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feat Rita Ora & Anitta-R.I.P.
Sofia Reyes - feat Rita Ora & Anitta-R.I.P.
: feat Rita Ora & Anitta-R.I.P.
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10-06-2019 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 2789 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Sofia Reyes - feat Rita Ora & Anitta-R.I.P. )
  1. Sajid Mahmood Sajid

    both hath different specialities

  2. Zakadlon

    Это... просто охуенно.

  3. Artemis

    Dytto girl I luv ya but you need a little tan, nothing crazy just a little one, u almost blend in with the white walls

  4. phily jr

    Oh my.😍


    One more

  6. Tager EL-s3da Tiger

    amazing dance

  7. Yeah Yeah

    wowwwww i luv this coollabbbb

  8. Muhammad Fauzan

    Like twins

  9. keshav kumar agarwal

    In love with yr everything except that..... That i wont be able to tell u in person...

  10. Uisam Ganem

    Pufff 🔥

  11. rapper shehzada

    *dytto my life* 💖💖

  12. hipretty have a true dancer's body...finely tuned and beautiful!

  13. Tina Tiwari

    I love 💖💖 ballet also and hip hop also

  14. Frann KitchelVevo


  15. Frann KitchelVevo


  16. Frann KitchelVevo


  17. Atul Kumar

    I am your dacing fan

  18. Rachana Parab

    We miss you dytto myself uv

  19. Elouaer Mariem

    The girl who wears blue is the best

  20. Convoluted & Exiled

    I HAVE to say it! You + Blue (that Sapphire?) = GORGEOUS! It looks so amazing on you!

  21. Radoslaw Koziorowski

    its so much better than original video. so hot and cute, moveing also. i dancing to this video. :)

  22. Aaly Shan

    Dytto is always the best

  23. aditya rana

    Nice looking

  24. EBUS Polska-Anglia

    One tańczą mega!

  25. Destiny Hoye


  26. Destiny Hoye


  27. もい もい


  28. Arizbeth Garza

    Creo que soy la única que habla español 😅✋

  29. Beatrice Mambali

    crip and bloods

  30. misterK


  31. Kirti Bg

    Heyyy DAT dammm hair flipping is sexyyy❤❤😘😘😘😍😍😍😍💋

  32. Настя Солнце


  33. Sagar dhakad

  34. Luis Cebrián Arte Digital

    Dytto, pero qué bonita eres!!! Me gustaría conocerte.

  35. R.K.U.P GAMER

    I love yau dytto

  36. Maxleo Bsty


  37. Shrikant Ramkrishan

    Dytto will u marry me

  38. Aaron Tyler

    OMFG if I was 20 yrs younger I would TOTALLY mack on Dytto.

  39. Merve asdfgh

    Lan şu kırmızılıya bir çift göğüs verin çok sinirim bozuldu.

  40. Milan Thakkar


  41. HA G ER

    I like how both of you have different dance moves and different physical appearance but you make like if you complete each other

  42. Varshitha Bupur

    cant choose both have their own amazing style

  43. Alex Benitez


  44. Ajay Chavan

    Nice one

  45. skybeacon

    That was just too awesome Fing Fun .... Great Vid... You worked so amazing together!

  46. I'm not even a part of this fandom lmao

    No offense but I legit thought that was a man in the thumbnail

  47. Aamir Mushtaq

    Dytto you alwaysss great.. in this video the red one girl also awesome.. Dytto really appreciate you. Keep smiling alwaysss. God bless you...😊😊

  48. SophiaLevie

    This vid is sick!!

  49. 13101861

    dytto nice dance👍

  50. Ritik Roy

    If you wear green dress than you look like Angel

  51. Kivi Chishi

    Badly in love with dytto ( from India northeast)

  52. TRY queen

    Just wow



  54. thanos' left nut

    So this is what bloods and crips do on their spare time

  55. Neeron F

    *_lowkey sponsored by adidas_*

  56. kumar ajay


  57. YT Interventor

    Pretty asf! joderrrrr

  58. Master Peace

    black & white😘

  59. Ritesh G.

    Dytto mean dytto?

  60. Manoj Pandeji

    Dytto copy ditto

  61. Ricky Ross

    tight ????

  62. Random Thoughts


  63. jggarcia

    Bufff Sofia.

  64. mariano halkett

    prefiero red dance

  65. Fridi Poh

    beautiful dancing regardless of style (google translate)

  66. Jaqueline

    Caraii anitta fez musica com uma das melhores dancarinas do Mundo !!!!!!

  67. Pralay Choudhury

    I feel really blessed whenever i see girls can dance like this.. Dytto you are my favorite

  68. Mohd AmY

    she has a bigger calves then mine 😂😂

  69. Платон Максимов

    Плоскодонку даже открытые ноги не спасли!

  70. Ashim Aia

    Bihu bona kela

  71. Rimon Khan

    Nice sis

  72. Mr Best Moments

    Вроде вторая, которая без сисек парень вообще. Гей какой-то.

  73. aishu aishwarya

    DyttO IT....

  74. Shetriglette Snapped

    This is bad and stupid

  75. Bharati Nikam

    Whatever,but dytto is dytto , dynamo ...

  76. Pankajkumar Das


  77. Adarsh mk

    i love you dytto

  78. Tom Georgin

    Isn't it the same building as Meghan Trainor - No Excuses music video?

  79. андрей соколов

    Очень красивые две девушки.ДУТТО поинтересней.

  80. lazin cool

    they both are nice but the blue girl so much the ted too but the red is ballet but the blue hip hop

  81. lazin cool

    i love the blue girl

  82. Kenyce

    Wtf they are like fire and ice dance wizards

  83. m j

    That blue girl is attractive me

  84. Krista Robertson

    Aside that this dance was amazing, please tell me what products you use to keep you're hair with those beautiful curls 😍😍 mine is just a matted mess ☹️

  85. love W W B B

    Sexy duo.more

  86. A Singh

    Girl in red ... WOW

  87. ramom mom


  88. Anand Kumar Singh

    Dytoo you are so cute💝

  89. Piyush Piyush durga

    I love you dytto ,mam😀😀😎💃💃🤟✋✋

  90. Safiyya Aliyu

    But I love ballet more so I'm just in between

  91. Safiyya Aliyu

    I prefer dytto


    At first I thought I would find the movements almost inverse (like the mirror)But then he found that the movements differed between youBut it's okay ... you're wonderful

  93. salim gül


  94. Emilly Ketlin

    Eu te amo mano me ensina

  95. Kim Taehyung BTS stan

    U both are so talented...

  96. Tonima Trisa

    two dolls

  97. Killer ; Tku !!

    Both hot but that blueish girl is Bae.. Iloveyou dytto

  98. Florencia A.

    Precioso !!!

  99. Samu Santos

    Escolha seu time AZUL ou VERMELHO😄😄

  100. Ester Sousa

    Yo amé 😍❤️🇧🇷

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