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Without Me
Halsey - Without Me
: Without Me
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06-01-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 1352 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Halsey - Without Me )
  1. עומר

    My loveee!!!

  2. Lalhruaii Tluangi

    Halsey your voice is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Laranjø Bøy

    Normal People Needs AutotuneAutotune needs Halsey

  4. Grace Ann Pierce


  5. MdAquib technophile

    Pure Talent

  6. chimin jimin

    how could anyone hate this amazing women❤

  7. Hannah S

    Fuck I hate halsey but fuck I love this song

  8. Kathleen Torres

    Halsey doesn't need autotune, her voice is so unique

  9. cyan ethereal

    *we stan*

  10. charlie harris

    i can FEEL her voice wth

  11. fack aff

    Why 2k plus pieces of shit clicked dislike on this video i don't really understand but I hope each of them suffer super painful finger injury or amputation. Assholes!

  12. Мадина Искакова

    Why did I not see this before?? OMG I love this and I love her voice so much😍❤️

  13. Camila Fernandez

    He is amazing 💕

  14. Lawrence Angelo Encarnacion

    BBC is real

  15. VicXOXO

    her lobes are literally hanging from how heavy the hoops are

  16. GmaK naE

    I'm really inlove with her voice?

  17. Djok Hade

    Where can I download this version

  18. Carolina Molina


  19. Siwar Bou3bena

    look at her overall.super cute, omg 😂❤💚

  20. Shikapella Official

    its so good version

  21. Sarah Allegra

    ok I like this a lot more! She needs less autotune in her tracks. Her natural voice is so good!

  22. kunal gandhi

    It touch me and my heart melt down love u Halsey 💟💟

  23. Moon stark

    :what is your breakfast halsey?Halsey : CDs 😏

  24. Ladavilanaa

    Anyone can feel that pain? She is so real

  25. Melissa Evangelista

    Love it

  26. Анастасия Терлецкая


  27. Sam pras

    Superbe halsey 😊😊😊

  28. Toncho Tonchev

  29. Ayush Goyal

    after listening to this I can definitely say Halsey uses auto tune to some extend at the studio

  30. Jennifer Sparber

    Man that is a lot of auto tune! Doesn’t matter I love it anyway😂

  31. Merie Rose Caducoy

    I really love you Halsey 💜 your voice always makes my soul calm 💕

  32. 이수현

    amazing voice☺☺

  33. MeAES

    I’m in love with her voice sounding so clean an beautiful on live

  34. Genoreen Caimor

    Im in love with this woman. Her voice is so f*cking hot

  35. Bangtan Army

    Natural voice! Beautiful!

  36. Lemon Tea

    i love her

  37. Raquel Mboya


  38. Hoseok Hobi

    Im in love with Halsey voice!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  39. Kaye Tagalag

    i tought it was james charles at first, lol

  40. Mattias Holmgren

    Halsey is the best. Love her voice and artistic / personal expression! haha, autotune you don't know what you are talking about. I'm a professional producer and I've worked with autotone on singers. Halsey sings perfectly in tune and very well. At 1:53 she gets just a tad out of tune with that "High" word but aside from that it's a perfect performance. I love it all because nothing has to be totally perfect. The expression is so sweet and wonderful! And this is not autotune. It's a great singer! GO Halsey, don't let the trolls discourage you.

  41. Alejandra Castro


  42. Filipino Spectrum

    Halseeeyyyyyyy🤬 aargggggghhh myyyy heartttttt 💘💗💙💛💚🧡💜💖💕💓❤💖💗💜🧡💟❣💝💟💞💜💙🖤❤💕❤💖

  43. dainamie torres

    I like her now.....Because she joined in the mv of BTS...Lovs you Halsey

  44. Kingwolfie Wilson

    Yo her ear is streeetched!

  45. Geneva Dangarang

    I felt the sadness in her voice. 💔

  46. Thediazisons

    I think I love you

  47. Claudia Foreman

    Why am i the only one who thought she was james charles

  48. dulce caldera

    And jungkook yesss!!!

  49. eva herreros

    2.000 unlikes??? what's wrong with you people?

  50. twyst ;-;

    Love Brasil🇧🇷💕

  51. Frank Lenolds

    I can't believe people loved my cover of Halsey.... I love you so much...

  52. Emanuela Rendina

    I read comments that say she couldn't sing without autotune and I'm not agree, because I can say she's better without it. She can sing 100% and her voice is really beautiful.

  53. Scopex

    Nice voice and song but is she standing in a reusable bag for life?

  54. Luiz Fernando


  55. Maca Teves

    Halsey, your voice is mmm - Jimin

  56. lady Carolina

    I can feel that she's hurting😢

  57. God Jeon

    she has so much emotion in her voice, I can feel so much her pain

  58. Its Daniel

    Did she forget how to don't the song? This sounds nothing like it lolBtw don't kill me it just sounds trash :D

  59. Lucy Fonseca

    Yo me caso

  60. evelyn santos


  61. Ruby Lilly

    U can literally feel the hurt she's feeling while singing this💔🎶

  62. redsé stole my tea yall

    Haters would say its autotune

  63. Don Juancho Gaming TV

    Nice. Good Game :)

  64. BTS방탄소년단

    Love you Halsey!Youre voice is extraordinary

  65. bunny bee

    #withoutme by #hasley

  66. Greg Sexton

    Halsey is such a talent!

  67. Wafaa CH


  68. love bts


  69. Shernelle Gabrielle


  70. Neil Bunac

    Kz tandingan mic? Hehe

  71. Nathaniel Lanwang

    She looks like a robot

  72. Manpreet Kaur

    Love her voice

  73. Labiba Sawyer

    Anyone in 2019??

  74. Chili P

    Her earlobes are doing quite some work right there with those heavy ear rings!

  75. •Crispy Channel

    He’s so handsome and talented.

  76. Alice

    I love how her performances are so emotional, she’s truly living with the song. I recommend to everyone who likes this song go watch this year’s BBMA performance, it made me cry


    Weird flex but okay 2:03

  78. feby maulana

    Halsey Your Voice Is Hmmmm mm... -ParkJimin2019

  79. Katherine Calzo

    her voice sounds beautiful and amazing and she was featured in bts i love that!!!😍😍❤️❤️

  80. Fan OfBioshock

    Someone should beat G-Easy's head in with a hammer for cheating on Halsey

  81. 볼탱이띠미니

    Angelic voice :c

  82. fabio anjos

    Tudo que é sincero e vem do coração, chega ao êxtase.


    Halsey dont need Autotone Autotone needs her.

  84. Rae Koster

    #goosebumps ... gorgeous!!!

  85. leekimchee

    *the feels are real....*

  86. Jjthejellyfish 22

    producers: how much auto tune halsey: nah ;) me: im in tears omg she's sooooo good like what the actual f

  87. 인레


  88. adriana acevedo

    La voz de Halsey es tan hermosa :,)

  89. Emily T

    2:18 such an eargasm

  90. Lux VTH

    Her voice have something special 😍😍😍😍❤

  91. Kristel May Intaligando

    She Got My Attention When Called by Mom#FromPhilippines

  92. dca adc1898

    Ela estava pescando no mar, assim que chegou foi ao estúdio, que roupa desgraçada é esaa

  93. EmmaStarkey

    Wow! the music video rapes her voice.

  94. Shazam X

    Guitar chords here please someone??

  95. IyanStary 64

  96. Mrs_ Su

    Download... ♥️ she is the Queen.

  97. Kling garheee

    Chim: "Halsey you're voice is so hmm.." I agree chim!!😍

  98. WiyaahKim Kim

    HALSEY 😭😍💜

  99. Mc Kayla

    Random person:needs auto tune Halsey:nahhhhh im good*insert suga*SWAG

  100. Gomita de Mochí

    No mames me enamore wey 😍😮

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