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Bay Bo - Peki
: Peki
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Bay Bo - Peki )
  1. Shoshana Green

    garret made the coolest rocket ever


    Purple rocket is the coolest 1813 ft high

  3. undercoveraidanclark

    i think that garrett's rocket was the coolest

  4. Mona Rizwan

    Purpule rocket is the best

  5. Matthew Jackson

    Team garret nothin else

  6. joelplayz

    Who els noticed that in model rocket battle 2 that ty said to Cody most of out first rockets meet yours the only rocket that got above 1k is Gars

  7. joelplayz

    Ty:that’s why I left team coby and joined team Cody cuz team Cody doesn’t do that stuff: coby got 89 feet CODY GOT 0 😂

  8. Sebastian Lara

    Ollé está fabulosoMe gustóYo corro Aser eso

  9. Abhi Koyyana

    who had the coolest rocket

  10. Preston Kline


  11. Kristy Sander

    Go Coby

  12. Doug Chimenti

    I love your vids

  13. Geronie Fermin

    Purple hozer

  14. جيش الاساطير

    اكو عراب

  15. Teja Vardhan

    No one cares in which year you're watching this....👇2019

    Grayson Turcotte

    I don’t know what to take away from thisare you like begging or not

  16. gamer 1219 Oyan

    what if a terrorist group see this🤔

  17. Jahcube blbeCZek

    Co za kokota dělá ty český titulky?

  18. Papa Ji

    Do more rocking vdeos like this.

  19. Sam point

    Garrett dude

  20. Ben Shi-wang

    Cody went nowhere and cobys went 89 feet and ty said Cody doesn’t do that kind of stuff

  21. John Wayne de Leon

    Silver bullet and Garrett's rockets

  22. Nagorao Dudhmal

    Hi, you got new Subscriber🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  23. Jatender Juneja

    The bumblebee and the purple one

  24. Jayadevan M K

    Garret's rocket was the coolest

  25. Aarti Tiwari

    Gareth has the coolest one


    Fortnite rocket launch irl

  27. Richa Mishra

    3:13 fussssss

  28. Daksh Bains

    The purple hoser

  29. jaideep surapaneni

    purple hoser is the best rocket

  30. Taichi Playz

    But he didn’t die

  31. Taichi Playz

    R.I.P bumblebee strike to hard to Connor

  32. Anthony Malong

    Garret is the cool

  33. SidDaWiz4Real

    garrett cud build rockets for the army

  34. someone28701

    Does anyone else think what they do after a video

  35. Chandni Vora

    Of course Garrett had the coolest rocket

  36. Liu Tjin Siu

    The bounty Hunter is top heavy 🚀

  37. HW hypnotic Wack

    It’s officially time to launch this sucker sky high😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. manisha manedr

    Garretthas the coolest Rocket🚀

  39. AstraLestHD channel


  40. Jason Liao

    2:03 PANIC THE NUKE! I laughed so hard

  41. Team Fantastic

    4:20 well at least cobies flew

  42. Cayde-6 Hunter Vanguard

    The Purple Hoser w/ the Aerodactyl

  43. Jesse Katz

    There famous line: the rules are simple

  44. Nick OMG

    I subscribed and turned on the notification bell and I liked the video can I get a shout out

    EpicT 133

    No 🤣

    marissa devio

    @EpicT 133 No u

    EpicT 133

    @marissa devio I didnt ask for a shout out 🤣

  45. Nick OMG

    Hi 👋🏽

  46. Jonyt3hKidDood

    These guys are like older versions of the kids the movie October sky is based off of.

  47. Farooq Bhai

    What's your coolest rocket you are reply but you don't read my comment

  48. Abhinash Mohapatra

    Garret and coby

  49. Caitriona O'Hanlon

    My quad only goes 68 mile per hour

  50. abbas asif

    Garret's rocket went higher than india's attempt to put a rocket on a moon.......

  51. jaber jaber

    Dhg-Goo is

  52. Prateek Agrawal

    Bumble bee

  53. Sidramesh Kudarikar

    Garret’s rocket definitely



  55. Brad Vendell

    4:19But wasn’t it Cody’s rocket that didn’t even take off?

  56. Daniel Vinas

    Purple hoser

  57. Zeeshan Shaikh

    Purple Hozier dude

  58. Trent Godin

    Purple hoser has the coolest rocket

  59. МАКСОН

    +кто из России-Украины и тд

  60. sudha eatha

    Garrett and Tyler

  61. Fishygamin 123

    Coby’s rocket was almost true to its name the bounty hunter cause it almost hunted a cow

  62. Fishygamin 123

    Coby’s rocket was almost true to its name the bounty hunter cause it almost hunted a cow

  63. Brennan Hernandez

    I want to try this now

  64. EpicT 133

    Anyone else find it hilarious that Cody's rocket didnt even make it off the launch pad and he still got a better height than Coby???


    LOL 😂

  65. Madhusmita Mishra

    The Aerodactyl

  66. Tarun Mondal

    I watch your video

  67. NexGenGamer

    The purple guy

  68. missmather1

    Tys rocket was the coolest

  69. Zaky Rimoe

    They are the real modern scientist.

  70. Lord Pebus

    Tyler did

  71. Veera Mani

    purple houser

  72. Behr Denz

    3:10 the face of regret

  73. alok pandey

    Lol has the coolest rocket

  74. Flash_ Playz

    2:04 meteorite lol

  75. cloclo 76

    Ya des français ?

  76. Soviet Gopnik Anims

    We Use Katyusha Rockets Challenge us

  77. ankur Finance

    Super entertainment Brother. Love from India.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  78. Amy Konzelman

    Hey could you do another nerf gun video.all your videos are great

  79. Almendra Zamora

    Por fin volo

  80. Laith Amer

    Purple hoser

  81. The gamer chikoo

    garbet has the coolest roocket for now but cody is the best.


    Sponsored by North Korea.😂

  83. Dude Perfect

    ► NEXT VIDEO: Soccer vs Football Trick Shots w/ the F2 ► THUMBS UP if you’re gonna 👀 it

    Tamara Stegari

    Atdfkfsqdutwb Afsahgdwlyx

    Sunil Uppalapati

    Blue team only

    Pareeth PA

    I am the last reply

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