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Sing Me To Sleep
Alan Walker - Sing Me To Sleep
: Sing Me To Sleep
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04-12-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 884 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Alan Walker - Sing Me To Sleep )
  1. Tanya Paxton

    My fav song ever

  2. Milagros Carrera

    Help me jajajaj🤣

  3. Anderson Antunes de Leu

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

  4. Jay Kadao

    🎤🎵🎶🎼🎻🎹🎸🎧🎹🎻🎼🎼🎶🎶🎶🎤🎤 amazing and ubbeliveable

  5. maria guadalupe escobedo salazar

    Eya es mi novia y tiene mi edad

  6. Krisslett

    Hello from 2020 year :)

  7. Eliziete Silva

    Best music 😎😚

  8. Mahyuddin Ahmad

    I love this song and she is beautiful💞

  9. star59_mcun4

    This is really the music of the future

  10. vekony lala

    My Favorit.Walker the Best..

  11. D C

    Los que hablan español reportense :v

  12. Ryan Sean

    Awesome. 👏

  13. [1]Rose Team Leader

    I was 8 back then now im 10 i cant sing like that!

  14. Yehya Alsaleh

    Alan walker you are the best singer in the world

    Rajesh Kumar Sahoo

    Alan Walker isn't a singer

  15. Thinking Guy

    Absolutely beautifull marvellous tune and perfect voice.

  16. jens michiels

    September 2019 Give a like Walkers ❤️

  17. سميرا //N//

    Who hear this song in 2019😅

  18. Lian Thawng

    Guys who more better. marshmallow or alan walker? ldk if l spell it right?

    iam ultron plays

    U have only seven sub

  19. バイブ [vibes] バイブ

    wtf she’s 10

  20. Santri Anti

    Is beutifuul

  21. Elizabeth McKechnie

    I have a theory for why the interlude is called "Sunday." There are 6 songs in the album before the interlude (Sunday), which is before "Sing Me To Sleep." It took God 6 days to create the universe and he rested on the seventh, hence Sunday the Sabbath. Six songs before "Sunday" = 6 days before rest. The seventh song in the album, "Different World", is "Sunday." I know that this might not be correct, or hard to understand, but as a believer, this made sense to me.

  22. Shock jockey

    Excellent job kid

  23. Asha Bhagariya


  24. -VH-

    Мир во всем мире!

  25. Shah Haleem

    Who is watching this in *2019?*By the way I'm 10 and turning 11 this year!


    That girl would be turning 13 this year

  26. Kalcho Akmol

    26 Август 2019 ажжж за душу берёт.классните 19

  27. Linh Hạ

    26/8/2019 anyone ?

  28. angelcristal45 angelcristel35

    I love you alien walker very much you mack the best music!😉😉😉

    Oofie _NOOBIE :3

    angelcristal45 angelcristel35 it is Alan not alien

    Lara Alobaidi

    angelcristal45 angelcristel35 alien?!?

  29. Débora Matos Da Silva

    BR 💚💛amoooo😍

  30. K.N.E.E E.L.L I

    I love this song

  31. Jozsef Andrassy

    in fact, so true they relate to life

  32. Jozsef Andrassy

    very nice music and he tells me everything

  33. Federico Silva

    Tu yano voy a vuscarte ya se quesoy tuermana pero nomdare por vensida por vuscar te ati ermano menor

  34. Broke The Music

    Biar sumbang janji menyumbang😁

  35. mohamed alazawie

    I also wel sing I am 10 years old i am a girl😉💖😍

    Emilyee KKK

    mohamed alazawie 關我啥事。your spelling is also not very good dude

  36. Nur Rohman

    Lagu Alan Walker Fadad

  37. TURIREJO demak

    Pake baju ber hijab tutup auratm kmu akan jadi lagu gempar dunia, Allah menyukainya manusia bertutup auratnya amin jaya akan Walker

  38. Truyện Nấm


  39. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Fantástica, genial y preciosa mi dulce Angelina <3 <3 <3 ;))

  40. ウナギイヌ

    Her voice is amazing.

  41. Alamin Hossain

    So nice

  42. sunil singh

    walkerz time

  43. عمار الكعبي

    am not speak english vary will to geve my feeling butiget relaix wean i letsing to her voise

  44. Mioara Gabriela

    Wonderful voice , wonderful music! Thank you!!!!!!

  45. Fibrousjohnme

    Stay - FibrousjohnmeCan you help me pass 100 subcriber??

    Emilyee KKK

    Fibrousjohnme no?


    @Emilyee KKK :(

  46. Roldan Dela Cruz

    I become what you cannot embrace...leave me ALONE

  47. Rosa Elia Ruiz

    Alguien habla en español🙁😛🤓

  48. Md Rudro


  49. Pedro Gutierrez Gutiérrez

    I LOVE you alan walker ❤❤❤❤

  50. walkers join

    Bagus dan ini live performance on dis like comment

  51. Alice Bukoswi

    The top on músic I Love All your melodies Alan Walker

  52. Humanity lover

    Love you Alan walker and singer

  53. Angelex Ascecion

    Is the best ft

  54. parvez akhtar

    Alan walker sai kon milna chahai ga please like and comment

  55. ألنہجہفہيہ ألكہريہطہيہ


  56. Janeth Rodriguez

    I love every single beat 🥰

  57. cheema play

    Alan walker is best singer forever 😍😘❤💓

  58. Fatih Yıldız

    Living life as if we had a choice 👌

  59. derrickdrew17

    the intro love it

  60. WJCS Studios

    I don’t think anybody will believe this but one of the main things I listen to and be inspired by (besides Alan Walker) are movie soundtracks especially the ones with the violins and cool beats like Doctor Who and marvel along with DC and yeahAlan Walker you just inspired me to be a musician, a drummer, A songwriter, a singer, and a melody maker on keyboardsAlmost anything I do involves music and me making it and listening to Alan walker and watching his unmasked vlogsI hope one day I meet you

  61. Redx Ruman

    Just amazing 💘💔💞❤️

  62. Djoune blay clips officielle. Patron blanc

    Yes I lik.

  63. Rachmat Saputra

    Thumb up.....

  64. Nguyên Khôi Trần

    Youtube recommended me on August 30th, 2019 :)) Nice voice, nice music, nice song :)))

  65. Anum Mohsin

    Wow just wow

  66. Fhx Max

    أتمنه أن أبقه بقربك

  67. Itzayagirlcatherinecookiegacha Gachatuber

    Witch one was Alan omg they all looked like him oh no * looks at the guy in the white hoodie* Oh there’s Alan 😂😂😂

  68. annette Longoria

    Idk but I am a big fan 10000999999999999

  69. Krisslett

    This song makes me cry😢

  70. Grafica Putriningrum

    That was amazing 🤩

  71. Norhidayah Adam

    The lyrics are so related to me and him... When people change.. I am so confused... Why he changed? 😔

  72. Kookie Lover

    If was this girl!!😭😭😭

  73. SubjectTea9 2

    So beautiful. God bless. Jesus loves you, no matter who you are or what you’ve done.

  74. Eaqually Chan su

    Ughhh my ear phones dont fit in my ear ughhh this was my fav songg

  75. Nazarick Ainz

    did you know she is talented kid for jazz if you see her audition voice kids

  76. Diogo Didi

    que orror essa menina mas ela se acha bonita mas e muito feia senhor da gloria

  77. Echo Tix

    I’m so proud of this girl every time she sings she gives me goosebumps and tears to my eyes.

  78. Sandra Vanessa Zuasnabar

    I find my way!!!😍💓💕💞.... Thank you...😍.

  79. Sandra Vanessa Zuasnabar

    Too sweet and beautiful 😍💓💕💞.

  80. Sandra Vanessa Zuasnabar

    I love this music!!💞💕💓😍... It's perfect for me😊.

  81. csabisd18el

    4,4 k people do not have a soundcard

  82. Ghost Rider

    Sweet "

  83. Aljone Jackson

    I love the restrung version cause it's more pungent and emotional.

  84. نسمة حزن


  85. afrin sultana


  86. Htrol remx


  87. Male Biker

    I fans Vietnamese

  88. je any

    Alanwalker 🦄🤗🤩😘😍😎😃😄🇧🇷🖌️🎵🎹🎶🎧🎤💞💕😍😍1

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