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Even My Dad Does
Ed Sheeran - Even My Dad Does
: Even My Dad Does
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06-08-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 43 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ed Sheeran - Even My Dad Does )
  1. Anna Wójcik

    "Even My Dad Does Sometimes" by Ed Sheeran. Buy this on iTunes to support him.➤ *Follow our Coral Reef Sounds PLAYLIST on Spotify:*➤ or our Country Music playlist for more great music: you liked this, please follow us on:FACEBOOK: out our playlists on RU-clip:SONGS RIGHT NOW: MUSIC:'S TOP HITS: RADIO: MUSIC: 2018 PLAYLIST:'s some of our favorites songs right now:Girls Like You - Maroon 5Without Me - HalseyZero - Imagine DragonsWorking on Me - Clay WalkerHead Above Water - Avril LavigneThis Feeling - The Chainsmokers & Kelsea BalleriniIn My Feelings - DrakeMercy - Brett YoungKiss Me - Ed Sheeran

  2. Olivia Tarantola

  3. Mai WiFi



  5. Mariam Hasan

    Beautiful song of the year in 2019 love ed sheeran s voice romantic number he's melodious too

  6. tazz xx

    This song reminds me of my dad who passed away four months ago beautiful but so so sad xx

  7. Jeon Park

    Ed sheeran forever be my idol! hoping one day can see you personally😭😭

  8. Maria Kerr

    Mr. Sheeran you have a beautiful heart 💓💓💓💓💓💓

  9. Anity PG


  10. Anna Wójcik

    this song is amazing I'm from Poland .I love your voice and your music. You're really perfect

  11. Conscious Vinollia

    You never disappoint🤞❤️

  12. Christopher Kabwela

    Nice one

  13. Roswitha Rossi

    Ein wundervoller Song, einfach nur wowThank you, Ed ******

  14. Leti Carole

    J'ai pleuré en écoutant ce son. I feel alive.

  15. Susan Merriman

    Beautiful 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😢😢😢🇬🇧

  16. Wilfred Wambani

    you have not watched, watch it hereвидео.html

  17. Erika Suzuki

    he always make good songs... 😢💕

  18. barbara Swingle

    with in seconds fallen in love with another song by him. another mega hit from him

  19. Mihaela Elena

    Link image ? 😍😃

  20. Tiziana Bussani


  21. gulawski elisabeth

    Ed, wunderschön der Song zum Träumen

  22. Aline Andrade

    Alguém em 2019?

  23. DM Rogers

    Oh my...these feels and tears from lyrics. Music is so pretty.

  24. Betty Owens


  25. Angela Carter

    I like Ed Sheeran!!! Thanks!

  26. Autumn Ebert

    never let go of the one u ❤️

  27. david night

    I jst lost a friend and this song brings all the emotions out😢😢😭

  28. Gio D' Alessio

    L' amore è respirare :)...

  29. Iza Juno

    Eu amo ele, as musicas dele sao lindas , meu melhor cantor😍❤🍃

  30. Anita Kraj


  31. Cyril Khairil Marshall

    So beautiful, so peaceful 🥰

  32. Glenda Allen

    Yes gave up!! You did!!!

  33. Mario Zito

    Like se sei italiano

  34. Celestino celestino Mk

    I am let it all out 😢😭😭can not hold it in anymore

  35. Francesca Dolce

    Hold on together❤️

  36. Shiren longchar

    ❤so beautiful

  37. Tammy Schirrmacher

    👍 why do all your songs all ways make me cry

  38. Ilona Dragovics

  39. Carolyne Munini

    +254 it 💕💕

  40. Shahin Ahmed

    hold on me.

  41. Olivia Tarantola

    Amazing.just so beautiful.My dad use to cry at all sad Show's and now I cry missing him.


    golden and meaningful

  43. kenny jap

    It’s alright to cryEven my dad does sometimesSo don’t wipe your eyesTears remind you you’re aliveIt’s alright to die'Cause death’s the only thing you haven’t triedJust for tonight, hold onSo live life like you’re giving up'Cause you act like you areGo ahead and just live it upGo on and tear me apartIt’s alright to shakeEven my hand does sometimesSo inside the rageAgainst the dying of the lightIt’s alright to say that death’s the only thing you haven’t triedBut just for today, hold onSo live life like you’re giving up'Cause you act like you areGo ahead and just live it upGo on and tear me apart, hold onLive life like you’re giving all'Cause you act like you areGo ahead and just live it upGo on and tear me apartHold on

  44. butterfly girl

    Beautiful song and his voice is Incredible. Love it and all of his songs 💝 Thank you for sharing ✌

  45. Jeusselin Claire

    Amazing song. .... 💞💞💞

  46. d!d! mArS

    La plus profonde de toutes les chansons de Ed sheeran♡

  47. Michael Mnego

    Who else wants Ed Sheeran sing Raggae like Bob Marley 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Chrysalis990


  49. Renet Myburgh

    Tomorrow all will be different love you my summer love! Marchand ek is so lief vir jou!!!!

  50. Whitney hyston

    i luv that song💖

  51. Leonora Simões


  52. dawn dastoli

    Love and strength to all. Hugs! ❤

  53. stephen ogbevire

  54. Jo-ann Louw

    Beautiful ❤❤

  55. FİLİZ F


  56. Ako Natso

    wat a romantic voice.....Ed Sheeran amazing...👍

  57. i Upload anything 11

    ED SHEERAN songs are just pure gold👍👍👍

  58. Eva Uhliariková

  59. Daun King

    Perfect lyrics for feeling like just existing barely🦋

  60. Cornelia Breternitz

    Romantic feelings for all hearts🎼💕🥀

  61. Amanda Batten Pepevnik

    This is a beautiful song !!!Good job ,Ed Sheeran !!!

  62. ss s


  63. James L

    1st dad.

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