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Ann Lee - 2 Times
: 2 Times
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03-03-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 216 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Ann Lee - 2 Times )
  1. Callosal _Gaming_

    September 2019

  2. Ola Mafi

    its september 2019 now. whos listening ? 🙋‍♀️

  3. The AFOH

    Look for my Spotify playlist: 90s Dance GreatsReally the best of the best

  4. PolyPineApple

    I..i actually was looking for the jack stauber one but thanks too

  5. Itzel :v

    2020 :v?

  6. Geovane Guimaraes

    kind hard to find but we did

  7. ki ki

    Einfach nur fantastisch endlich mal ein wunderschönes Video

  8. Keith 205

    love this song, only found it a week ago

  9. Tommyfin !

    El Derry Surprise fanpony grassias to Two times* 1999!

  10. Jonathan Bobis

    her voice is sounds different here compare to the whigfields album. is she trying to change her voice?

  11. Tacitus

    Dansmarathon Samson en Gert, iemand?


    i honestly havn't seen this in 20 years

  13. Dissette Miry

    Che ricordi...mio padre la metteva sempre quando andavo in giro per casa con il girello...ora ho 24 anni e l'ho ritrovata ❤️

  14. Diana McCarty

    Heard this when I was in the supermarket today....forgot how great this song it!

  15. Antonio Sanher

    Las feminazis le copiaron el corte de pelo.

  16. Cristhian Ramos

    alguien conoce una cacnion tipo silbido pero en ritmo de tururururururu suave y canta una mujer creo q es techno o electtronica algo asi por fa ayuden no la encuentro.

    Liseth Ruiz

    @Cristhian Ramos yo estoy buscando, si te acuerdas de que mas dice la canción me lo escribes, puedes buscar en la aplicación shazam para ver si puedes tener exito

    Cristhian Ramos

    Liseth Ruiz hola q tal esta bien muchas gracias pero de lo q mas recuerdo es que dice tururururururu en silbido y piano y el coro dice “oh y algo más” no me acuerdo más pero q me acuerdo q lo tenía en un cd de música electrónica en el 2006 más o menos pero ya ese cd se me perdió

    Cristhian Ramos

    Pero es cd ya tiene muchos años y ya se extravió sino le hiciera Shazam si lo tuviera y otra q soy malo para el inglés como 12 años q no la escucho la canción solo la tengo en mi cabeza

    Liseth Ruiz

    @Cristhian Ramos atb 9 pm

    Cristhian Ramos

    Liseth Ruiz el tururururururu es más suave y más lindo como un silbido casi de ese género pero más suave ah no se como explicar pero empieza con turururururururuururu y de ahí un piano y nuevo tururururururururururururuur pero en silbido dice algo de ore more time pero algo con time en el coro y oh dice 😭

  17. kurt krauer

    Como termine aqui?

  18. Agustin El mio

    Yo la escucho y me encanta

  19. R4qu3l L1m4

    Ôh saudade da minha infância 🤗💖

  20. Franco Beralle

    Why do people here always act like its something specially amazing when you listen to it in 2019 or whenever? For me its normal that a good song never gets old. But the new generation is used to hits that only last 2 months and then they think its something extraordinary if they listen to it 10 years later.. "who's listening in 2019?".. screw you

  21. steamyboy69

    Boom Boom Boom byVengaboys

  22. Mary Jane vazquez carmona

    incleible cancion

  23. Heber Barrios

    Que nostálgia cuando esucho este tipo musica los jovencitos de estos tiempos no saben lo que es la buena musica...a mis 38 años aun siguo escuchando estos ritmos musicales los 90 fue lo mejor

  24. KPUCHIDO 50

    Like Si Notas Que La Canción Da Miedo Sin Música


    Alch nel

  25. Pete Hyland

    What a fucking throw back🤣😂 bak to da old skool like it were 1999 again 😎😎😙

  26. Andrew Banner

    Tredegar born girl

  27. Reneto Espano

    Watching 2019

  28. Sungho Baek

    I know nothing

  29. marli mazariegos

    Que recuerdos de secundaria, sacamos una coreografia con esta cancion :)

  30. d_last_dinosaur

    She looks like Mrs. osborne

  31. Jaydhel montano

    2019 still loves to listen to these ❤️❤️❤️🎶

  32. U-Her Show

    2019 la encontre tremenda rola saludos argentina

  33. Abel Alvarado


  34. Rahul M

    OCTOBER 2019. Who is listening?

  35. R K

    The real voice of the Whigfield project.

  36. David Brownlee

    Sooooooo 90's

  37. YouTube Worlds Records

    This is made in the uk right?2019 anyone

  38. adaam faqwe

    20 раз

  39. Karin Bertato

    Abolite donne che sono magre donne bionde,pendolari maschi con barbetta Universitari ecc dappertutto Entro oggi eliminate chi sorride,chi fa AVANCES,chi fischia,chi vuole Dimagrire,chi fa aria con la bocca,gli influenzati dai luoghi di LAVORO e da luoghi pubblici e dal pubblico togliete il Tram da guizza DEFINITIVAMENTE e ridateci di nuovo i bus x guizza e stop alle nuove linee Tram.Togliete il servizio Mom da terraglione padova e Chiedere immediatamente Subito i treni x terraglione padova adesso Subito

  40. Imbaseal

    One of the first mp3s I downloaded with the crappy 15 KB/s dial-up internet :D the others were:Eiffel 65 - Bluericky martin - livin la vida locaLas Ketchup - The Ketchup Song... good times mann good times

    Julian Hitchen

    more like 0.5/kbps...waiting 2 hours for a track and then previewing it after 15 minutes and another 7 seconds of playtime. you'd be sick of the track by the time it was downloaded haha

  41. SrmthfgRockLee

    whats that building? new york place? Ann Lee Two times three times music has that in the video too.. and this BBE 7 days and one week 0:28

  42. Rob Berkel

    Still love it 2019!!!

  43. Plytosha

    Двадцать раз!

  44. Shane McDowall

    Very quirky, very colourful.

  45. Duckmc34

    Did someone say 2 time? okay but Lets talk about me, lets talk about the 6 foot 8 frame the 37inch vertical leap the black steel that drips down my back a.k.a the bulletproof mullet the google prototype scopes from built-in lcd led 1080p 3D sony technology the ethiopian poisonous caterpillar a.k.a the slick daddy lets talk about the cabinets right behind me that go 40 deep into the wall that houses the other 95% of my trophies. the awards, certificates all claiming first place right? let me give you a little inside glimpse of the hotshot video gaming lifestyle of the two time international video gaming superstar because thats what this channel is about, thats what this domain is about, thats what the society is about, youre looking at the face of twitch and god damn, is twitch lucky


    ForsenCD BTW yayayayaya

  46. Alexander Bustos

    Mi infancia se deduce en esta canción 🎶 recuerdos únicos.... 😬 🇻🇪 ❤️

  47. Cherry Movies Blu rays Dvds e tudo sobre Cinema

    Amoooo Amoooo

  48. Sungho Baek

    🇮🇹 2,500 = $20.00🚀🚀🇮🇹🚀🚀 Lamborghini 🇬🇧 8,395

  49. Sungho Baek

    🇮🇹 2,500 = $20.00 🚀 🇮🇹 Lamborghini 🇬🇧 8,395

  50. Sungho Baek

    2,500 mandatory Together 2,500 ~ 8,395 budget deduction

  51. Sungho Baek

    🇮🇹 Genovese 2-3 times2×50=$100

  52. Sungho Baek

    2,500 Same2,500 ~ 8,395 Convenient Time 🥶


    2019 anyone


    Atlast. Nalaman ko rin ang title ng kantang to. Hahaha

  55. Komotau4691

    1999:Videoclips where people dancing and smiling2019:Videoclips where people lying in the bed and have depression :D

  56. Neto Mendes

    Nostalgia fantástica. 2001-2019. Passando por aqui em 31/07/19.🤔🇧🇷👊😍😚👏🕪🎵😊☝

  57. Ashu singh

    When I was in school.. this was fevorite tone comes through my mouth..😄

  58. Imran Gul

    I miss old era.

  59. Dale Bentham

    Finally found the fucker!!

  60. Bhabe Miranda

    Bringback my childhood days.

  61. Gio Spriet

    Better then the venga bus. Thats the biggest compliment i could think of. Be gratefull 🚑

  62. maría rangel

    C O L O M B I A 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  63. alaina felmlee162

    M no me gusta tanto que digas es muy "RARA" :}

  64. Alma Rosa Díaz Zuñiga

    Me recuerda las tardeadas de la secundaria, hace 21 años, mi época hermosa.

  65. Nina Skalova


  66. Ricardo Lellis

    1999 - 2019. 20 anos deste grande sucesso!

  67. KirbyTheunderdog

    I remember me and my mom cruising travelling away from my abusive step dad cuz we ran away.. it was one of the best moments I will always cherish !! I love you mom!!!

  68. batmans_belt

    man this brings back some memories from our younger days 🙃👍

  69. Sleyker Hüepa

    Viaje al futuro pero la mayoría de su música es basura mejor me devuelvo al pasado jejej por que el presente se esta llenando de música escremento jejej

  70. Sal G

    They played this in Tomorrowland easy camp at 8am Lol, woke me up, had to shazam it

  71. Maxi Steffel

    Maxi setffel

  72. Danna Araguz

    YO en el principio que no dice md le entiendoPo po pollo pollo po po pollo pollo po po pollo po po pollo pollo

  73. Sergio Cruz

    Nel ala verga gracias

  74. Nathan Dawthorne

    Always loved the song - the video is just dumb.

  75. Cédrik Armen


  76. тим ко

    дві хвилини?

  77. Just Me

    Takes me back to being 14 not a care in the world!!

  78. Daly castillo


  79. karla munto

    Amo esta canción💓

  80. Ash Stephens

    2019 BITCH

  81. Demente isaac Urias raps

    Esta cancion me trae buenos recuerdos de mi infancia y mi adolescencia tiempos que jamas regresaran

  82. Rodriguez Ck

    Primera vez que veo el video 😊

  83. Paul Matunog

    One of the best music from the 90s...

  84. Ludovic Chauvel

    2 Times , still here...3 times...still here...Omagad i love this song lol, tu.. tu lu lu, tu.. tu lu lu...

  85. Neeta Bochal

    Always listening and my childhood song ever miss 2 and 3 times

  86. Hipchick Meiring

    90s classic in 2019

  87. Maria Aparecida Oliveira

    Dá pra parar de pausar? Quando eu não quiser mais eu mesma desligo. Obrigada


    Maria Aparecida Oliveira ???????????????

  88. NAMELESS AOI あおい

    Can we bring these music video's and songs back please

  89. Aimless Joe

    Ive been searching this song for years. Reminds me of my childhood days. Ive been searching the wrong lyrics all the time. I thought "good times tu turu turu tu turu turu, great times." 😂😂😂

  90. NEGO S

    Desagradable ;v

  91. Daniel Gaitan

    Clásico vigente en el 2019

  92. Rob In Mojacar

    july 2019 summer time tune thumbs up

  93. Mucha Información

    jajaja la canción de mi infancia :3 ni sabia el nombre pero solo con escuchar la primera parte me acorde de mi infancia :3

  94. Isaac navarrete

    Buenicima rola te pone loco sin nesecidad de marihuana

  95. bruno servain


  96. Abraham Lozano


  97. 24ecko

    I watched this 2 times then 3 times more.

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