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feat Ed Sheeran-End Game
Taylor Swift - feat Ed Sheeran-End Game
: feat Ed Sheeran-End Game
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12-01-2018 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 324 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Taylor Swift - feat Ed Sheeran-End Game )
  1. Riza Rivera

    Fuck i dont wanna know! If ever you ran this show im willing blame the devil no paper trail!! What if police demand u for satan need to the suspect here!! Look familiar askin to knee!! Sir im sorry i cant reach his phone right know!! I send u some music to call him!! Hahaha there lot people no how to do it im serious i thats the thing that i didnt understand on video!! I dont need to call him he wAlk in just start foolin me on video

  2. Miranda Hamilton

    But why did Ed have to leave the stage??? 😭😭😭😭

  3. Sakshi Wankhede

    Can we SARA the Nobel Swiftie Award??

  4. jyjluvu

    a wild ed sheeran just jumped in (SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  5. Christine Joy Velasco

    Her Boyish little moves will forever be iconic! 😂💯💜💛💚💙

  6. Christian Clearwater

    Am i the only one who can't stand Ed Sheeran?

  7. Harry Potter

    1:42 the way they look at each other😭😍😍😍😍 I love their friendship so much. And Ed looks so cute even without his guitar and with that cute cap😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. fecocsf

    Thanks goodness Ed singing at least once without his guitar lol

  9. Shalini Singh

    i love how ed just came out of nowhere

  10. Gey Boi

    I thought future was going to come out then I see the stupid ginger come out

  11. Orkys Deoleo

    I love you Ed

  12. Alanna Fallon

    I love how she included Ed in the proper song and not just his rap part and she gave him all the spotlight. That shows she hasn’t changed.

  13. ElephantsLover

    Ed sheeran rapping!!

  14. HunterPlayz


  15. lrterry 1980

    Love this performance. Ed love him too.

  16. R L

    Taylor is the queen of our hearts

  17. Antonio Balbino da Cruz

    Future wasn't here,but thank you

  18. Bisht Nidhee

    Big Reputation.... Big Reputation... Oohhhh #talyerswift 💓💓💓

  19. Nathalie Cadlini

    I know you've probably read loads of comments like this but i've just posted my very first youtube video and I would be super happy if you guys checked it out!!!!

  20. ss haider

    Sara thank u so much

  21. Mrlatinobambino

    I wanna be your END GAME...I love you Taylor.... your the best;)

  22. dewa holic

    I love when she is dancing

  23. Shabnam Shaikh

    Ed sheeran! !!!!!!! Eds and Taylssssss

  24. Aayushi Sanyal


  25. Ou Maïma

    Sara .. your gift from GOD To us ... we tthe ones who didn't go these lives ... thank you ❤

  26. taylor FAN

    her voice

  27. lang ka akin nivera

    😻 nice voice

  28. R L

    Look at the crowd . They went all out when ed Shereen came out and when Taylor say "ed Shereen "

  29. Zahra G

    What is Sara IS Taylor Swift, and that's why she's got such brilliant videos...?!

  30. Tina Gonzales

    Taylor's stage confidence has grown up with her.anyone else notice this

  31. Tina Gonzales

    Sexy tighs

  32. idkbuthi

    tf is ed doing without a guitar

  33. eddie gonzales

    Best live performer on the planet Mr.west

  34. eddie gonzales

    Wow great vocals and legs

  35. Cookiie

    Gillete? Cause If SO I WENT TO GILLETE

  36. Tenshio Natari

    Still ship Ed x Taylor but I guess I can only imagine how perfect if they got together :"))I wonder if Taylor met Ed when she only starting her music career they can be a couple, but I don't want them to ruin what they got now too

  37. The Evergreen Champion

    just wow.... loved it so much... Taylor u r the best... my queen... muahhh

  38. Luis SR

    My fav song from the album 😍😍😍

  39. Ramapalikhey Palikhey

    i lop u taylor u are my best singer😙😙😙😙😙😍😍😍😍😍😗😗😗😗😗😗🙆🙆

  40. Prabhjot Singh

    Oh Taylor plz change ur hair style

  41. Tommy Stewart

    Ed Sheeran rapping is f****** awesome

  42. owner of mine

    Whooooowww!!!!! Amaxing^_^

  43. gummy funky

    Are u tried Ed?😂

  44. Dilyer stevens

    2:35 you can hear Her breathing twice 😍

  45. Samia Sammi

    Awesome... I just love it.😍

  46. Suki Suuuki


  47. Pam Timmins

    I love this song love Taylor love Ed and love Future's part in this fabulous song, love that Ed joined Taylor on stage love when they perform together great chemistry great friendship. Love both Taylor's and Ed's cd's I have all of them. Taylor's "reputation" tour is shaping up to be one of the best ever God bless you and Ed Taylor

  48. princess consuela

    i love ur content so much

  49. LunaMarie Sims4

    Love this song

  50. DOM KIM


  51. Suki Suuuki

    what did she say at the begining

  52. Jaze Bomer


  53. Gautam Bagchi

    How can she be so very confident on the stage??

  54. Metteo de Luca Swift

    8 days til tour!!! Fvck!! I can't wait to see her! Wishing to be on the Rep room hahaha

  55. more thais

    i love a queen

  56. Ana humbridge

    very nice channel

  57. Sadaf Khan


  58. King Searles

    May 25th cant come quick enough! its gonna be a party for the ages! Peace my kind beautiful end game!😁😁😁😁

  59. lan anh trần

    She doesn’t use auto-tune !!

  60. Goergina DT


  61. Pratik Saikia

    Future is being missed😑

  62. Ch Abid ali

    3:05 that's fame right there

  63. Jain Manari

    Being bad doesn't suit you Taylor

  64. Elizabeth Lee

    Love you TAYLOR!!!!!!!

  65. Car Fanatic 13

    I have seen Taylor Swift in concert already!!! It was amazing!!!!?

  66. Vic


  67. shininlikefireworks XDXD

    These two❤️

  68. GP - Channel


  69. Faria A

    Sara, Happy Women's Day😊

  70. 0113 Td

    El vídeo de Out of the woods en el tour 1989, please

  71. Ana paula

    Sara you could have so much more views on your videos because theyre really good, but you should change your title videos, its all always not good made, you put an # and something, start doin more organized and pretty like: Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran - End Game (First Live) its so much better and calls so much more attention from people, thank me later honey ;)

  72. Z. Ann

    ohmygod ily Sara thank you so much for thiiiiis! sweeran💓

  73. Ujwala Bhattacharjee

    Thanks for uploading

  74. Avetor UAC

    Taylor you need advice ,? you are talented, beautiful, clever,mmm nice legs & smile *_* but the memory is still more than a girl)) you have a whole album of hits! Internet clips-hits) and only then radio) ED to ferst be popular youtube and after radio) its you present))for 8 Martha))🐍 I not ignore you: 1 step your*taylor S) im gentleman ^_^so what you doing?) it's game for big reputation) 0:17 - this is strong ahahah but im stronger) i now somfing is special(♍)

  75. Swiftysnake

    Good ♥

  76. iasmuffin Edits

    I can't wait to see the three o them singing together...❤

  77. Myley Nguyen

    What a wonderful performance, thanks a lot , you’ve just made my day ❤️❤️❤️

  78. swagata Das

    Awww Love ❤❤

  79. Karina Sandoval

    Guao end game y ed sheran 🌺🌸🐱🌹✔💖💗🌼🎶🎵👍☺🎉🌻🍓🌿👑🌷✅💚💜💕🎼

  80. ruben garcia

    Taylor Swift is fucking awesome I love her since 2013.

  81. Me Chamo EJ

    Ohh big reputation Ahh uhh. Hello United states. I'm braslzilian and I really love your country. please realize me

  82. Aria 1389

    End game End Game

  83. Fran Key

    Yass queen

  84. Ian Palacios


  85. Nurjahan Begum

    Big reputation... Big reputation...

  86. Arisha Ariana

    Taylor's style sense has kind of changed into loose,distressed clothing . But,she looks confident and gorgeous! Thanks for uploading,Sara ❤

  87. Faria A

    I wanna be your end game...end game...

  88. Hadeel Khalaf


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