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feat Nancy-iBang
Acid Pauli - feat Nancy-iBang
: feat Nancy-iBang
: 7.69 MB
: 27 Toplam İndirme
23-01-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 27 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Acid Pauli - feat Nancy-iBang )
  1. Erich Grandits

    no comment from quentin???

  2. Nepomuk

    what a great feeling coming back after many years to see that this track got some attention (:

  3. Hafsa Sulaiman

    Nice one

  4. Марина Кисилева

    И что?😑😑😑😑

  5. Mahesh Raut

    Best mix of this track

  6. Ernesto Uribe

    He didn't even take the time to lie.....

  7. Charles Frith

    my baby shot me down

  8. Vingt Cent

    Got me this song ! Lost my best friend ,turned up 15 , Gone He was and so was I....And I've been gone ever since but He is always with me.Never been able to , Today I did.Thank You , You've made me remember of Him for quite awhile .Tks again. Pouce Up

  9. Peter Lustig

    urknallbeng geil <3 .. :P

  10. EvanjalineEvan Evan


  11. oso goloso

    para identificar canciones la app. shazam

  12. DAN Alexandru George

    The bass at the end! Any clue?

  13. Dood Zentripz

    Love it

  14. MsHellraser

    This > song is dope 👌🏽

  15. ali04455

    Sounds like a bit of andhim at the start...reeves!

  16. Lili lo fue

    Katermukke is amazing music. The best ¡¡¡ Folow in soundcloud

  17. Cindy Huon

    Song with the vocal that i did not had expect

  18. Piero Bustamante

    Bombaa!!! B)

  19. Gordy Tut

    Well l think its Class - give it 2 Deep Dish

  20. leoneschokopastillen


  21. Gabriel Ferreyra

    lo busque lo busque y aca esta Gracias por subir este remix unico e inigualable suprstylin!!!

  22. Darius Constantin

    very cool

  23. KleineDrehmomente

    Der Sound ist mega geil !!!

    Tom Narva

    ja so schwul

  24. talat esgar

    Bang Bang (my baby shot me down) LyricsI was five and he was sixWe rode on horses made of sticksHe wore black and I wore whiteHe would always win the fightBang bang, he shot me downBang bang, I hit the groundBang bang, that awful soundBang bang, my baby shot me downSeasons came and changed the timeWhen I grew up, I called him mineHe would always laugh and say"Remember when we used to play?"Bang bang, I shot you downBang bang, you hit the groundBang bang, that awful soundBang bang, I used to shoot you downMusic played and people sangJust for me the church bells rangNow he's gone, I don't know whyAnd 'till this day, sometimes I cryHe didn't even say goodbyeHe didn't take the time to lieBang bang, he shot me downBang bang, I hit the groundBang bang, that awful soundBang bang, my baby shot me downSONGWRITERSDEMERKK SHELTON FERM, LOUIS M FREEZE, SENEN REYES, SONNY BONO

  25. antifreezeee

    sick :P

  26. Alex Rezvov


  27. BuzzteaES


  28. Walda ZooHaKK

    besonder may lady besonders^^

  29. DogtorC

    ich persönlich steh mehr auf Katzenmukke XD

  30. Ekovitrin Medya Grubu / Ekopazar


  31. Doreen Beyer

    juhuuu...da bekomm ich happy feeds ;)


    WOOF n "MEOW, MEOW" :)

  33. Joan Nuttall

    here i am early sunday eve. put some gregorian chants on and soon realized had to step it up a notch or two and this came up the best of both worlds oh hell ya this is just perfect  good friend of mine no longer with us would always say TAANKS A MERC LURK the most sincere form of gratitude... so taanks

  34. Robert Sendejo

    i will wiggle just for you and if does not work I will make it I wiggle for u....I will make it work as I wiggle for you I will make it work....")

  35. Micha Motlis

    Deep House -free Download

  36. Ákos Szentgyörgyi

    HOPÁÁÁÁÁ .....!!! +1


    elején : add ide a gyujtót , add ide a gyujtót , add ide a gyujtót...:DDDDDD

  37. Rockbabe Martin

    katerzholzig berlin!

  38. JA SS

    Faltó poco para ensordecer, pero valió la pena

  39. DaveDumble

    Song begins good and ends pretty bad.

    Verena Postal

    DaveDumble oou

    Janek S.

    @ 4:00 min bad vibes ^^

    naruto uzumaki

    ?? revert

    Dood Zentripz

    I liked the ending

    Mikail Ekmen

    its completely good i think

  40. Tillman

    but here it's half of the song. normally it's just one minute

  41. Mitsch Mitschenheimer

    Hey Folks. ;)My Name is Michael and i´m a German Dj and Music Producer. I´m 29 Years young and live in Rothenburg ob der Tauber ;) Great Name - small Town.I just produce Music 4 Fun and hope the People enjoy. Also I Dj`ed a bit in my younger Years. I now produce Music since about 10 Years and just want to know, if there are some People that will like it.So hope u Youtubians enjoy ;)Leave a comment if u want ;)Best Regards and thanks 4 your Support.Mitsch

  42. sergejom

    DAMN!!!He found me soulgood at the bang bang :D

  43. bummbummsound


  44. J. Lambert

    its a dj intro loop, thats why its long

  45. Christian Metodiev

    Just played it for a first time and I am happy :)

  46. Bruna Meloni

    musica musica musica eu amo musica ;)

  47. 0707nighthawk

    well in my case its also the same feeling.. with those boobs listening to headphones..i am sure you know that picture too well to not recall.





  48. lexblack

    true that.

  49. Ing. Ernesto Rodriguez

    Que genero es?

    Dominique Vanheusden

    Ernesto Rodriguez Ellen Degenero?

  50. suprstylin

    Indeed =)

  51. Davidngl Fernandez

    Luv it !! Thankz !!

  52. Pentaton91

    For a infinite extasis --> 8:24 x_X

  53. lwd8ball

    or you can let people live how they want?

  54. lwd8ball

    ahhhh 4:27 <33 simple deep bass line, with deep samples. music doesnt have to be extravagant to be great!

  55. 7mabi

    heard this on Deep House cat show.. This track is fuckin massive!

  56. I&ME

    what?? that is minimal and a minimal track must have such a long mix in intro...

  57. Mads Petersen

    Om nom nom!

  58. barbie blue

    and I would add absolutely elegant and stylish!


    sorry man the beginning and the middle and the end are awesome!!!!!!

  60. stefan tischler

    ich glaub ich werd mir doch ma alle geben lassen :P

  61. Ajey Rao

    disagree.. i think the song sounds as good as it does because of the gentle build up... u really miss the beat wen she first starts singing..

  62. Victor Aslan

    Dooooooooorrrrrrrgaaaaasss Manoooo;;;

  63. Finja Vogt

    scheiße is das GEIL! :DDD

  64. provost-laux louis

    c'est nul a chier

  65. David Wankmüller

    Head it in the club yesterday..-.thanks to the shazam developers

  66. EskobanMusic

    great song!for this reason i took it in my set./watch?v=qJFSRkW6L34maybe you can listen to it and write a nice comment :)(sry for the commercial, i only wanted to show my set to some people)

  67. Spifder

    I recommened listing to all songs on acid...way forward :D

  68. Iva Divić

    straight to my head!

  69. Nunito Nick

    Love it! thanks for sharing this version with us. Peace

  70. SimonWorner

    and i dont like peopel, who dont understand that this "beginning" is for mixing.

  71. ZOR K


  72. B T r a m b z Z

    Buy it, cut it, mix it.

  73. Unkraut

    love it at 0:48

  74. GTBMuckface

    MDMA works as well.

  75. GTBMuckface

    song should start at 1:42

  76. davixdjs

    With me, 600 likes! Fantastic track!

  77. schwarzweiss81

    its a big different between techno and minimal and not all what minimal calls is minimal in this time its a nice track but for me no minimal or techno

  78. CubeRepublic

    good for mixing though

  79. schwarzweiss81

    geh sterben

  80. anaschtasia

    Gibts das Lied auch ohne nancys bang bang am ende?

  81. Lofty Tracks

    that's minimal !

  82. Goldmund Hesse

    Ich kann den Kater meines Nachbarn nicht mehr beruhigen,er klingelt sturm bei mir.......wieso nur???

  83. Schlamoebe

    Herrlich !!!

  84. Amine Dachraoui

    i'm tottally agree with U

  85. Pablo Vallarino

    some mdma crystals would be fine aswell

  86. calaca147

    i love it clack clack

  87. Aleš Zajc

    i dont like this tune... i dont like where minimal is going...


    Zeko p why?

  88. VK TR

    the do that for djs to beat match the song so just that y u can skip it lol

  89. Juan Manuel

    I Bang Bang..i Shoot a down Bang Bang.,. EPIC !!

  90. Kevin Duque

    Minimal <3

  91. soyryzo

    youre the turd in the punchbowl of life.

  92. suprstylin


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