8. FifoTom

    so when is this up for purchase actually? great work, nadishana!

  9. iliecostin

    im trying to build a pvc kaval. I have found some documentation but do you think you could give me a hint of the length to bore ratio?

  10. Nadishana

    @ZACKnirvana > you sir have changed my perspective on musicgreat to hear that. This is the impact which i want to achieve with my videos

  11. Sage

    you sir have changed my perspective on music, i've watched most of your videos. you are so great! i was thinking of ordering my kaval from your website later on this month. best wishes to you.

  12. Max Dzikowski

    AMAZING sound.

  13. Francesco Gibaldi

    Search for the youtube user "persianney". He posted good persian ney lessons. Once you manage that just move the edge of the flute one tooth away... It's pretty the same technique but probably (I'm not sure) the sound comes out cleaner if you have rugae on your palate.

  14. Matt Bow

    I can't even begin to understand the khakass khobrakh style.BUT IT JUST SOUNDS SO INCREDIBLE

  15. sfsdf sdfsdf

    i can't see what so great is.i just see a men who plays kaval a anatolien volk instrument which are played form shepherds

  16. Cerain Folk Music

    Damn that thing is wickedly awsome..

  17. I want to be a pirate!

    awesome, can't wait to order it

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