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Arctic Monkeys - 505
: 505
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01-05-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 1186 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Arctic Monkeys - 505 )
  1. Unpopular Opinion

    This one belongs to my "special spotify car playlist" which is reserved for special occasions.

  2. mm nn

    I always come back to this song,like an addiction..I close my eyes and dream of my own 505,of my own paradise

  3. Ernesto Jemio

    (505) URBAN DICTIONARY: The thing with is simultaneously keeping you alive and killing you, often used to describe a person who you're in love with, but, may be bad for you.ALSO: Room 505 is a metaphor for a place where everything was fine in their relationship, and the person in the relationship wants to go back there because now its killing them that everything is falling apart.'I'm going back to 505, if its a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute drive. In my imagination you're waiting lying on your side,

  4. Connor RK505

    shoot, my username

  5. I feel kinda blue

    can we get this comment on 505 likes and keep it on 505 likes?

  6. Krisztina Kaufmann

    my favourite part is "..."

  7. starkie •

    this song causes me difficulty in breathing and heartache, but i listen to it 3 times a day bc i love torturing myself

  8. Eduardo Garcia


  9. zarbi8291

    There will always be that particular person that makes you crumble, no matter how many years have passed since then!

  10. Wormy Box

    Ex. 30067 to why 90s kids grew up with the best music.

  11. Agustin Santander

    i`m going back to 505 ...

  12. Sasuke Uchiha

    The time hit 5:05 am lol. So I had to. Every time I see this number I sing this song I stg

  13. ParodyWisp

    I replay this so much... fucking the BEST...

  14. nobody nobody

    If you’re reading this you have good taste in music

  15. Drogon

    Who are the 6.2k psychopaths who dont like this song???

  16. Subjective

    It's just magical, I feel butterflies in my belly while listening to it.

  17. Subjective

    Fucking *timeless*

  18. farahisnøtøkay


  19. Emily Music

    Felicidades has encontrado un comentario en español :v

  20. nick grohl


  21. ggs only xavior

    thwifo, anyone?

  22. Rosida Andriyana


  23. Jaafer Sameer


  24. Austin Eberhart

    how tf could anyone think that AM was better than this???jk. they don't have good taste lol

  25. She's Monster

    *_505_* (Hace 4 años) :v y yo escuchandola en pleno *_(2019)_* XD PD. No es cierto-llevo desde el *_(2016)_* escuchando esta rola :v

  26. meg

    Every line is filled with emotion

  27. dayji

    thwifo brought me here

  28. Jose Hurtado

    30 agosto 2019 nadie? Jaja

  29. Angelo Izquierdo

    Esta canción siempre me recuerda a ella...

  30. jennyfrom theblock

    this song literally kills me everytime and i'm not even in love


    Your continued presence on this Earth would suggest otherwise!

  31. alex7 fierro

    There is so much regret in this song, you can feel it in the music, hear it in his voice.

  32. doriot543

    The way he says 'forty-five minute drive' is just LOVE

  33. SEI WHAT?

    Frightened by the bite though it’s no harsher than...*the bawk*

  34. clvrkllr

    hey scott- i’m coming soon.

  35. Ronny Rechsteiner

    Just listened to this wonderful piece of art at the Shanghai airport and got lost into the song.

  36. Özkan Ercan

    Amınakodumun hayatı

  37. nineteen evans

    i sang a cover of this song!its up on my channel so please check it out! (its the alex turner gif compilation one haha)it would mean a lot to me :)

  38. lexoz 932

    This reminded me of the doors. The chord progression sounds like the instrumental section of light my fire and the guitar and organ sounds like end of the night, especially the last note. But still sounds like themselves.

  39. nombre

    i write exactly like this

  40. Aimar Äkke

    väga hea lauluke!

    Aimar Äkke

    sinuga võib täitsa läbi saada!"

    Aimar Äkke

    Arktilised ahvid!

    Aimar Äkke

    Nagu neegrid

    Aimar Äkke

    ei ole , mida sa mähid nad pole ahvidahvid lähevad ahjuaga juudid ennem

  41. Name Last Name

    creeper aw man but it's 505: I'M GOING BACK TO 505

  42. Sykes Motta

    Br aqui poha

  43. Jakee

    Love you Alex

  44. gsyyb joker

    What this song about ?

  45. Yalçın Uluğ

    Beauty from God just can be like that

  46. mornality

    505 but you are in a bedroom at a party. mornality.

  47. Diantha Salt

    00:54 Monday August 19, don't mind me

  48. laura torres navajas

    love that

  49. Sir Houdini

    Bruh this song hits a different feeling, it makes me think about a certain chick I really like who is a close friend of mine, and I just know she doesn’t like me back and it sucks because there’s times I feel like she likes me back cause we have our little moments but that’s it, it’ll probably be dumb funny moments to her, but to me, it’s different, to me those are nice memories, and if those little moments are as close as I’ll get it, I’m okay with that, I wouldn’t wanna ruin anything her and I have at the moment.

    Sir Houdini

    Fuck you loser

  50. Ignant Benches

    Hey there! Sorry if this is annoying, but I'm trying to promote my band, Ignant Benches, new album! We live and breathe Arctic Monkeys (some say we're basically clones), so it may interest you! I'd suggest listening to "No, Thanks, Please" on our channel! If it sounds like your kind of thing, give us a listen! If not, just ignore this message! Thanks (:


    just listened to a few of your songs and y'all are really great, honestly!! you've got yourself a new fan here and i've just recommended y'all to some of my friends, i see big things coming for you guys!!

  51. flower power

    This song makes me miss my friend that I'd sing this song with. We'd party all night long and when 5:05 am hit we'd sing this song together

    Santos Nunez

    Im sad for you :3

    flower power

    @Santos Nunez it's ok its a memory i get to keep forever. She got married and just had her first kid. The fun dosent last forever

  52. You're Name

    Laurabug the real OG

  53. Say 10

    I'm going back to 505If it's a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute driveIn my imagination you're waiting, lying on your sideWith your hands between your thighsStop and wait a secOh, when you look at me like that, my darlingWhat did you expect?I probably still adore you with your hands around my neckOr I did last time I checkedNot shy of a sparkA knife twists at the thought that I should fall short of the markFrightened by the bite though it's no harsher than the barkMiddle of adventure, such a perfect place to startI'm going back to 505If it's a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute driveIn my imagination you're waiting, lying on your sideWith your hands between your thighsBut I crumble completely when you cryIt seems like once again you've had to greet me with goodbyeI'm always just about to go and spoil a surpriseTake my hands off of your eyes too soonI'm going back to 505If it's a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute driveIn my imagination you're waiting, lying on your sideWith your hands between your thighs and a smile!

  54. Gian Lucca

    "It seems like once again you've had to greet me with goodbye"That punch came out of nowhere...

  55. br0kens0ul

    i still miss you L²

  56. Kyli P

    61 million views later

  57. julio Ramirez

    Let it die

  58. rexirut 920

    (...)i'm going back to 505...(complete whit me)

  59. Jairo Antonio Ortiz

    Las de la prepa.

  60. Hamzah Mohamadon

    At 1.5x speed is such an emo song

  61. Shane O Loughlin

    I'd say there's only 61people who know about this song and they've listened to it a million times

  62. Levi Hodowla

    ależ ten kawałek jest zejebisty!

  63. 8 8

    But I crumble completely when you cry

  64. emptyjar

    wow..... i miss those times

  65. Onurcan Çolak

    5.05 from turkey

  66. אורי גאורי


  67. Biboxism

    Man this song makes me already miss my next ex girlfriend.

  68. Nialsh

    ah guys.. mmmi don't like self advertising..but i do cover of this song..well, its one of my fav and my first full cover..mind if check out and tell me abt it?mhm thanks?

  69. chanz

    i can smell this video

  70. Gabby Cavaliere

    alex turner drives me crazy

  71. Moisés Araujo

    I clearly remember when I first heard this song. It was 2 years ago, around 3 AM I was talking to the girl I fell, which told me that she liked me but didn't feel the same. It was a rought time, but now we are a couple a have been together for 2 years already.

  72. The Last Virgin Stifler

    eu vou morrer por gostar de uma menina eu não acredito nisso, eu me odeio muito.

    Chris The Pudim

    The Last Virgin Stifler não faça isso cara, tudo tem seu tempo :)

  73. taha t

    N O S T A L G I A

  74. blue green

    "i probably still adore you with your hands around my neck" ♥

  75. Salem Black

    Se la dedico a la primera chica de la que me enamoréPsdt. Mujer de nacimiento

  76. Trinitrotoluenador

    Puta la wea

  77. Felipe Trujillo

    Press #6 for full satisfaction.

  78. Dimitris Troboukis


    Corpse Bride

    Και νόμιζα ότι είναι η μόνη Ελληνίδα που το ακούει ακόμα!

  79. KiD Lumin

    I'm here from thwifos video This song is fire af

  80. im sorry what?

    when he sings the “i crumble completely when u cry” i fucking cripple

  81. Ariii Baeee

    Wow 😍

  82. gökhan

    bu şarkıyı açıp sadece bunu dinleyerek kilometrelerce yürümek istiyorum

  83. Lewis Yt

    This is so bad

  84. A.J. Swick

    Man i miss my girlfriend not that we broke up but i just miss my babe you know?This song reminds me of her....

    bllack pinkı

    Do you feel that she kills you but at the same time she is the thing that keeps you alive?

  85. Edibeth Capeles

    Did this person write that on a white board?

  86. Rudson Felipe

    Caralho que msc foda

  87. milson narylin


  88. chef

    Why the fuck am I in my feelings over this song? Ive never even been in a relationship, what is this

  89. Kono Dutch

    I didn't meet Michael because he could have been a Michael I knew once upon a time. I got anxiety and decided I would hide.

    Kono Dutch

    Im not sure if they were trying to tell me that he died..... But in my imagination Michael is still alive.

    Kono Dutch

    I just need some more time

  90. Ella DelRey

    His accent is just, oh God


    I would marry his accent.

  91. kaela oestreich

    "lying on your side with your hands between your thighs" ok but I lay like that all the time wut

  92. sofiaa castro

    i’ll never stop listening to this song,.. and every time will look like it was the first

  93. Valentina Villalobos

    Aguante arctic

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I'm going back to 505,

If it's a 7 hour flight or a 45 minute drive,

In my imagination you're waiting lying on your side,

With your hands between your thighs,

Stop and wait a sec,

Oh when you look at me like that my darling,

What did you expect,

I probably still adore you with your hands around my neck,

Or I did last time I checked,

Not shy of a spark, A knife twists at the thought that I should fall short of the mark,

Frightened by the bite though its no harsher than the bark,

Middle of adventure, such a perfect place to start,


But I crumble completely when you cry,

It seems like once again you've had to greet me with goodbye,

I'm always just about to go and spoil a surprise,

Take my hands off of your eyes too soon,


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