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Mask Off
Future - Mask Off
: Mask Off
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27-08-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 735 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Future - Mask Off )
  1. Pew pew Pew

    The people who disliked can’t play vegetable instruments

  2. Epicdeliriosnous Disaster

    Fucking legend

  3. Derpie Derp

    Scientist in the past : in the future we will have flying cars Future : makes a carrot recorder


    It's Healthy Music

  5. dolliemoggie

    For your own safety pls do not venture into the jalapeño zone.


    That’s even more gangsta than sellin bags❤️

  7. King Zino

    Upload more please

  8. Vanessa McCloud

    savage ;-;

  9. DinoSheen The cat

    *”This is the kind of instruments we use”* - Bunnies 2019

  10. Dark Invaders Production

    Oryginal first track is not Fiture - Musk of !!! At first this sample flute using Old band hip hop come from Sweden they Are name Looptroop - Top Dogz !!!!!! Goodbye 😉

  11. Andy Kim

    0:15 I always imagined that's what it would sound like


    0 sub gang

  13. colorful vlogs



    *Squidward has left the chat*

  15. Trex123 rex

    Hey bill what's your favorite instrument, bill:oh the flute, what's your favorite instrument me:a carrot

  16. Zombie Slayerr03


  17. Zippo404

    Now do the same with broccoli

  18. Nacho bro


  19. Hasan Gorgun

    Nice GG

  20. deadlift guy

    ayagiyla calmis pezevenk

  21. Sasuke Uchiha

    I mean any thing is possible

  22. aj gonzales

    That's so insane how can you do that that's crazy I want to learn how to make a carrot flute just like you so I can play mask off that's awesome😜😜😜😜😜😜

  23. It's Luna

    Dude what a real genius. 😂

  24. mntimberwolvesig

    Legend has it Jesus is still dancing with his head

  25. Bruce Robertson

    The funniest part is the the potatoe casually lying in the background lol

  26. _ AlleBros HD


  27. Yermak Music

    Это ахуенно

  28. My jokes aren't funny

    Why does this guy look like Keanu Reeves but a quite literal natural musician...

  29. SpicyKyloMatt

    see you in 7 years when youtube recommends this to everyone!

  30. ABCDE GT

    Teacher:what kind of musical instrument you played Pupsi:

  31. Endless Lists

    Man playing on this carrot makes me hungry let me bite my instrument (i like carrots like if u do) :)

  32. MrCarter100

    Musicians: I can play mask off instrumental on a flute. This guy: hold my beer 😂

  33. Abby Kroemer

    I'm still jamming to this as off today😂😂

  34. Deweythesecond

    this is definitely fake, right?

  35. Lynn K

    I love how you can see he’s really enjoying himself

  36. Ricardo milos

    Woah (・o・)

  37. Alawiya -Celtic heroes

    IsSa CaRrOt

  38. zai niichan

    I'm happy to be alive.

  39. D! struction

    Is carrot an instrument?

  40. Splicents

    My hungry ass would've eaten that up before I could even play it.

  41. Мортус Рогозуб

    спасибо.!заходите на МОЙ конал там гайД по VorrrrrrfRaaame

  42. The Salty Neighbor

    "What instrument do you play?" "It's complicated"

  43. hilarious gang

    Lol strange ideas but very good and original 😂🔥

  44. ARETA

    This video makes me want to see the eclipse glasses with the eclipse

  45. [GD] Delrasshial

    This is why I pay my internet bills

  46. Обычный Анимешник


  47. Mr. Shady

    Just a Nigga with to much free time

  48. Emily Rebert

    Casually sits a potato

  49. jujasnames j

    *mom: son what are you watching* *me: umm it's complicated*

  50. jujasnames j

    *I've seen it all now*

  51. jujasnames j

    *I'm done, i think i've seen it all now*

  52. Данил Баранов


  53. The Meas Family

    Here is the definition of “Playing With Your Food”

  54. uchiha sasuke

    Is it just me or does this sound fake?

  55. Alexandra

    This guy plays better on a carrot than I ever will on a real instrument

  56. St. Rek


  57. Emreploit 你

    0:24 WTH LMFAO

  58. DEN PRO


  59. Samurpai

    Playin with yo food is bad

  60. Ulkavyn

    When your mom won’t buy you a flute

  61. Seth Ellis

    A guitar is not a carrot fucking liar

  62. Floated Turca

    Dude dont dance! Its kinda cringe

  63. FangirlInAFrenzy _

    Am I the only one that doesn’t think this is real

  64. raul santana

    1:28 U welcome

  65. x x

    This is fake. I tried it.

  66. Trick Shot Tips

    Is it weird that I like this beat better

  67. Davis RaZe


  68. Michele C

    Where is the song?

  69. BigBad_ Tanner

    Mom: Don’t play with your food! Me: 1:42

  70. S A V A G E

    It's 4.00 am and what the hell I'm doing in here.

  71. jarrod dancy

    Clever 😂😂😂😀

  72. maddie mcaloon

    Does anyone notice the potato in the back at 2:00

  73. Upgray

    Some guy: What’s your favorite instrument? Pupsi: Carrot

  74. Jake Blackburn

    My heart will go on. Celine Dion

  75. Burkzy

    who else is here because George Washington was our 1st president?

  76. Agent Chicken

    I love how 4 vids and 180k subs. You definitely deserve them, these are amazing =D

  77. bella litman

    and I oop-

  78. Marcella Robinson

    Why is this on my recommendations

  79. K4505

    _i love to play with my flute_

  80. Aldo Torres

    This is your brain when you take far too many molly and percocets

  81. Rye Bread

    Curious friend: hey, what’s your favorite song? Me: 𝓒𝓪𝓻𝓻𝓸𝓽

  82. Beverly Marsh

    A free flute?! Brb ! And you can also eat it?! HELL YEAH!

  83. Dani Cardenas

    Weird content, but definitely a lot went into this video. Props.

  84. Kyle Kepouros

    This dude looks like kylo ren

  85. WebbNotic

    What do you do in your free time? I make carrot recorders

  86. 1,000 before I wake up

    Me: what instrument do you play? Pupsi: Carrot

  87. otaku.that.likes.memes


  88. Dan Emet

    Uuuuh ... Subscribed.

  89. Ezekiel Gonzales

    Friend: so what u doing up so late it’s almost 4 Me:

  90. Kennedi. Diy

    AYYYY GET IT!!!!~🤪🤪🤪🤪😝😝😝😝🥳🤩😎😆

  91. #Algebrah

    Me: The perfect video doesn’t exi- This Guy: Hold my carrot

  92. Skylar Quester

    And these are the type of things that come up in my suggestions

  93. SF Timmy

    whats life

  94. Pupsi

    What song do you guys wanna see next time? :D EDIT: Toto - Africa is out :)

    Legend Bullet HD coment

    MBF vlogs

    Play Saudi national song.


    Kendrick Lamar - DNA.

    Doruk Kılınç

    Queen don’t stop ne now

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