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Emmit Fenn - 1995
: 1995
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Emmit Fenn - 1995 )

    Clace in my heart and shadowhunters the best série forever ❤️

  2. Misterious wormax io

    Сумеречные охотники🥰🥰💜💜

  3. loulou williams

    CLACE :'(

  4. XxPommes xX

    11. Mio. Abonnenten: 22.183 Likes???😂

    XxPommes xX


  5. kanye boyer


  6. Giovanna Marques Ferreira

    infinite miss shadowhunters i want more seasons nessecito clace and the most perfect couple i have ever seen in my life

  7. ShadowhunterWarlock

    “Every single cell”

  8. ShadowhunterWarlock

    Clace 😭😭❤️😭

  9. rhafaella Moraes

    I love is music is the finale Shadowhunters❤

  10. ilse oorts

    Am i the only one who isnt here because of a random show? but just because Emmit makes amazing songs?

  11. Anna Robertson

    My heart was breaking when I saw Clary crying in the last episode

  12. Luísa Mezi

    #SHADOWUNTERS Clary - every cell in my body loves you, and when those cells die and others are born these cells love you the most. So Jace no matter what happens I'll always love you

  13. Kirito 2

    100% comments shadowhunters fan lol

  14. Saliha Patel

    Shadow hunters ?

  15. Razia Pyarali

    I thought saw your face last nightHoping that could mean somethingAnd I didn't know what to saySo, I was saying nothingNow, I'm drowning in the bottle and I can't wakeHoping that you'll come and save me againI must be dreamingThat I'm the one to take your heart awayI must be dreamingThat I'm the one to take your heart awayThought I saw your face last nightLaying on a beach of diamondsAnd I didn't know what to sayI didn't know that I would feel thisNow I'm drowning in the bottle and I can't wakeHoping that you'll come and save me againI must be dreamingThat I'm the one to take your heart awayI must be dreamingThat I'm the one to take your heart awayI must be dreaming

  16. Stephen Muniaerts

    Shadowhunters♥️ just chills, chills. Broke my heart when clary walked away..

  17. Pernell G


  18. Monse Martínez

    Like si encontraste esta cancion porque aparecio en el final de shadow hunters. 💛

  19. renx

    listening to this just gonn make me more broken 💔 and this is the climax 3:00 (if u know what I mean) #Shadowhunters

  20. Mune Muses

    Swaying through life and its miserabilities with the help of this amazing song 🖤

  21. no name

    heart it on shadowhunters :) thanks to shazam :)

  22. Zoomantri Space Trip

    Clary and jaceKatherine and Dominic

  23. Zoomantri Space Trip


  24. Zoomantri Space Trip


  25. Zoomantri Space Trip

    I love you music

  26. Zoomantri Space Trip

    In love you Shadowhunters

  27. Nayar

    “No matter what happens, my love for you will never die”

  28. Alyssa Townsend

    Here because of Jace & Clary 😭😭😭😭

  29. Naiomie Bilson

    I search for this song because of the shadowhunters!!!! My heart is still broken

  30. MrDiamondThief Gaming

    I’m still heartbroken about the ending of Shadowhunters. I wish there was something we could’ve done to save the show.. #saveshadowhunters

  31. Clay

    Clary coming out with his heart breaking and crying... Forgetting all about the shadowhunters

  32. s e p t e m b e r 2 8

    Nunca superaré que cancelaran Shadowhunters y nos dieran un buen final que me hizo llorar a mares. Si un final no te hace llorar, no es un buen final. Clary, Hace, Alec, Magnus, Isabelle, Simon, Luke, todo shadowhunters siempre en mi corazón y todos los actores que hicieron un gran trabajó. Gracias Katherine, Dominic, Matthew, Emeraude, Harry, Alberto, Isaiah y todos ♥

  33. Yuri Guimarães

    Clace/Shadowhunters 🥺💔

  34. kiki _satana

    Shadowhunters ??😭😍

  35. Juliana

    🇧🇷😧😭❤shadowhunters clary & jace💔

  36. Leonardo Demon

    "Sabes? Estar en esta boda me hace pensar...Me criaron para creer que tenía que ser perfecto.Un guerrero perfecto.Un soldado perfecto.Un hijo perfecto.Incluso cuando llegue a vivir con los Lightwood, creía que si no era el hijo perfecto me enviarían lejos.No pensé que alguien pudiera amarme incondicionalmente, sin importar los errores que cometí.Y luego apareciste y rompiste en pedazos todo lo que creia"

  37. Santi 791

    Who is here after seeing the final episode of shadowhunters?! 😭 And who else is here with broken heart!!!💔

  38. Ben nitert

    Already loved this song but all the shadowhunter fans are here now :)

  39. Cloves Pereira

    só vim por causa de Shadowhunters

  40. Shana Dhaity

    Shadowhunters brought me here

  41. Adam Salvatore

    #Claceforever ❤


    yess, clace forever indeed. i miss them so much :(

  42. Lucas Seagull

    Clary ❤️

  43. Mel Joseph

    Shadowhunters got me here❤️❤️😭


    same :(

  44. Terry Orina

    Shadow hunters brought me here, the clace scene was so heartbreaking😭


    djfhksdhgj true :(

  45. Davi Andrade

    the season finale of Shadowhunters is perfect, i love this show, CLACE is awesome, best couple ❤

  46. Athina Nakh

    I love this song!And I want more of Shadowhunters 😍😍😥😭😭Why it has to end?😭😭😭

  47. Luisa

    Clace will always be in my heart😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤

  48. Sandra Espinoza

    Clary walking away from Jace was one of the saddest scenes ever. This song is amazing


    true, especially when she broke down and you could hear her just before she walked past the camera. it actually was the last scene kat had to shoot to :(

    Aimee Jones

    Sandra Espinoza I cry every time I hear the song because of that scene :(

    amina radi

    Rapheal turn into mandane was on of most happiest moments

    Misterious wormax io


  49. lovelyrosebw

    Shadowhunters brought me here, it introduced me to a great song, I love when tv shows use great music to add to my playlist

  50. Alternative You.

    "Every single cell of my body loves you"

    Naiomie Bilson

    And when that cell dies every new one will love you even more.

  51. Karolayne Freitas

    CLACEEEEEE 😭🥰😍😭😭

  52. baeyn

    who’s here from the finale shadowhunters 💔💔

    Laura Heinrich


    Naiomie Bilson

    And when that cell dies every single new one will love you even more.

    xViZziOnx_ 02

    I'm here

    bruna rodrigues rodrigues

    Me 💔💔💔💔💔💔

  53. Millie Lightwood

    Clace. Shadowhunters will always be apart of me. Honestly... I just don’t know what i’m supposed to do without the show??? I’m going to continue fighting but like if it doesn’t get saved, what then?? Do I just move on??? I can’t do that.


    same.. it‘s crazy how we all feel the same about this..

    Adam Salvatore

    Me too i'll do the same

    Julie Hutton

    I feel the same. I feel like apart of me is missing! Actually, it’s so much more than that. 😭 this show was everything and more and really ignited something within and now I don’t know how to put that fire out

  54. Agape’ Dades

    Clace forever in my heart ❤️

  55. butterr cup

    Clace. ❤️

  56. Esmeralda J.L

    shadowhunters will always be in my heart clary and jace will always be in my heart

    Shagun Chauhan

    took me a lil while to find it

    Carl Cassang

    Yesss ❤️


    Wow everybody loved this song

    Andres Venegas

    Esmeralda J.L clary and Johnathan will be in mine

  57. Isaac Bobonis

    Who's here for the Shadowhunters Season 3 finale?


    I am! It hurt my heart

    Sam van Bercum

    im from season 4 finale man

    Вася Калапач

    Most people I think 😁

    amina radi

    I am here

  58. Abdul Nadim

    This song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. MARGI 777


  60. Wanker Reviews

    you posted this twice

  61. C.L. Visions

    November 2018 anyone? Haven’t listened to This type of music in a while. Just went on a sheepy channel binge and this song literally gave me goosebumps.

  62. LALISA Rosie

    Who was born in 1995 🖐

  63. Jonathan Vasquez

    Gothica medels

  64. NewGoldStandard

    good. fucking. tune.

  65. Chriss Arah

    15 september '95

  66. Ronny P

    Mr Suicide Sheep Thanks for knowing music and sharing ....

  67. crystal garza

    I love this song ♥️

  68. Angelgurl1455

    This is absolutely beautiful song my God.....captivating

  69. James Brasco

    Chilling and floating

  70. James Brasco

    Beautiful song.

  71. bad bani

    emmit fenn's song have such good drops

  72. faro free

    Yo what the breakdown remind u guys of???

  73. Kevin Mckenzie

    He be killing that autotune tho

  74. MysteryBoXHD

    Lol I was born on 95

  75. Priyank Mavani

    Such an underrated song. Surprised it's not reached even a million views yet!

  76. Zabarocky

    might just be me but i would prefer it with most of these calms song to not have that electro shizz in it it kinda just ruins it for me just might be me tho still a cool song and all C:

  77. Leslie Socks

    When life gives you earbuds listen to sheepy

  78. Leslie Socks

    This song triggered the most amazing, strange and yet terrifying dream I've ever had in my lifeIt all felt so real, as i closed my eyes while this song played over in my head

  79. Atara Elisheva


  80. 양양

    So amazing song....

  81. Leiana Lei

    He didn't wanna take her breath away. But he blew mine away with this song

  82. fedi maskarinac

    the voice quality is very good and high

  83. DaniAh

    who the hell dislikes a song like this? Like please come at me because I want to deck you. Ugh.

  84. Chester From Toontown

    This is so amazing!!!! The drop makes me wanna cry for some reason...

  85. I Like Tacos John Cena

    I used to listen to this song at my old house & whenever I hear i get nostalgia

  86. Nada Komelj

    Amazing song 💝🌹💝🌹 Thanks 💝

  87. Vali

    I nearly came

  88. Mc nemo

    I born in 1995 and this song describe my feeling right now oh god

  89. Lux Meh S.T.M


  90. Rob Sorgdrager

    Its like he saw my life and sang me a song to hug my soul.

  91. Theo Santillan


  92. SailorMorgy28

    Emmit Fenn never fails to impress me.

  93. Peve 753

    A masterpiece. I've never heard of Emmit Fenn before but this song is just incredible. Every time i hear this song i'm a little bit sad but at the same time proud to be who i am.

  94. Porterland

    Love Emmitt Fenn!

  95. Maureen


  96. Daniel Alvarez

    Debo estar soñando! 3 malditos años y fuiste tú quien termino destrozandome, 3 malditos años de engaño. Increíble Debo estar Soñando!

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