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Camila Cabello - Havana
: Havana
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18-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 23872 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Camila Cabello - Havana )
  1. irany amanda

    Other: Camila😍 Me: Liam in the intro😍

  2. Savitha Savitha

    Love u Camila for your Havana

  3. Mario Secalora

    I miss the trumpet guy. He got more grooves than these girls.

  4. Amit Rathore

    Camila is reminds me Alizee...

  5. Babu Mahantesh

    real voice camila ❤ she don't want autotune or lipsing like Justin or something else

  6. Eunkyo Choi

    Love it! :)

  7. T o l o

    She is imitating taylor swift.

  8. ly vũ

    It's like Senorita live stage 1:55

  9. Maiar Eldeeb

    Actually I don't like Camilla Capello at all


    Love you

  11. sorted life

    *"Whaat?!" ❤️❤️*

  12. Susan Hulett

    This is just a great song,beats any reggeton or maluma music, I believe she was born in Cuba , Cuban mother and Mexican dad, but she was raise in Miami,this excellent singer and performer!!!

  13. Jose & Veronica Lopez

    Camilla cabelo is my girlfriend

  14. Jose & Veronica Lopez

    Camilla cabelo i love you

  15. Fber

    %70 popo %30 müsic

  16. Afuk Com


  17. Irsad Tohari

    slap me please 😍

  18. Jaywine Mason

    She’s marvelous

  19. Juliana Raquel Fernandes Gama Campos

    Você canta muito parabéns Love

  20. Sandro Tabidze

    Half of her heart is in havanaAnd the other half is with Shawn mendes

  21. Dream girl

    Always my favorite ❤️

  22. Jessy Lawrence

    Me in 2018:This girl was meant to be go solo.I mean she stepped out of 5h to stardom.Shawn and Camila:hold SHAMILA

  23. Mausum Dutta

    Lost in Havana

  24. 이은영

    No wonder Shawn is in love with her...

  25. Anshul Sahai

    One like for the lady who played trumpet 🎺.

  26. Dwaipayan Datta Roy

    I didn't like your pants , try night clothes

  27. Dwaipayan Datta Roy

    Mathaaa ghoracchye , na na ar naa

  28. Wtfhow

    Man i so wana touch her Havana XD


    I'm excited to see her perform señorita like this

  30. Stuart Murphy

    Anyone know the names of her two backing dancers?

  31. Sergio O Leon

    Te amo Camila estoy enamorada de ti ok? No me importa que no lo veas tú si no otro viciado contigo 🤷🏻‍♀️🤩🥰

  32. Sandra Chepchumba

    She sings better live!!!

  33. Manjunatha K

    Wowww wowwww ,👌💚🌷👈🇮🇳🕊

  34. Pritom Debnath

    Elegance without showing anything....that's why I got like a major crush on her

  35. Satendra Singh

    the song was already played from behind she was just lipsing observe it from 2:42

  36. Azra Nisan

    I am Turkish. Camila pls come Turkey

  37. Audrey drey

    Love Camilla so much ❤️ she’s such a professional singer

  38. Mustafa 123

    Love Camilla big fan from INDIA

  39. The Queen

    2:23, OMG awesome moment.... 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  40. Jharm Lee

    The only female artist that doesn’t need to wear sexy outfit to get attention. I love you camila ❤️

    sorted life

    Um yeah she is one of em but not the only one


    She is but not the only

    Man Official

    She Has Boyfriend -_- still want getting? 🤓😆

  41. nur.sabrina 19

    i love her intro! hahahaah

  42. Power Store

    Who came after Senorita🎵🎶🎶🎵

  43. Shreeya D

    Now that's a performance ♥️

  44. Juan José Ortiz Reyes

    😍😍😍😍 quisiera que fuera mi esposa y hacerla muy felizzz

  45. Anonymous

    She never fails in choreography .

  46. Neto Mendes

    22/06/2019. (Camila cabello-havana😍) from brazil disponível!!!🇧🇷🕪🎶😍🎧👏😙

  47. Gulnara Kupreishvili

    Creo que casi todos los covers suenan mejor que el original

  48. Mckey Punapat

    Best live of her

  49. —yum’s

    *questioning my sexuality*

  50. Maylson Pereira

    camilla e linda ....quero casar com ela....,,,

  51. Mahender Baggi

    I love you my darling

  52. The Queen

    To be honest, best concert of all time........ 😘😘😍😍...My favourite song.......... 😍❤️🎶♥️💖Love you camila...

  53. Holly Montgomery

    Havana reminds me of having.

  54. Myriam Is

    Her hips 😍😍

  55. eugeventur

    Someone spiack spanish

  56. Natalia Depp

    Is this girl even REAL?

  57. Pmah Moh

    How can Camila be cute and sexy and hot the same time😍😍😍😍

  58. David Guile

    Who knew you could be sexy af while playing the trumpet??

  59. Esteban Moeller

    Smooth and sweet Latin American moves :)

  60. Amornkarn tadadlt


  61. Amornkarn tadadlt


  62. Aishath Luhako

    I love you Camilla💋

  63. 陈李悦

    My 5years daughter loves this song so much and tells me just repeat

  64. Eduarda Alves

    Alguém Brasil e 2019

  65. sanjavi selvaraja

    I am your fan

  66. vidushi bansal

    havana ke log mithe hote hai

  67. 不死身の男

    ass love

  68. ji cabeyo

    Havana will never die

  69. ricardo oscar ibañez perez

    Stinky takes..they missed the best of the girl's dance moves ..cameramen were on drugs or what?.

  70. Ngọc Khánh Bùi

    Her hair’s blue in the thumbnail! LOL

  71. Tan Tan

    2:30 tưởng đâu chị gái mặc áo bà ba

  72. Maria Marluce Lemos

    Fantástica e apaixonante menina! Coisa mais linnnnda!... Ameei!... Que Deus a ilumine ainda mais! Parabéns!...

  73. everything random

    i miss her so much.

  74. Miguel Orlando Zamora Guevara

    Preciosa Niña y Especial Talento.Una Versión MEJORADA de la Primorosa Conchita Alonso.



  76. Retsam Ethadoy

    Beautiful! Never get tired of listening to Havana by Camila! 👍❤️😃

  77. Gangadhar Graphics

    Camilla...your voice is so sweet...😎

  78. SarManz30

    Thumb up if you are still obsessed with this song.

  79. Abdelmajid Hilmi


  80. Roni Vagenfied


  81. Ajay Kumar

    Awesome superb style of her singing

  82. Mưa Quá Khứ

    Quyến rũ chết người

  83. Queenslin therasa

    If u come to india all will be ur fan

  84. Craig Brashear

    Hey Viida 3iia...your hot.

  85. Craig Brashear

    Shi t i financed two thirds of it and secured I'd also.

  86. Craig Brashear

    I did grant life to the for children of 13 18 and protected the woman and children of 14

  87. scarlettmusic

    Any other pop artist is shaking

  88. Julie Shih's published in Oct 22, 2017. She made the song at 2018! ???????

  89. A D

    3:10 they are the only ones who are truly enjoying the concert😍😍😍😍😁😂

  90. Theresa Ab

    Not only the singer is amazing but that trumpet sound also 🎺😍💣

  91. k__ faaria__

    (\____/)( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)\╭☞ \╭☞ you are the one.............No one is like you...........You rock the stage.........I wish you'll get another song like this.........ill be waiting for it..See ya...(No offence to other singers.....)

  92. k__ faaria__

    (\____/)( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)\╭☞ \╭☞ you are the one.............No one is like you...........You rock the stage.........I wish you'll get another song like this.........ill be waiting for it..See ya...(No offence to other singers.....)

  93. sooraj kumar

    Ufff, her sexy moves killing me....

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