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Kill Em With Kindness
Selena Gomez - Kill Em With Kindness
: Kill Em With Kindness
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05-11-2017 Tarihinde eklendi, Toplam 451 İndirme
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Selena Gomez - Kill Em With Kindness )
  1. Ábel Szűcs

    Tiszta gáz nem is ő fütyül

  2. Ari M

    She is a queen no matter what...Maybe Ariana or Demi would sound more good but for me my Selena is everything...

  3. Cocoa Puffs

    She was obviously sick.

  4. stan loona

    funny how so many comments are full of insults but her song is literally..... kill em with kindness 😊

  5. 댕냥이 좋아

    I like her songs.. But her most live performance is disappointing to me...:-((

  6. Subscribe To CQK

    She and Justin Bieber performed for Jingle ball😭

  7. Alexander Torrico

    Lo mejor del universo

  8. Kristina pimenova FansoffialFrance

    I love her voice but she seems so tired when she sings 🤮🤮🤮

  9. Cinti

    i love selena bcs i can sing like selena. selena means if i can be singers, u can be like me! thats simple.

  10. Nick Bogdan Hoppe

    Before I kill someone with kindness I let them be and tell them simply to go away....but still I love the song <3

  11. DenMalau

    bad sing

  12. deanvie styles

    Idc people says "she cant sing" .....she's good person and gorgeous woman ❤❤❤

  13. Abdullah Ansari

    She has the money to be vocally retrained I don't understand why she doesn't take some lessons

  14. Thana Fadul

    why does that hold her like that

  15. Andrea Sawada

    Kill 'Em With Kindness Lupus

  16. Trang Tuyên Lý

    the song is great, but she can't sing LIVE

  17. DJS 15

    Those dancers love their jobs don't they especially the ones who get to touch her

  18. Vasavi Bysani

    Her hair mashallah

  19. Jung Na Park

    Why selena won't sing on her full voice? C'mon, she is trying to control her voice not to crack in front of the crowd! Do not judge her just by the she sings. See the effort she is trying to put into the performance. It may not be so perfect but eventually, she still keeps on singing on live. PS. I just hate those who judge her just because of her lives and compare her to Ariana! Selena's voice isn't like Ariana's who can reach high notes!

  20. IVA 1234


  21. Ms Kate

    Where is her voice?????

  22. Sarah 223

    Yuckkkk she sings soo bad. She really needs autotune

  23. Jorge Soledad


  24. drea delatorre

    That crowd was boring wtffffff

  25. Shme Bulock

    0:34 that guy having his time of the lifetime

  26. Bea

    She can’t sing,and it’s clear,but that doesn’t mean that she’s not a good performer and a good icon!!

    Lexi Roman

    She has a good acoustic voice in my opinion. Her voice sounds good If she had a guitar/piano track playing in the back so it doesn't overpower her soft voice. She isn't a great vocalist but she does have the charm and can convey emotions beautifully through a song.

  27. Andrey Leader

    Lol, she shouldn't of even preformed to that song. Who on her team said "you sound great girl!" Lol

  28. Lmohad

    Her voice is pretty but she was jumping and running that's why her voice wasnt that good

  29. 300 subscribers without any videos challenge


  30. Ishbel Ravai

    Ok I know I’m late but everyone’s saying she’s sick and stuff well then I know this is going to sound rude but like...Just not sing then?Like what is everyone expecting everyone to be like “ShE wAs gReAt”Like I feel like if she just sung out more.And if she’s permanently ill then maybe singing isn’t the career for her.

  31. akash barik

    I hate that Zomato add

  32. Ana Alba

    I love you so much Selena

  33. Ana Alba

    Selena Gomez is my most favorite singer in the whole wide world 🌎

  34. Ana Alba

    You are a great 👍 singer

  35. Ana Alba

    Selena you are just amazing 😉

  36. Ana Alba

    I love you Selena ❤️

  37. Ana Alba

    Kill em with kindness is my most favorite song of Selena Gomez!!

  38. Ana Alba

    I love this song so much like so much I just love this song!!

  39. Dba

    The dancers are very hot 😏

  40. Kingaaa

    Love you Selena. Haters. You can be proud of you. Selena now is in psyhical hospital 😡

  41. Данаил

    She is so tired

  42. Sanchayeeta Ghosh

    I think Selena is beautiful and her acting is also good.... Though her voice is not so good I still love this song❤️❤️

  43. Olivia Sindhu

    Haters if you think Selena’s voice is tht bad... thn why bother to listen to it. Stop giving mean comments and show some decency if you don’t like the way she sings or her vocals sound, no one is begging you guys to listen to it. There are billions of people who love her singing and the way her vocal sounds. We love her forever. ❤️❤️ #foreverselenator 😘😘

  44. Lus Pog

    dzer es arnum?

  45. Lus Pog

    i can't hear this !very far from the real song

  46. slaylovato

    calma selena, falta pouco amiga

  47. Xxrobloxgamer xX

    Selena Gomez was crying during that stage?!!!!!!

  48. Karen Galindo

    She sing?

  49. Stella

    I wish she sang better because I really like her songs. It's just hard supporting a singer who can't sing well.

  50. Ahmed El-Gohary

    what the type of that dancing ? please ?

  51. Nathan CHANNEL

    let's not forget Maddie poppie,don't really or she just cant sing high notes,but she won American Idol title.vcoz like Selena their voice is not like others,who show off what they could by hitting notes pass what they can reach

  52. Daniel Gonzalez

    She sounds so tired. Maybe because of Lupus

  53. Goddess Grande

    Can everyone be respectful to Selena Gomez

  54. 이건호

    Does Selena speak in whispers?

  55. 이건호

    OMG I like selena gomez but i think that's too unreasonable and too bad at least for the audience. Listening her voice, it is more closer not make her voice intentionally. She doesn't even flex her voice... i was disappointed of her... :( I thought that in James Corden Karaoke program with Selena gomez, her voice was not quiet, rather loud but actually she doesn't do her performance well although she is singer....

  56. Madirakshi mundle fanclub

    Although she is a fabulous singer but then also she doesn't have any fashion sense about clothesAnd when I have to compare her with Shreya ghoshal Shreya is much better than her

  57. Branson White

    How can you watch a video with the lyrics containing Kill em with Kindness and then go out of your way to post a comment about her voice being bad, i just don’t understand. I happen to think she has the best voice. Just because you can hit high notes or low notes doesn’t mean your the best. Selena’s voice is unique and unlike any other.

  58. Matthew Cameron

    She voice is not very strong at all, but she is better in other areas.

  59. Wendy Anna

    This is sucks

  60. Adriana Ali

    Bad bad bad bad voice 😖😖😖🤯🤯🤯😳😳😳🤐

  61. seiji iwaguro

    Selena Gomez 🎶💃Wonderful, 🗾すばらしい👏👏🗾Japan seiji iwaguro ~👸Selena

  62. Blesing Valla

    she can't sing sorry

  63. Hayat Murat Universe

    Selena nailed it!!! in the acoustic version of kill em with kindness ❤❤❤ #thirteenreasonswhy

  64. shkhlsh

    Some ppl are not meant for live

  65. Amira Ahmed

    Maybe Ariana’s voice is stronger but I like Selena’s songs more

  66. Fasavalu George Hunt

    Her voice sounds different without the voice audio

  67. Tae Kook

    Her hair 😍😍😍😍


    She cant breathe. :(Dancing + singing = she cant breathe

  69. Lucas Lima

    I love that performance!!!!

  70. Yiğit kırarslan

    Omg people are so good at finding the worst performances she ever had. Are u guys kidding? Most of her kewk performances are so much better than this and u guys decided to make this one have 2 million views? U really hate this girl,right?

  71. Cup of Matcha

    she sounds so good in studio and I like the song but when it comes to singing live she sounds horrible :/ I'm sorry

  72. Aasha Limbu

    Justin should look this😈..ha ha

  73. Tiktok Weirdo

    she is still a great singer

  74. aeristhetic

    sexy lol hehe haha #sexylolhehehaha Squad

  75. sharon escriu

    y is she whispering

  76. enji amara

    She can t sing lol her voice is so weak and bad this is worst performance

  77. why park jimin when you can ride jimin

    Maybe her voice is not powerfull,but her voice didn't crack once

  78. Daniel Elskamp

    I'm from Germany.... What she say in the background? AT: 2:07 ? GoGo Now or what?

  79. redvelvetsprinkles

    she can’t sing live but her lyrics are always so meaningful and positive, and her songs are catchy

  80. Gatcha Watcha

    I lover her but is she sick she could not breath I feel sad for her she still awesome

  81. MAJO M.C

    Se desafino y no era igual

  82. happy day

    But can't she smile when she's on stage??? People are there for you and you're mad af...

  83. Maria Rinta-Rahko

    She is so pretty and her voice is so uniqe soft and sweet. Love her💛

  84. The Beast 99

    There was high notes in this song but why she didn't hit those high notes😕?

  85. Ruchi negi fanyan

    She needs vocal lessons from taylor

  86. Kathrin Olbricht

    Why is she a singer...

  87. Godfreys Phone

    Her voice is so low

  88. Naresh Giri

    Love her

  89. AceVibes

    She sounds like a little girl live compared to her songs

  90. Malik Khan

    I am your biggest fan from india

  91. Confidence Need

    God damn, those men are so sexy:(

  92. Yaamin Almeida

    amo Selena Gomes

  93. Tobias

    Her voice is shit hahahaha

  94. Maria Kovaceva

    The most beautifull song from Selena

  95. Android Universe

    Canta Hermoso😍😍😍No le veo problemas !!!!

  96. Sanga Sanga

    I love this girl

  97. mu mu

    kung sa tawag ng tanghalan pa to na gong na to

  98. laura stevenson

    A lot of commentars here said that Selena can't sing so why not u guys out there sing and perform also release album to world wide so that we know how much better u compare to Selena

  99. Branson White

    Selena is an amazing singer, she is so humble, i don’t get people, like are you not hearing the words she is literally saying, “Kill em with kindness”. Geesh

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