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All Of The Stars
Ed Sheeran - All Of The Stars
: All Of The Stars
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06-08-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 563 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ed Sheeran - All Of The Stars )
  1. N Rahman

    This one hits home <3

  2. Taekwondoín Skipy

    Wey, esta canción no se la dedica a cualquiera 😭

  3. 北野


  4. Suênia P.

    As lágrimas estão caindo 😢

  5. Riannaleacoots

    The only decent singer of today

  6. Jonathan Muantea

    He closes his eyes throughout the song, the song really means so much to him

  7. timothy craeye

    Unbelievable how a man with just a guitar can touch so much emotions. Love all his live performances!

  8. Ksenija Jemensek

    I always cry while listening to this beautiful beyond words version of All Of The Stars. Ed’s voice is magic, so beautiful and emotional. I wish I was there to hear him play it live with my eyes closed.

  9. That One Guy

    is that a girls only concert?

  10. Gigi'S Corner

    Such an emotional performance! I love it!

  11. Iyong Maulana

    he voices makes my heart beat

  12. Jacqueline Lake


  13. Ashford Moraes

    What breed of Generation Z are these? No phones? Someone needs to preserve them and keep them in a museum they are a dying breed.

  14. Rizalyn Delacruz


  15. 70applejack

    Beautiful and soothing

  16. Sara Frich

    He sings what we all are feeling and thinking. He sings our souls intentions.

  17. Lennard Romstedt Music

    I love this Song. It's always good to listen to when my long distance relationship gets difficult.

  18. Melania Osorio

    Why the hek I'm seeing this now. All this time, this is from 2014? Omg. Where was I. Like I know every video of this wonderful man, why haven I watch this particular one. Ok. I'm good now. That is all. 😧😂

  19. Simone Telles

    Meu deus, que homem lindoooo, que gostosura 😍

  20. Tobias

    Do anyone know the chords for his guitarplay? :)

  21. David S

    Now that ladies and gentlemen is how to captivate an audience!

  22. Bryson Cook


  23. BellE LuczOn

    cOz im milEs away frOm seeing you, i really Love You....😊

  24. Biplove Tiwari

    This live show is much better than album song

  25. Leonardo Pulidori

    Beautiful story,Beautiful Song...they're perfect together..they are so emotional!!

  26. W Mello

    22/01/18 Tem brasileiro aí? Quem assistiu o filme nesse dia?

  27. Leon Kennedy

    One guy and one guitar = It's enough to pass music with feeling to reach our souls!!!

  28. Giovanni Tillocca

    His voice.. oh my god is perfect!!

  29. Thenia_ Xalkia


  30. Klaus Joensen

    Best version of this song ever. He sings so beautifully. Always with so much emotion. Incredibly talented man.

  31. Jason Voorhees Bull

    I FKN LOVE YOU ED SHEERAN!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  32. Beverly Vejar

    i love how the crowd were so quiet and they just listen to him sing and i think that's beautiful.

    Mike Williams

    Sadly that will not happen anymore! Especially because people recording concerts! Just fucking enjoy concert, dont fucking record it!

  33. Daniel Richwalski

    where are his other two strings?

  34. efh mendes

    The best voice ever.

  35. Kathleen Impuesto

    Waaaaay better than the original. ❤❤

  36. my1lve2music

    Aaand thats how love feels..

  37. DeUce1

    i was gonna dedicate this song to my girl and send her a little text that says "so can u see the stars over New Mexico, your the song my heart is beating too" cuz thats where she stays but she left out of nowhere so all i gotta say now is 😕 ...oh well


    Left out of nowhere o.O ??


    Where did she go ._.


    +my1lve2music to be honest if i knew...😐 id tell u but she just dipped. wouldnt answer my calls or answer my text. couldnt get a hold of her in anyway. she pretty much left me confused on why she left. i got the msg pretty quick without her telling me so i just moved on


    +my1lve2music she left a month before we were gonna be a year. still bothers me to this day but fuck it. im not the type to wait forever 😝

  38. Natascha Borgner

    wunderschön 😍

  39. Megumi

    This sounds better than the official version

  40. Gee Bennet

    His voice is pure magic

    Mr. Monkey

    No it isn'tIt is the result of years of hardworkHe wasn't born with a good voiceHe trained and practiced hard for it

  41. Quack

    It's just another nightAnd I'm staring at the moonI saw a shooting starAnd thought of youI sang a lullabyBy the waterside and knewIf you were here,I'd sing to youYou're on the other sideAs the skyline splits in twoI'm miles away from seeing youBut I can see the starsFrom AmericaI wonder, do you see them, too?So open your eyes and seeThe way our horizons meetAnd all of the lights will leadInto the night with meAnd I know these scars will bleedBut both of our hearts believeAll of these stars will guide us homeI can hear your heartOn the radio beatThey're playing 'Chasing Cars'And I thought of usBack to the time,You were lying next to meI looked across and fell in loveSo I took your handBack through lamp-lit streets and knewEverything led back to youSo can you see the stars?Over AmsterdamYou're the song my heart isBeating toSo open your eyes and seeThe way our horizons meetAnd all of the lights will leadInto the night with meAnd I know these scars will bleedBut both of our hearts believeAll of these stars will guide us homeAnd, oh, I knowAnd oh, I know, ohI can see the starsFrom America

  42. Kashish Kawrani

    How I grew so fond of u...I know not boy...but if my heart consists of a hundred pieces now...u keep 90 of them for sure...

  43. Gonzalo Fernandez

    I cry for the final :(

  44. Emilija Dedelaite

    What a special meaning of these lyrics ..... we all can find ourselves in the story of this song.

  45. Diana

    everything about this song and performance is beautiful :')

  46. Bueno bueno bueno

    His voice warms my heart everytime 💙.

  47. Nadja Schönberger

    i cry everytime when i hear this song....can't find word for this song!

  48. Robsy195

    You could hear a pin drop in there, total awe. So nice to see everyone enjoying the moment and not a load of cameras held up in the air.

  49. Abby_ Caitlin04

    Love this song but it makes me cry like a baby when I hear it😭😭

  50. FloVloggt Yt

    One singer without Playback or AutoTune. But now i will shut up Listen to this heave😍

  51. Betinha Lazin

    I love ed sheeran

  52. Betinha Lazin

    I loveed sheeran

  53. gartholic

    "You're the song my heart is beating to". Beautiful lyrics...

  54. Manya from outer space


    FloVloggt Yt

    Yes 😄

  55. Momen Akod

    If i had his voice, i'd get laid every night

    Michael Derengowski

    Momen Akod me too ha



  56. Cristyannasg Lov

    I love much much

  57. j.nixonn

    i hope everyone here will respond to my call... ok?


    Okay ;)

  58. Jhice Vidal

    I just can't stop falling in love with this song! This is a masterpiece :)

  59. Paola Gonzalez

    Hermosa vos (Y)

  60. Fantazztik

    He ain't got no booty.

  61. 40Rouge

    I tell you what... the girl's reaction at 1:52 is exactly what music is supposed to do for a person. Genuine happiness.

  62. Felix Chan

    What can you say about this.Shut up and listen. Listen and fall in love. What a heaven

  63. trakat77

    There are just no words. This song is heavenly. After the first listen it was replaying in my mind all day. Ed's live performances are unparalleled and his music is timeless. I simply adore this gifted English lad. :-)

  64. La Mona The Soulful™

    ... this will be ... my Lullaby... for you .......... another touching and beautiful song of Ed Sheeran @Ed Sheeran ...... good night ....

    Titi Bob

    Bon dimanche gros bisous mon @Mona the soulful:)

    La Mona The Soulful™

    @Titi Bob bon dimanche ma soeur! Tu me manques! Gros bisous ma Chère

    La Mona The Soulful™

    @Virginie A. Je suis heureuse de te lire. Tu me manques. J'était pas beaucoup presente, pendant les dernièrs jours. Je pense à toi même quand je suis absente. Tu sais pourquoi! Bonne nuit ma Virginie adorée!! Gros bisous du coeur ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Vercin Le Celte

    Excellent night sweet Mona. Many kisses from Paris <3

    La Mona The Soulful™

    @Vercin Le Celte hey dear Vercin! Thank you!! A beautiful end of the evening and an excellent night ahead! Many kisses, of course glossy ;) back to Paris <3

  65. Mikey Wax Music

    Cool! If you love this music, you might enjoy my original songs. Come check out my music by visiting my channel. Thank you!

  66. jd90024

    I love Ed Sheeran.

All Of The Stars Şarkı Sözü

Ed Sheeran All Of The Stars Şarkı Sözleri

It's just another night

And I'm staring at the moon

I saw a shooting star

And thought of you

I sang a lullaby

By the waterside and knew

If you were here,

I'd sing to you

You're on the other side

As the skyline splits in two

I'm miles away from seeing you

I can see the stars

From America

I wonder, do you see them, too?

So open your eyes and see

The way our horizons meet

And all of the lights will lead

Into the night with me

And I know these scars will bleed

As both of our hearts bleed

All of these stars will guide us home

I can hear your heart

On the radio beat They're playing 'Chasing CarsAnd I thought of us

Back to the time,

You were lying next to me

I looked across and fell in love

So I took your hand

Back through Londons streets I knew

Everything led back to you

So can you see the stars?

Over Amsterdam

You're the song my heart is

Beating to

So open your eyes and see

The way our horizons meet

And all of the lights will lead

Into the night with me

And I know these scars will bleed

But both of our hearts bleed

All of these stars will guide us home

And, oh, I know

And oh, I know, oh

I can see the stars

From America

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