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Kullanıcı Yorumları (ATB - 9PM )
  1. Гниття Мозку

    Песня моего детства :)

  2. Евгений Олександрович

    Этот MIX просто Бомба!👍

  3. DJ ManAm

    Qancha bu

  4. Juan Carlos Peretz

    Mister Koji you are a genious

  5. Hamidreza ***

    خیلی جالب و حرفه ای بود 😍👏🏻👏🏻🌹🌹

  6. Anush Karapetyan

    ochen lublyu spasibo

  7. 힙합팬 이창민


  8. RaM HyReN

    2.34 😱😭

  9. Куралай Утешева


  10. georg Jones

    How do you pick up the exact sound?

    Koji Kobura

    I found it in Nexus plugin presets.

    georg Jones

    @Koji Kobura ok tx

  11. damiankurdziel

    again... you missed at least two notes in the line bro! :) good job but keep listenig a song note by note, again and again before you cover it :) peace!

  12. Евгений Олександрович

    Музыка просто Огонь!🙌

  13. Col Sinclair

    Makes that look so easy 👌🏻

  14. Rustem Nurishev

    Супер минус

  15. назар мусақан

    Super music 😍😈😎

  16. Woi

    *you know that song from radio, but you don't know the name*

  17. Jazmin Lopez

    Esta geeeeeeeeenial o si

  18. tiko

    Is it nexus 2preset?

  19. Juan Farias


  20. sanFour Csc

    يتنحاو ڨاع💪💪😂👍

  21. Roddy Romero Ulloa

    Me regalaron uno..y es miy complicado bajar el software

    Koji Kobura

    Es fácil, pero yo no uso el software que viene con el teclado. Yo uso Ableton Live y, a veces, FL Studio.

  22. Владислав Шаповалов

    Нота соль, а не ля

  23. Dean Mumby

    excellent job

  24. Vladimir Alexandrov

    саундз лайк шит

  25. Роман Степанович

    подвальный хит))

  26. K. Charrette

    The notes are however he wants, you can tell what song it is, and a cover that's exact is kinda pointless

    Koji Kobura

    Your comment is pointless. You can do a cover however you want. Who said it needs to be different? Actually this version is far from exact but thank you for that. 😄

  27. Юрий Гущин

    Очень здорово

  28. Александр Штык

    Не знаю как вам, но человек стареет, а я ка лет на 20 назад вернулся

  29. Евгений Олександрович

    Классный MIX!

  30. viktor krah


  31. Jeferson Oliver

    Bravoo! Bravissimo... 👏👏

  32. Yheycon Flores G.

    Vamosssa cháaaaaamooooo😌😌😌😌😏😏😎😎😎

  33. sertillka

    Огурчик Рииииииииииииииииииииииииииииик))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  34. Неизвестный Человек

    Блин с нотами немного косячишь

  35. Biswajit yadav

    What about the pitch band?

    Koji Kobura

    Legato. Portamento. Gliding. Keep pressing the previous note.

  36. Dirksen S

    What i need for making Music like this? The MPK is cheap. What PC Programm or other Items i need? Please ! Thanks

    Koji Kobura

    Currently I'm using Ableton Live but I also use FL Studio from time to time.

  37. suicidart

    потерянные нотки аж больно было слушать ))

  38. Tolueno Producciones

    ATRAS PEPINILLO RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Unción divina Producciones

    Que programa usas amigo para hacer eso

    Koji Kobura

    A veces Ableton Live, otras veces FL Studio.

    Unción divina Producciones

    Derrepente puedes hacer un vídeo de como hacer, yo tengo ableton live y fl estudio, pero no he podido hacer que me grabe como loops, tengo un controlador nivation 49 y varios Samples

    Koji Kobura

    @Unción divina Producciones Lo puedas hacer más fácilmente en Ableton Live usando la Session View. Aprende a usarla.

  40. Daniel Perez Angelina

    Te cuelas en la ultima nota del estribillo

    Koji Kobura

    Ciertamente. 😄

  41. Константин Шведу

    Запорол мелодию


    I'm addicted to watching your videos now

  43. Фархад Хаитов

    Салам Алекум музыка просто бомба

  44. odrick26

    Excelente!! 👌

  45. Yarobase

    Блять, охуенно конечно! но мне одному показалось, что нотки кривоваты......

    Сергей Павлищев

    Yarobase , последняя нота должна быть ниже

  46. Oybek Kosimov uz

    классно играет прям кайфово смотреть

  47. Gabriel Vieira

    So this is the soong??!!!!

  48. Gabriel Vieira

    I tought it was blue monday

  49. Travis Pinto

    the lead guitar is WAAAAAAAY off

  50. Farida Dusyeva

    Bellissimo, grazie, bacio!

  51. Евгений Сидоров

    Ну там же другая ноооотааа!!!!!

  52. Lutz Lange

    Sehr Schön

    Koji Kobura

    Danke schön! 😄

  53. Ritwik Paul

    Awesome just awesome bro

  54. Max R

    Hola grandes artistas del mundo COLOMBIA 2019 at GR

  55. Beast4000gamer

    ATB - Ecstacy!

  56. temawite

    на фанеру похоже

  57. Nikola c290v


  58. mrLumen2

    "Ти али ком" :))) - Все дискотеки гудели в 90-тых.

  59. LiAn Gamer

    Muy bueno

  60. Alex Garcia

    Gracias maestro, viajé al pasado escuchando esa buena rola

  61. Стелла Чечина


  62. Neon BloodX

    Где и откуда он берет эти звуки подскажите?!

    Koji Kobura

    FL Studio

  63. Oleg Zvyagin

    Wrong notes in solo and rhythm synth

    Koji Kobura


  64. Прогнозы на спорт


  65. PuiPui放浪記


    Koji Kobura

    FL Studio

  66. Dark Kavkaz


  67. Joao Leone

    Esse sabe agitar uma balada

  68. Евгений Олександрович

    Просто Бомба.

  69. Иван Line

    аааааааааа, каааааайф, тооопово залипушно и ушам и глазам!))))

  70. Araceli Carrizo

    Hi from Argentina! Very nicee

  71. Jorge Campozano

    Me encanta lol

  72. NAGAbaba2288

    Next "chicane - saltwater" please :)

  73. Undisputed Undefeated


  74. Димка Больбот

    what is the program??

    Koji Kobura

    FL Studio Mobile

  75. JozefJoker

    When solo is played there's a tone slide-shift, that's as I suppose should be done with a shuttle or smth like that. But I see nothing but the right hand. Could you explain the way it was done?

    Koji Kobura

    Glide or Portamento. You can keep the last note pressed so the sound slides or 'glides' to the next.

  76. christophe rouat

    super qu'el travail sa mérite plus de vue moi je m'abonne direct

  77. Karola Kaźm

    Zajebiście 😘😘😘 super😘😘😘

  78. андрей кучинский


  79. сол сол

    Насчёт тиль экам фууу уро

  80. Syntheresis

    For me, that isn't correctly of creating music on MIDI. Because He have everything prepare before starting. Correctly is when you have clear track or clear position and on this position xou mixing songs or tones. That type of MIDI need prepareing before start, and this is fakeing 👎👎👎

    Koji Kobura

    What about the samples and instruments selection, arrangement and mixing time I spent? You don't like the performance? That's OK. What about the music? The cover? I use FL Studio and a bunch of third party VSTs to make this music. You should know better. You make music too. Who do you think made this cover? The difference is that you show a static picture on your videos I show a sequence performance.


    @Koji Kobura Select Instruments? Instruments are chosen in a way that the mixer and 4 cd players have at least 5 separate instruments to themselves (not 5 in 1 - then, this is big mistake ).If you are talking about DAW, FL Studio will never be what is Ableton because it only copies Logic Pro and Cubase (if you look at the mixer and playback, it's all seen in comparison).And now, everyone has their own style and way of composing music, but it never works with MIDI keyboard because this type has memory that remembers pre-made tones and all options.If you really want to show how it works in the DJ world, take Ableton Live and use Pioneer, Allen & Heath, Denon or Reloop (Numark and Behringer never) to use it.Here, a professionally crafted tape is not performing well in the way it is shown, since there are never real tones (for that music a lot more than one MIDI was used)I see that there is a lot of such recordings and that's not good, because Robert Miles really made a miracle song (and so go with just 25 keys on that music, I don´t know why)

    Koji Kobura

    What? I use Ableton Live too. Actually I prefer Ableton Live's workflow. But the DAW doesn't really matter. You can make any kind of music with any DAW you choose. don't wanna be a DJ. I want to be a music producer. I think you're arguing about analog vs digital. I think you're missing the point. Music doesn't have to be complex. Make your music the way you want, brother. Use tapes or vinyls or CD or real instruments. I like to keep it simple. My laptop (PC), a DAW (any DAW) and some plugins is all I need. I don't even need a MIDI controller. I can draw the melodies and chords. I want make music anywhere anytime.

  81. Дмитрий Бел


  82. Emiel333 Official

    You only missed one note. Great 👍🏻 performance.

  83. Alexunder Wasyliev

    Непопал в несколько нот бро,как так,типа не плагиат?

    Koji Kobura

    да. Я изменил некоторые заметки. 😉

  84. LARNEL W Trap Festival Remix

    Огурчик Рик!!!!!

  85. Alex G


  86. Scott

    This song always reminded me of the underwater music in Donkey Kong Country.

  87. Dise / The Phenomenon [Dise and Phoxling]

    Next, cover Don’t Stop by ATB

  88. Владимир Ященко

    Основная мелодия не попадает иногда в нужные ноты

  89. 1400 god 1400

    That keyboard hes using is the mpk mini


    Lol.. Thx Cpt Obvious... and he is using these things called FINGERS....

  90. Kanister330

    Its not professional like the original but nice man better like me i dont know how to do this like atb.

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