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Alan Walker - Sheep
: Sheep
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: 343 Toplam İndirme
04-12-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 343 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Alan Walker - Sheep )
  1. kim kyung_mi

    Omg 😮 lay u are amazing 😉

  2. xxdnsy_ 12

    So amazing !!!!!

  3. Cristina Zhu


  4. Chiara _Tripoli

    This is Lay from Exo!

  5. Dimitrijan

    A collab between my two favourite artists, nice

  6. exo kings

    lay ilove you 💗

  7. Bebi Romansa

    Siapa indonesia

  8. Bebi Romansa

    Lay sheep

  9. shima Itani

    where's our Sheep gone?? and who made him bee? i love Lay-Bee but still missing Lay-Sheep

  10. Dakshina Nair

    aug.31st,2018 was such a good day for exols.baekhyun's young and yixing's sheep relift

  11. alya achim

    Lay Exo ?

    shima Itani

    No Lay Egso 😂😂😭💔💛

  12. Bebi Romansa


  13. Sensai Yeet

    Fire 🔥:)

  14. Sneha Hembram

    China sheep

  15. -Aslan_Sabseductions C-OPS

    *Хахахахаха поч русский*И да ктса кто русский 👇*

  16. Sacred of Stars

    I LOVE IT!!!

  17. General Tan74


  18. Armish Fatima

    I didn't get why there were bad comments,I mean it's not bad at all and i enjoyed this song

  19. Злата Хо Жу

    Песня очень супер

  20. MONHEART `

    two unique artists together 💔

  21. exopink 1


  22. Shuayb Hirsi Muhummed

    Big ashaq skkkkrrrrrrrrr poppppop

  23. Shuayb Hirsi Muhummed

    man`s not hot

  24. Amanda Julianti

    OMG my husband 😍😍😍😍

  25. exo lay

    22M go go

  26. exo lay

    21M go go

  27. exo lay

    Let's go 20M

  28. exo lay

    Lay Zhang is handsome

  29. exo lay

    Lay Zhang is good dancer

  30. exo lay

    Lay Zhang is good music producer

  31. exo lay

    Let's go 19M

  32. Nadira Hamdan

    Omg😱alan walker ft lay exo amazing✨👍

  33. Zein Montefalco

    I don't why but every time I play this song I have my own world y'all feel me?

  34. Geikle Kia! Krull

    EXO And Alan WalkerEXOAW

  35. Ráñiá ÂL·i

    *قادمون يا 20m.v*

  36. Ráñiá ÂL·i

    *هلووو ذس اس مييي*

  37. Yu Heo

    I CANT get over this Song!!!!! Im stuck on it!! Its absolutely Amazing and the vibe is so cool!!

  38. jackson is my love

    Oh my God yixing 🥺😭

  39. •IC World•

    I love it again

  40. Kai EXO.L


  41. Kai EXO.L


  42. Kai EXO.L


  43. Kai EXO.L

    مهجوره شيب ليه؟؟؟

  44. Cocoa Swirl

    At 1:10, what does that black sign say? I cannot read Mandarin. 😅

  45. 욤욤


  46. hotsun1yumwook

    OMG!I forgot that it's the 1st year anniversary of SHEEP Relift last August 31 2019!!!SORRY LATE GREETINGS! BELATED HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY SHEEP RELIFT!then on September 25th 2nd bday of I Need U

  47. mahi 23

    0 % understand but 100% enjoying ...👌🏻👏🏻❤️❤️😍😍👌👌👌

  48. Ling Suly_凌

    Alan Walker is very good 😊

  49. Ling Suly_凌

    Love love love Alan Walker so muchhhhhhh ❤️

  50. Kai EXO.L

    *يربي الاغنيه وصاحبهه عشق*

  51. Kai EXO.L


  52. The Rebiča

    What language is it in?

    Mary Lim


    The Rebiča

    @Mary Lim from which country;-;

    Mary Lim

    He is EXO LAY,the only cheese member, heis from China ,most people call him MPOP KING, his New EP HONEY just out.he is also a music producersingle dancerActorHe produce his own album as below1. lose control2. sheep3. winter special gift4.namanana5. HONEY

    Dakshina Nair

    @The Rebiča the language is chinese

  53. Mrs. Leilah

    More Alan Walker + KPop pls 😍

    Dakshina Nair

    this is actually cpop,its chinese.lay is the member of a kpop grp exo

  54. Martina Eliza


  55. Firque 08

    oouhh the two versions have different vibe tho , i love both because its lay hahah

  56. ورده الجوري


  57. Vui Nguyen


  58. Amy Miranda

    Lay te adoro!!! Eres arte bb!Es una pena que muchos no te den el reconocimiento que te mereces!

  59. mahi 23

    Alan walker Songs: In this era of half nudity his songs are perfect to the core with 0% sexual content competing other songs ...those got views mainly because of half nude girls...He is the real talent are great Alan walker...!!!👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  60. Frost- Oblivion

    🤘😎speechless, so awesomely super sensationalistic!

  61. 도하

    I am here agine ..haha💕🤣Go lay Go 💪

  62. Jhayde Almonte

    All of my classmates knows alan walker

  63. OliOOPS - Gaming

    Yay Chinese

  64. Kai EXO.L

    *امنيتي اشوف اكسوال ot8 حتى انتفهه ب اسناني**EXO.L ot8* ✖*EXO.L ot9* ✔ forever

  65. Kai EXO.L

    *احذر يااخي**ولدنه يحذركم يالكارهين*

  66. The Prescence


  67. mo od

    والرب فخامه

  68. Nesrin Husin

    مو مصدقة كيف مرت هيك سنة 😍😍

  69. Sakamoto Sakamoto


  70. chanyeol oppa

    المجد لعصابة الخراف

  71. chanyeol oppa

    خروف الصين

  72. chanyeol oppa

    ملك الجمال

  73. chanyeol oppa

    ملك الصين 😎👑Arab exol

  74. jesus is me father


  75. Jois Agape

    yixinggg 💜

  76. ME Efa Mahin

    I is my fovarate song

  77. Extreme Dab

    I like this so much that I don't even know how many times I heard it 😆

  78. FZX

    As be honest I didnt heard any of lay song (even I know who he is) but alan walker relift it, give this song new life

  79. The100ark

    Yixing is soooooo handsome ughhhhh

  80. زهرة الياسمين

    المجد لعصابة الخراف هاا هو بالاصل لاي خروف اكسو

  81. Mfahri Albar

    This is good danced

  82. غيداء EXO-L

    1 year with SHEEP ❤️💓💕 Lay & Alan walker

  83. asma asma

    EXOL YT UNIONArab exolAlgerian exol

  84. Truong Kieu

    pink sheep xD


    Which is best Like: alan Walker reliftComment:original

  86. اكسو an il

    مرت سنه 😥

  87. Ráñiá ÂL·i


  88. MathildeDu 25

    *M**Ma**Mag**Magn**Magni**Magnif**Magnifi**Magnifiq**Magnifiqu**Magnifique* ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  89. Yousef Bogy


  90. Erick Garcia

    the contaminations is the distruccion to a peoples for totaliti world

  91. Park Chanyeol


  92. 57 ForLife

    My baekxing feeling💔💔💕💗💘💕💞!!31 Aug 2018 Was an Iconic 'cause of you both Ahh💙💙💙💙My blue couple BaekXing !!💙💙💙31 Aug. ♡ -04's YOUNG & 10's RE:SHEEP

  93. 57 ForLife

    I Can't Believe this Art Completed One year goodd💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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