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Decrat LGS - Ciddi
: Ciddi
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Kullanıcı Yorumları (Decrat LGS - Ciddi )
  1. Andria Andreou

    I want your room is so beautiful

  2. Gacha Bérrie

    Honestly I think ima do the blanket-pillow one

  3. farah khan

    who has one eye ?

  4. Shawn Niya

    It's just me

  5. Xbulgaru

    I love You Sara

  6. Frank Magana

    Can you do a decorating locker video

  7. Ami Menz

    Where do yo live🤔

  8. Shane Dumaguit

    Ate sara your room is so beautiful I love it I wish I cold have that room.

  9. Aaisha Chhibda

    18:05 did anyone see that spider on the side

  10. Aaisha Chhibda

    Who do u like moreLike = SaraComment = 5 minute craftsIf anyone else have done this I'm not trying to copyBecause I dont even know if they have done this I just want to know who u like more Sara or5 minute crafts

  11. samantha bradbury

    On the bit when she said "could this chair be any more boring.... No"If you saw the 2 people who were just looking at her like "what is she doing

  12. Abeer N

    The purple glue she used in 11:02 is my name dana wow ok

  13. Sarolt Bos

    Sara.... You're making my life to a better place!!!! You are adorable 😻😻😻!!!!

  14. Stina Y


  15. Eleanor Tun

    Sara your life hacks really work and is cool😘

  16. Malak Melouka


  17. Lea Lele

    How do you wash the giant pillow?? I made it like a month ago and honesly i love it soo much but i need to wash it cuz i might have ate some junkfood on it😐 but how do i wash it??

  18. Madison J

    Hey Sara, for the big pillow instead of the pillow stuffing can’t you just use the pillows

  19. rana gohar

    I have same gluv I have gray and you have white

  20. Vivian Wohlfeil

    Sara: makes a “giant” pillow Me:I hAvE aN bEAn bAg

  21. dila kumsal

    Sara sister

  22. Fun Sisters

    Love you 😍

  23. mazimkazama

    wow good ideas!!!

  24. Natiq Saleem

    I love you 😚😚you is cool😎😎

  25. endisha ali

    Auwsum room Sara

  26. endisha ali

    I did that cloud and one emoji pot

  27. shisha k

    Love all the ideas...❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  28. Petya Milkova

    1:37 she carefully cut open that pillow

  29. Tracy Mcintock

    I'm sick tobay

  30. Human Being

    these really work! I’ve been trying many back to school hacks and diy room hacks for my new house and they work!!! I used some and people were like “omg did u get it from the mall”

  31. Sharma Airconditioner

    Your name is Sara and mine is Sanchita. SS and whose other name beingain with S ... like

  32. Nhu Ha Tran

    Hey Sara you dance like a crazy guy🖕🏿🖕🏿

  33. Olivia miles

    OMG I go to do somestuff for my room(◍•ᴗ•◍ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

  34. Our not so perfect life

    Watching this video in August 6 2019

  35. Our not so perfect life

    I have a bigger pillow then you.

  36. Gamergirlworld9 The strawberry girl

    God is a pencil✏️Sarah is a highlight🖌God Drew the world✏️🌏Sarah made it brighter🌏🖌😍😍😍

  37. How to Make

    My name is also sara 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  38. Reda Chenini

    I love you sara

  39. 윤토끼{세상 깜찍 달토끼}

    나만 한국 사람?생존자를 찾습니다

  40. Triple AAA Filmz Triple AAA Filmz

    I love the way you edit your videos

  41. Tamanna Puri

    Please post how to make an anti stress relieving notebook that we can sneak in class

  42. Abdul Wajid

    I love your diys

  43. Shanvi t Khuntia

    S for Sara s for shanvi

  44. Kandace Smiler Smith

    I love your videos and I love creations

  45. Mohammad Hanif Feroz

    Why are you so amazing love your video i wish i had a youtube channel so lucky

  46. Sammy Zacks

    Very creative.I love the DIYs

  47. Sammy Zacks

    Very creative.I love the DIYs

  48. Mira bhoi

    I sometimes feel like creating that perfect room with only one colour code. But I always come back to the real me and let my room be a pop of colour!!😊😆

  49. YAO RUI

    and how do you do your fab nails Sara?

  50. YAO RUI

    i wish i could do that but, of course, parents never allow me to do ANYTHING FUN LIKE THIS!! 1 like= 1 prayer for me and my plain room

  51. Fatma Aissati

    I love these kind of vids :)

  52. Geek Pottermore

    Making a diy and show it when nobody watching

  53. Gacha Monica

    The last time i watch her she was 6M subsI 'm so proud you have 10MI love yoo

  54. Shazia Muneer Muneer Ahmed

    I 😘 u .2019

  55. Stephfunny

    "cArEfUly CuT tHeM oPeN" *stabs pillow and leg on accident*

  56. Sushi Sad

    Why dose she look like a 40 year old women who got a face lift and denies she's old by wear pink children's cloths and using hair dye to stay young.... Yes I said all that just to '''''roast''''''her

  57. wael Alkhechen

    Sara your so sweet

  58. Laila Rashid

    i think this video is more for my 5 year old brother....

  59. Violet Hope

    I love you 💓💓

  60. Nishanth M E

    room tour please

  61. Bregje Mommaas

    How did you tape or glue the pompom S on the wall?

  62. lemondrop aesthetics

    You are so creative, kind and beautiful! Your crafts and videos brighten everyone's day! I love u!😘

  63. Galaxy Wolf

    My name îs Sara to

  64. farhat khalil

    You are a best youtuber

  65. farhat khalil

    Sara you are awesome 😎

  66. Jimin Park

    Y love sara

  67. dpost jalgaon

    can you please make a special video on blooper please please

  68. Mažeikių Kunigas

    I love this video ❤

  69. Proryan848 Silver

    I have a video of yours to wantch

  70. Purple Unicorns

    Sara-And carefully open the pillowAlso Sara-*Stabs pillow*

  71. Kuriakose Ck

    I love your diys very much

  72. Sadiq Afsara

    I love your videos ❤️♥️

  73. Anubha Jain

    Your a show-off in every video

  74. safaa adan


  75. Funtime Chica

    The patter on the pillow kinda looked like pills 💊

  76. huda tariq

    1:07 paper print look like medicine

  77. Dakota Simpson

    Sara can. NOT SPEAK she is ugly and I tried all these crafts and they don’t work

    Yang Mia

    Dakota Simpson well that's because you're idiot and you can't do what Sarah can. You can't do these crafts because you're stupid so STFU

  78. Ahmad Wahed

    I like it

  79. Ahmad Wahed

    I like it

  80. shivangi pandey

    Who is watching this video in 2019 Hit like👍

  81. Jana Mohamed

    Sara is good

  82. Sonia Quinn

    I wonder why she's wearing hats and gloves in JUNE

  83. Sana Lang Ying Tsung

    Why don't you do diy backpacks

  84. Kamrynn Morgan

    I love it

  85. Δημητρα Ταραντιλη

    I love you😍😍😍

  86. Liza Sasha

    Who else saw the ant at 18:05 ????

  87. Mya Gonzalez

    The big pillow could be used for a cute dog bed

  88. AHM KHAN

    hey sara ! i tried your rock monster one and i love it !! i used it as magnets though by putting this magnet thing on the back :) thanks for the idea !

  89. Allegra

    Sarah: When I was little I always wished I could walk on clouds. People told me that was not possible. But I will prove them wrongMe: jumps off plane and tries to walk on cloud. * dies

  90. Ariana Grande's Videos

    I am baaaaaad guy 12:01

  91. 555 A O S

    I love your videos 😍😊

  92. Celina Berntzen Haavaldsen

    Hehe did u se the People there! They were Just: what is she doping with her pillow?

  93. Khagesh Das

    Why you say bingo

  94. Pawtastic LPS

    Haters be like:

  95. kpop lover

    12:21 did anyone notice the cloud rug looks exactly like one picture from the table clothClue : beside the blue diy clip

  96. Elizabeth Zhu

    Her: 12:00 "we're the D.I.Y masters duh". Me: Correction you're the D.I.Y master we just watch your videos for fun

  97. Elizabeth Zhu

    you still have the chevron pillow! Like if you remember her first room decor video!

  98. SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art

    Hey guys! I haven't done a DIY room decor video in so long, so I figured it's about time to finally make one! I love these 10 room decoration ideas so much! My favorite is probably the giant pillow or emoji grass pots :D What about yours? Thank you for watching cuties, sending you lot's of love! Watch how to sneak makeup in class here:! Get ready for an AH-mazing summer on my channel! ;)

    Tabassum Ansari

    Mine is emoji pots one

    Sadiya Khan


    Ronya hawler gull

    wow verry nice sara what do you from?-im from canada😘

    Zuzanka Hesok

    Love you Sara!

    Kaushik Mamta

    Sara I think that if you give the link of the things you use in the description box it will be better I just love these diys and I want to make them myself but material? Where should we get the same one ?

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